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Daily Archives: November 21, 2018

Time to Get Ready for the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE!

IF YOU ARE A DIE HARD 12 DAYS FIG TREE SHOPPER… WE HAVE CHANGED THE WAY WE ARE GOING TO DO THE SALE THIS YEAR JUST LIKE LAST YEAR,  SO PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE DIFFERENCES! CLICK HERE TO BUY A BOX.   IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE SALE, THEN JUST READ ALL THE DETAILS TO PLAY ALONG! BASIC RULES TO PLAY: 1. BUY A BOX. You can do this ahead of the sale to be prepared or along with your first order. See below for more details on how that works. 2. Shop for goodies that you are interested in each day. We will keep adding your goodies to your box for 5 days. Then the elves will stop for 2 days to ship. If you are nowhere close to filling your box, we will hold it over to the next 5 days. If…