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Daily Archives: March 13, 2019

More CHANTILLY goodness coming your way!

So here are some more fun photos of the other patterns we have coming with the upcoming Chantilly collection. With each new collection we design [which happens anywhere from 2 to 3 times a year], we release a new set of patterns. These patterns are almost always done in the fabrics of that collection. But that doesn’t always mean that you have to do them that way. I hope to post more photos soon of some of these current patterns done in different palettes. But for now, yesterday I showed you TRELLIS and GARDEN GATE. Today I will feature MILK & BLOSSOMS and HANKIES 1,2,3. First up, MILK & BLOSSOMS. To answer the most commonly answered questions for this pattern: Yes, it is all pieced. No appliqué, no paper piecing and no templates. All of the pieces are totally straightforward and use our favorite SEW&amp…