More CHANTILLY goodness coming your way!

So here are some more fun photos of the other patterns we have coming with the upcoming Chantilly collection. With each new collection we design [which happens anywhere from 2 to 3 times a year], we release a new set of patterns. These patterns are almost always done in the fabrics of that collection. But that doesn’t always mean that you have to do them that way. I hope to post more photos soon of some of these current patterns done in different palettes. But for now, yesterday I showed you TRELLIS and GARDEN GATE. Today I will feature MILK & BLOSSOMS and HANKIES 1,2,3.

First up, MILK & BLOSSOMS.

To answer the most commonly answered questions for this pattern: Yes, it is all pieced. No appliqué, no paper piecing and no templates. All of the pieces are totally straightforward and use our favorite SEW&FLIP method. Having said that, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this pattern for a beginner. Not because it is too hard to figure out, but because there are a lot of smaller components that might be frustrating for a beginner. However, it is all good for the rest of you. Yes, I know you can do it! We have now made this in like 5 different variations, and we love each and every one!











Next up is the first in our series of BEGINNER QUILTS. We know that so many of you out there are just new to quilting and yet you still want to make something pretty and something fun that is a bit more than just your standard patchwork. So we thought that HANKIES 1,2,3 might be a good place to start. Begin with a LAYER CAKE. or a CHARM PACK and then decide what you want to do next, how simple or how adventurous is all up to you… but this pattern gives you a couple of places to start. The pattern also has FOUR SPECIAL ADDED PAGES with MORE IN DEPTH EXPLANATIONS on techniques and methods that we use every day in our patterns. Even if you just need a refresher, this pattern might be for you!














Hopefully you guys are starting to get as excited about CHANTILLY as I am!





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  1. Marty | 13th Mar 19

    Adorable, and ushering in Spring! From snow country here, so welcome!

    • | 13th Mar 19

      We send you thoughts of Spring over there in snow country!!

  2. Carolyn T Solomon | 13th Mar 19

    The Hankies 1,2,3 birder looks just like lace and I love the Milk and Blossoms with the grey background!

    • | 13th Mar 19

      Lace was exactly what I was going for!! So I am very happy that is what you see.

  3. Becky Lomasney | 13th Mar 19

    I’m new to Fig tree—love the BOM I’m doing. Can anyone tell me what line that solid gray color in the patterns today and yesterday are—I’m not seeing them listed online in the collection. Thanks❤️

    • | 13th Mar 19

      They are several different Bella Solids that we have paired with the group. We have used several different ones throughout the patterns and those are what we will use in several of our pre order kits. As soon as the fabric arrives and our solids arrive, we will do a post on the specific info for those backgrounds for those interested. Thanks so much for asking!

  4. Alice | 14th Mar 19

    Will you ever have pre- cut quilt kits ?
    Thank you, Alice

    • | 15th Mar 19

      if you mean where all of the pieces are already cut out for you? Then no. If you mean kits that begin with “precuts” like jelly rolls or layer cakes, then… Yes, we do that all of the time!

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