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Daily Archives: February 14, 2020

The LOVE block a la Fig Tree

For those of you who wanted to try a bit more traditional version of Brigitte’s fabulous LOVE block for this weeks MODA BLOCKHEADS SEW ALONG, we promised we would post our version today. If you want the whole backstory, then just scroll through our last couple of blog posts! If you read my post on Wednesday, you will know that I talked about this LOVE stamp as a childhood memory. And my friend Greg from told me a little bit more about the history. I had no idea! Did you guys know that it was created in honor of a “…famous sculpture sculpture by artist Robert Indiana in 1970, based on his greeting card design for the Museum of Modern Art in 1965. Robert Indiana was from… Indiana! And the sculpture lives at a museum in Indianapolis. There is also a copy in NYC” said…