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Daily Archives: June 2, 2020

Pumpkins & Cream: Layer Cake Style

Our crazy popular ALL HALLOW’S EVE collection has started to “hit store shelves” as I like to say! Woohoo my friends! The pre-cuts have shipped and the yardage is following soon behind… we are hoping for the end of this week or early next for the full collection… I would have never ever guessed that you guys would respond like you have to my vision of a soft, understated RETRO VINTAGE feeling Halloween but am so very very glad that you did. I would love to hear your favorite thing about it down in the comments below! The Pumpkins & Cream pattern from this ALL HALLOW’S EVE collection is one of my all time favorite fall quilts and possibly my favorite from this collection as well [other than I love all of the other quilts a whole lot too… especially…