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Daily Archives: July 29, 2020

Moda Blockheads: Block 29

Welcome to Week #29 of the MODA BLOCKHEADS SEW ALONG! Hello friends! Its another lovely Wednesday morning and you know what that means… its that time again. And what is even better is that we are back at the beginning of another round, Round III, back with Corey. Check out the directions for her block, Ring Around, HERE this week. And here is our version… For our version, we went with the 12″ and decided to showcase 3 different favorite reds as well as 2 different cream prints… if you look really close at the photo you can see all the fabrics! So let’s do a bit of recap… These are all of our blocks for ROUND II… OUR TOTALS: (1) 12″, (3) 8″ (7) 6″ and a few tiny houses that we are keeping separate for now&#8230…