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Daily Archives: November 13, 2020


The FIG TREE ELVES are cutting, packing and prepping like crazy so that we can be ready to go for you earlier than any other year… NOVEMBER 19TH is our start date this year… can you believe it?! Yup… that is in less than a week, next Thursday! We have never done it on any other day than Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving but we decided that this crazy year called for some crazy fun a bit earlier than usual! Hope you agree and that you will be ready to join us! FOR THOSE OF YOU NEW TO THIS CRAZY SALE… here is all the info below. For those of you who join us every year, just a few changes from last year so you might want to read through too! ** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS OUR SALE RULES HAVE CHANGED** ONLY 8 GOODIE PACKED DAYS…