A bit more May

May 2012

The end of May brought Spring QUILT MARKET… We showed not only our brand new patterns and fabric collection but also all the projects from the new book! Its a good thing we had a double end cap booth because I'm not sure how else we could have fit it all!

We had a wonderful time spending time with all our colleagues and customers.



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  1. Janice King | 28th Jan 13

    Lovely….what a great experience, surrounded by so many beautiful quilts….Ahhhhh….thanks for sharing.

  2. Suzanne | 29th Jan 13

    Will you be in Lancaster in March?

  3. Joanna | 29th Jan 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Suzanne submitted a comment on A bit more May

    No. Unfortunately not. I will be Norway in March!

  4. Koye | 29th Jan 13

    I am trying to gather oranges and tangerine fabrics to make the Little Lollies Lollipop quilt in the Halloween colors that you did. Could you please tell me the color you used on your sashing and background and for the centers of the fan. I saw that you said you used Bella Solid Golden Wheat on the Moda Blog in that quilt. I’m trying to figure out where you used that as it looks too yellow compared to the rest of the fabrics I see in the quilt. Thank you. Koye

  5. Marjory Wilkin | 29th Jan 13


  6. Sophia loves designer clothes | 5th Feb 13

    adorable designs… love it

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