A bit more of the British countryside

I just can’t seem to find one good descriptive word in the English language that describes what the Cotswolds look, smell and feel like. Storybook. Lush. Romantic. Cottage. Provincial. Charming. Inspiring. Childlike. Green. Earthy.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from our wanderings…. our favorite cafe, our hotel, traditional thatched cottages, houses on the street, village scene.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Jen Ball | 16th Jul 08

    What lovely pictures….maybe one day, when the kids are all grown and doing their own thing, we’ll get there together!

  2. Jean C. | 16th Jul 08

    Love the thatching! It looks like lace work! I can imagine some of the original ladies that lived in these places being very proud of their roofs! O.K. if that’s not an idea for a quilt… I don’t know one!
    Great pictures.

  3. brigette | 17th Jul 08

    amazing photos, AGAIN! thanks so much for sharing these photos, i just want to MOVE there now!!!

  4. June | 4th Aug 08

    How beautiful! How did you make yourself come home?

  5. mclairepatch | 16th Aug 08

    Merveilleux blog, je suis sous le charme, je reviendrai souvent vous voir, bravo

  6. Estee | 20th Sep 08

    Beautiful photos. Quintessential England… I love it!

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