A Little Family Adventure

Day #1 of our trip….. London!   No pictures yet… beautiful weather… will post when I have a better connection…

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  1. Jean C. | 12th Jun 08

    London? Ohhhhh you lucky thing you! Is it for pleasure or work? Hope it’s for fun!
    Enjoy… did you take the kids too? What an adventure! Pictures, we will want to see some please… hope you have a great time!

  2. josie | 15th Jun 08

    OH, so THAT’S where you are?!
    Wishing you a great trip!!! Can’t wait to hear more and see some pictures. London is one of my favorite cities! Hope you are able to get to the Cotswolds and to Bath while you are there – and there is no theater better than the London theater. Have an awesome time!!!!

  3. Paula | 16th Jun 08

    You must go to Marlborough Hight Street. Start at the top, just around the corner from the registery that Paul and Linda Macartney got married and then just saunter down, really fantastic interesting shops!! Once you are at the bottom you hit Soho… which can be an education for youngsters !

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