An Apple a Day

Those of you who have followed us for a while, know that we have a thing for fruit… of the quilted variety. Vegetables and garden items too I guess. Over the many years we have been in business we have made cherry blocks, pumpkin blocks, pear blocks, leaves, flowers and a whole variety of stuffed goodies too.. pears, strawberries, radishes, mushrooms, pinecones just to name a few!

We thought it was high time to add an apple to the line up. So introducing AN APPLE A DAY pattern. This is a new format for us… it is just a block that you can turn into whatever you like. The directions are just for the block and you can decide how many you would like to make and how you would like to “style” them :-).

Click HERE to purchase the paper pattern or the PDF.

For those of you would are loving this apple block as much as we are… here are a few suggestions:


… we used green posts for this one

Make 7 apple blocks- 4 red and 3 green.

Note that we changed the direction of the stem and the leaf so that they alternate in direction. You would have to make those changes as you sew. If that is more thinking than you were wanting to do, keep them all going in the same direction for a more simple version!

We added green posts for this one above and light red posts for the one here below… just so you could see the difference. Don’t think we have a favorite!

…and red posts for this one.

Our sashing finishes at 1 3/4″ and our border finishes at 2 1/2″. The final dimensions of the runner are 16 1/2″ x 62 3/4″… so a pretty good size I think… You can of course change the amount of apples if you have a shorter or longer table in mind!

… all apples going in the same direction for a more simple make


If you are more of an apple person and are loving this so much that you would like to adorn your home with an apple quilt, here is a suggestion. The quilt measures app. 49″ x 57 for a perfect lap or throw quilt to add into your summer or fall line up!

For this version we used 2″ finished sashing and posts and a 2 3/4″ finished outer border. Half red and half green apples, red posts and a red border.


  • Apples: For the apples you will need a variety of reds and greens. Your choice on those.
  • Stem: 1/4 yd brown for the stems.
  • Posts: 1/8 yd for the runner and a 1/4 yd for the lap quilt.
  • Background: 1/2 yd for runner and 1 1/2 yd for lap quilt
  • Border: 1/2 yd for runner and 3/4 for lap quilt.
  • Binding: 1/3 yd for runner and 1/2 yd for lap quilt
  • Backing: 1 1/3 yd for runner and 3 1/8 for lap quilt.

If you are interested in fabric, the red and green bundle in the shop now would pretty much cover anything other than a larger border and background.

The fabrics we have used here in these mock-ups are a mix of my Farmhouse II and Scarlet & Sage collections.

Click HERE for fabric.

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  1. Karen S | 4th Sep 20

    These are so good!!

    • | 4th Sep 20

      They are pretty fun!

  2. Sheila K | 4th Sep 20

    I love those apples, but will you be making Sugar Pumpkin pattern into a downloadable. The Pumpkin table runner is wonderful and I used your quick quilting tip for a fast finish.

  3. Sally | 10th Sep 20

    Love the apples! I have lots of pumpkin ‘quilties’ for fall, but apples would be great for September and early fall before the pumpkins make their appearance.

    • | 10th Sep 20

      That is exactly what we were thinking too!

  4. Sandy Claessens | 11th Sep 20

    Very cute! I would like to know when the pumpkin runner pattern I ordered will arrive? I paid for it . Sandy

    • | 13th Sep 20

      If you have order patterns, please email us. We can’t help you from blog comments. Thanks so much!

  5. Annette Crnkovich | 12th Sep 20

    This little apple block of yours is so adorable! I am ordering the pattern this a.m. I love the the table runner and quilt!! Your fabric lines are beautiful. I am a huge fan! 🙂 Annette

    • | 13th Sep 20

      You are so kind! thank you! I am so glad to hear you are liking the apple block. It has been a lot of fun to see people start making them up!

  6. Bonita Madura | 18th Sep 20

    I really like your designs, colors and positive personality. I have a problem keeping up on your projects, mostly I just come across them by chance or I see fob posts mentioning them. Do you have any tips that I can use to keep up?

    • | 24th Sep 20

      Yes! Sign up for our email newsletter. it goes out every single friday with all of our updates! You can sign up through the link in the sidebar here on the blog, on instagram or through the shop. Thanks for following along!

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