Welcome to PORTOFINO, where the warm sea breeze cools you while you bask in the glow of an autumnal sunset… can you close your eyes and pretend that you are there? My hope is that these colors and prints take you away on a little Italian-inspired rendezvous… into the villages of Tuscany, the cobblestones of Florence, and all of the gelato you can eat!

This warm, glowing palette can be transformed into so many different projects and seasons and I am excited to use it for both fall and spring, as well. So many possibilities. With colors like Sienna, Citron, Pomegranate, and Gelato… this collection is sure to inspire you to create!


Traveling and exploring the world, whether close by or far away, is a huge part of how my creative process works. I like to immerse myself in new colors and new places, observing the images around me as my design brain works overtime. Some people like to go visit all of the “famous places” in a new place and I just like to wander around and look at the streets and the people and the food. This is my vision of a warm Italian evening, wandering around and taking it all in.

I have to tell you that there was something special about the colors of Tuscany that I just haven’t experienced anywhere else… it was like it all had a golden hue to it. So beautiful and I sure hope I was able to capture it all in fabric.

  • SIENNA [warm brown]
  • AZURE [aqua]
  • PICHOLINE [green]
  • PINEAPPLE [light green]
  • CITRON [citron]
  • GELATO [coral]
  • ROSE [pink]
  • SHELL [flesh]
  • GOLDEN WHEAT [gold]
  • CLOUD [cream]


Stay tuned for a future blog post on our coordinating PORTOFINO patterns – some brand new, and some classics recolored!


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