At Home with MODA: All Hallow’s Eve collection

Welcome to AT HOME WITH MODA today!

It is a little bit surreal to think that right about now, those of us in the quilt industry would be getting ready for Quilt Market. There would be the stress of finishing up quilts, making up booth props, coordinating shipping and last minute marketing materials, maybe even picking out a new dress for the infamous MODA Market party :-). I have to be honest… it is always with a mix of both excitement and a little dread that May rolls around each year and all of our l ives shift into “market prep”. Quilt Market is a crazy amount of work, stress and energy. It is also exhilarating, connective and inspiring. It is more than a bit odd to think about the fact that our entire industry is sitting it out this time around… so of course you knew that we had to do something. There will be much more in the weeks and months ahead but for now, we are so happy to tell you that we are part of a new series called AT HOME WITH MODA. And here is our part for today!


I am so excited to share with you my first video of what will likely be a long string of videos and tutorials from my home to yours… Please remember a couple of things:

  • I have never done one of these on my own.
  • It makes me just a little bit nauseous to watch myself on video.
  • Its a bit long given all of the things I wanted to show you. So get comfortable and maybe make yourself a cup of tea and settle in for the next couple of hours… just kidding. Its only like 12 minutes long.
  • The bloopers are pretty much better than the video :-).


I am also thinking a little blooper video is in order… because maybe I finally figured out where I should be looking :-).

… yes you should definitely be scared 🙂

CLICK HERE for a few bloopers.

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  1. Melanie | 6th May 20

    I have Pumpkins and Cream on order and cannot wait to get it!!!!

    • | 6th May 20

      We cannot wait for it to come… so excited!

  2. Dorothy Dudas | 6th May 20

    I was at a quilt shop in our area and they had Midnight Crossing. I’m really glad I bought it because it was just before everything shut down. Anyway, can we buy yardage for the backing and binding? Your fabric lines are amazing!

    • | 6th May 20

      New yardage does not come until later this month. Once the pre orders go out, we will know exactly what we have left for making backing kits so check back with us then! Thanks so much!

  3. Dot | 6th May 20

    Can you recolor Halloween Roses pattern with the Catalina fabric ? I think it would be amazing! Love the pattern!

  4. Linda Neal | 7th May 20

    When will your new Halloween patterns be released? I didn’t see them in your shop.

    • | 7th May 20

      They are all in our shop since last year :-). Search for them by name, by type of pattern or find them all in the category on the left called HALLOWEEN.
      Thanks so much!

  5. Brigitte Heitland | 8th May 20

    Wonderful presentation, Joanna!

    • | 9th May 20

      Thank you Brigitte! It is taking me so much more time than I thought… but its not so bad!

  6. Marti Dyer-Allison | 19th May 20

    Is it possible to list which Bella Solids coordinate with the collection? Because of our state’s “stay at home” policy, I’ll be ordering online. And I’d like to pay shipping only once, rather than wait for the FQ bundle to arrive and match to the Bella Solids color card.

    • | 27th May 20

      We dont have any oranges in the Bella range that match so coordinating colors is not really possible and there are no greys that are the same either. The cream is the Ivory and the black is the Washed Black. Hope that helps.

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