More Market… can you stand it?

I got so excited to "introduce" you to all my new goodies, that I somehow managed to forget my general Market post. Now those of you who know me, know that I don't get out much. At home too :-), but in this case, out of my booth at Market! Often on the last day of the show when things slow a bit down, I get a little reprieve and take some shots at least of the MODA booths and hopefully a few others. This year was even worse. 

First it was really so much busier than we expected… which is really not a problem at all, just a problem if you want to wander around Market at your leisure and take photos of everything that is beautiful. And second, I got to leave a bit early this time around and my dear hub broke down the booth all on his own. I know! How lucky could I be!

All that to say…..

MODA is really an amazing company to work with. Given that I am designing my 19th collection with them, I guess that is kind of a given but still sometimes it needs to be said again. Thank you so much Mark, Cheryl, Lissa, Outlaw, Duckie, John, Bob, Kathy, Doyle, Hassan, Sarah, Erin, Holly, Kelli, Susan and all of the amazing reps [who I am not even going to try to name here because inevitably I will forget someone] and everyone else who makes this whole crazy thing go around twice a year!

As I am sure you have already seen, this year the MODA booth was transformed into a giant dollhouse. Actually several giant dollhouses.


… rooftop windows!




… inset boxes into the booth structure that just had the sweetest details. Love those cutouts!




.. and who could resist actual dollhouses to match.

Breakfastat moda   

… and because so many of you have emailed asking if the applique version of Vanilla & Blooms could be made out of Breakfast at Tiffany's as well, here it is hanging in the MODA booth.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

And all around the main MODA booth, were the rest of us. I didn't get shots of everyone, I am so sorry! But here are the ones I did get [with links if there are blogs]…


… Camille is never far from her camera!


…somehow I missed a shot of Sandy's booth [probably cuz she was too busy] but at least got a pic of her taking a pic of me!


… on the right of us, was the Sweetwater team. As fun as can be!


… love their neutral palette.


… on the left of us was Camille and Bonnie. I am so glad to have gotten a pic of Camille laughing since she was fighting baby nausea and remnants of the flu the entire time she was at market. I think she is such an amazing person & such a trooper for even coming! I would have most likely curled up on my couch and refused to move! 


… next would be Bunny Hill Designs with Ann's first line with MODA, titled Lilly & Will. Sweet pink, brown and baby colors with lots of fun textures for traditional nurseries.


…next up, Minick & Simpson with perhaps my favorite fabric sign of all time. You would think I would have managed to get a picture of their actual booth or at least some more of the quilts, but no. Instead I gravitated toward their sign. Love it. Want it. Could design an entire room around that soft, vintage palette! Are you guys sure you couldn't just send it this way?


Me & My Sister with their cute corner booth full of "HAPPY"! That is such a great description of them and their fabrics as well. You go girls!

… Sandy with American Jane and possibly my favorite quilt that she has ever done! That Noah's Ark quilt is something I might start now for my yet to be unborn grandchildren [my oldest is 12 so that gives me just about the amount of time I would need to finish it]! Wow!    

… and last but certainly not least, Liesl with
Oliver & S has joined the MODA ranks this Spring and we couldn't be happier to have her. Her well known classic children's clothing patterns are the most beautiful and most well written ones on the market and her and her husband are a wonderful "booth" team. Her new fabric collection, City Weekend, has both cottons and wonderfully soft knits.   

One of the things I love about MODA the most is that they really do have something for everyone and every style and yet still manage to maintain their wonderful chic, vintage, fresh and well put together look. Proud to be a part.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Karen | 4th Jun 10

    Amazing! The Moda both is out of this world! Wish I could have been there!

  2. Camille Roskelley | 5th Jun 10

    You are my favorite. 🙂

  3. Charmaine McL. | 5th Jun 10

    Your booth was lovely again this year and the pics you shared are so fun! Especially love the retro-modern Moda booth! OMG I had the same exact playhouse growing up as the one on the shelf on the bolts of fabrics!! Would love to have that just for decoration! Amazing how everyone goes over-the-top year after year! FABULOUS!

  4. Dandelion Quilts | 6th Jun 10

    You know, I have checked out lots of posts about market and you are the first to show that dollhouse theme…so cute.

  5. Diana | 6th Jun 10

    Thanks for the great pics – your booth and new patterns just look awesome! I will be purchasing some soon. Now, with your inspiration, I am off to piece a lap quilt out of my stash of Dandelion Girl charm packs. A local quilt shop had a sale a year (or two??) ago and I purcahsed the lot!! Goes great with my new living room paint job thanks to your tips!
    Happy June!

  6. Halu*Halo | 6th Jun 10

    it must be just wonderful to be all around such great inspiration (such as yourself as well! ) !!!! love moda!!

  7. Loraine Jezak | 6th Jun 10

    Oh Wow! Where to begin…First off, your booth was/is amazing. I love all the new things you have coming out, and as always, your fabric lines cannot be beat! Congrats on 19 fabric lines!!!! That is hard to imagine! Such a wonderful accomplishment. How ever do you still keep thinking up wonderful ideas. Also, thanks for the tour of the Moda booths. Your pictures are fantastic!
    I’m working away on garden fence, and after a little tweaking, the checkerboards are fitting nicely! Thanks for the tip.
    I will definitely be ordering some patterns from you this week. Do you want me to e-mail you, or just order through the website? Thanks for offering to do that. I have to have the clover pattern for sure, but I’m really tempted with several others too. You inspire me so!
    Have a wonderful day. BTW, you look great on video!

  8. sandy | 7th Jun 10

    Love all you MODA gals. But love you best!


  9. Brooke | 7th Jun 10

    Oh my goodness!! You did such a wonderful job of pics and sharing for all of us who couldn’t attend. Love your stuff and your style. Thanks again!

  10. Joanna | 8th Jun 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Diana submitted a comment on More Market… can you stand it?

    Cant wait to see the whole Fig Tree color scheme come together!

    Happy sewing,


  11. Joanna | 8th Jun 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Halu*Halo submitted a comment on More Market… can you stand it?

    You are just too sweet! Thank you!

  12. Kathryn | 9th Jun 10

    Thanks for sharing your booth and the others at Market Joanna! Your fabrics and patterns are amazing. I am completely inspired. We saw some of your fabrics at a local shop and Kalilla can only imagine you at the loom weaving each bolt by hand as you design. Now, we are both in awe.

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