Easiest Handbags Ever… Really!

For those of you who have been searching… your search is over. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about… read on.

What all this is about is…. leather handles! If you have been working on one of these great handbags from the pattern “Easiest Handbags Ever”>Ftq606
then most likely you have been searching far and wide for those wonderful leather handles. Now I know that fabric handles are just as lovely… but I have recieved so many retail requests for these fantastic handles that I have ordered them from Korea and they are currently on their way across the ocean.
Many of them are already spoken for but I have ordered several dozen extra and I wanted to offer them to you bloggy gals first.
I will have them available [while supplies last] in both the apricot/beige color and the soft brown color, both shown on the cover of the handbag pattern. I can place a special order if enough of you want the green one. They are about 24/25″ long with little tiny holes perforated along the bottom shape so that you can just hand stitch them onto your purse. They are quite lovely and will retail for $19.00. Email me if you are interested in either the handles or the pattern.

If you are a shop and reading this, please feel free to contact me via email and I will provide you all the necessary wholesale information you might need for wholesale ordering of these little goodies.

Oh and the most faq about this pattern [and the Easiest Totebag Ever one too] is “Is it really all that easy? YES. This is a handbag pattern made for the quilter. It requires no special finishing or crafting skills. It uses no interfacing or lining [unless of course you would like to add lining and then it gives you extra instructions for adding that], it has no buttons or pockets or zippers. It is just an easy simple purse in 5 different styles, that ANY quilter can make. I stand behind the claim!!
The patterns are selling like hotcakes so check with your local quilt store or stop by our website if your shop doesn’t carry it yet.
Happy, happy bag making!

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  1. Laurie | 11th Jul 07

    Ohh, i love that pattern and the handles! You always have such cute things over here! Love your latest indigo line, too! 🙂

  2. Andrea in Florida | 13th Jul 07

    Very nice, Jennifer! I bought this pattern yesterday at my local quilt store and love it’s ease. You really do bring us so many great items…many thanks, from your new friend in Florida!

  3. Margaret Adcock | 3rd Oct 07

    I would love to buy the pattern – Easiest Handbags Ever – and the brown handles. Please let me know if it’s 2 or 1 handle I need – it looks like 2. Send me an email and let me know if I can get these items.



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