Fig Tree DESIGNER SELECT SOLID BUNDLE… brought to you by MODA!

If you are new here today, welcome to my little corner of the world wide web! 

I know I have already talked just a wee bit about these this summer but today is a special day in blogland. It is MODA BELLA SOLIDS DAY! If you float around a little today, you might notice that several of us designers are talking about our bundle… all of them are quite yummy, each representing the colors in that designer's signature palette.

Ours is…. well, classic Fig Tree. Not pastel. Not primary. Not totally bright, not totally soft. Somewhere in-between. "Fresh Vintage" is how we have always called it. But this bundle can be best described as plain SHERBET… there is no two ways around it. SHERBETS all of them!


Our BELLA SOLID colors include the following: ivory, butterscotch, cantaloupe, coral, persimmon, light lime, chartreuse, mint, green apple, parchment, fig tree wheat and faded black.

MODA offers them DESIGNER SELECT SOLIDS BUDNLES in these yummy little stacks of fat quarters available at quilt shops worldwide and we also offer them in 1/2 yds. on our site HERE

Fig Tree Sherbets

When it came time to make some quilts with the bundles… well, we went a bit SHERBET crazy and created an entire book full of them. I guess I'm not nothing if not a bit obsessive… wait, did I say that out loud?



Introducing the SHERBETS & CREAMS book.

The book celebrates these lovely little sherbet bundles and all that you can create with them. It has 5 quilts that are all made with the FIG TREE SELECT BUNDLES and a variety of cream/low volume prints for the backgrounds. Each quilt uses either 1-2 of the fat quarter bundles or a single 1/2 yard version bundle, a variety of cream prints [we have cream print bundles too] and sometimes a bit extra of some of the solids for borders, etc. Each pattern in the book specifies exactly what you will need for each one, each one is a bit different.




Here are the quilts in the SHERBETS & CREAMS book. Click HERE for more info…





























…If you scroll back in the blog, you will find that we recently had a quilt along for this RIBBONS quilt. Feel free to jump in even now!








Personally, I am loving every single one of these for the summer. Next up on my personal list… Jelly Squares!

Hope you enjoy a little FIG TREE SHERBET goodness this summer along with me!

Comment and let us know which one of the 5 quilts in the book is your favorite and you will be entered to win a SHERBET BUNDLE GIVEAWAY courtesy of the lovely folks at MODA.

Thanks for following and playing along!

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  1. Linda M | 20th Jul 16

    Popsicles is my favorite! But I love them all, they are all so beautiful and summery!

  2. Anorina | 21st Jul 16

    Oooh love this colour combination. Sherbet indeed.
    I absolutely love your Ribbons quilt pattern.

  3. Misti Creach | 21st Jul 16

    They’re all gorgeous but I’d have to pick Jello Squares as my favorite pattern. 🙂

  4. Kay | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is Ribbons – with Retro running in a close second!

  5. carol n | 21st Jul 16

    POPSICLES I would call Creamsicles! Love the fabric and the pattern, thanks

  6. Deb | 21st Jul 16

    I am loving the jelly squares… my style & one I know wild be loved by one of my 5 granddaughters!

  7. Ali | 21st Jul 16

    Ooo so hard to choose! I think it would have to be Popsicles! So clever x

  8. Julia | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Popsicles quilt! It reminds me of the ice cream truck when I was little and the colors are perfect!

  9. A. Bouwman | 21st Jul 16

    At the moment it is very hot here so the popsicles I can almost taste are favorite. But I love the others to.

  10. Michele | 21st Jul 16

    Why do these quilts make me hungry??!! Lol My favourite one is Jello Squares.

  11. Jodie | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is my favorite. Love these colors.

  12. Linda W | 21st Jul 16

    The Ribbons quilt is my favorite. The colors are warm and summery. Love this bundle.

  13. Carolyn Sands | 21st Jul 16

    Love the Retro pattern. Thanks for a chance to win!

  14. Janet | 21st Jul 16

    Fun to see them all on display – my fave would be Ribbons since I bought bundles of Sherbets and another of the Creams to do the quilt-along – I’m half way to done! But I love Slices, too, and Popsicles – and the others! These are a great looking bunch of quilts – they kind of scream SUMMER, don’t they?!

    Thanks for the opportunity to make even more!

  15. Susan | 21st Jul 16

    Now, that’s not an easy question to answer – they’re all wonderful. My very favorite would be ribbons. Thanks for the chance to win a lovely book!

  16. Karen | 21st Jul 16

    it is a toss up between Jello squares and Ribbons for me. would love to win thanks for the chance

  17. Debra | 21st Jul 16

    They are all beautiful. My favorite is the popsicle quilt.

  18. Carol Sloan | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Retro! (although I love them all!)

  19. Terry | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is Popsicles :o)

  20. Karen Chaudoin | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicle of course!

  21. Debbie Taylor | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is “Ribbons”! I just finished piecing this quilt. I also made “Popsciles” and that was fun also! I’d love to win another bundle to make more!

  22. Denny | 21st Jul 16

    Jello Squares!

  23. Patty Flynn | 21st Jul 16

    Love my Popsicle table runner (done!). But want the watermelon.

  24. Linda Liquin | 21st Jul 16

    Although they are all quite stunning, I have to go with Jello Squares. Love it.

  25. Cathy | 21st Jul 16

    Difficult decision. They are all lovely. But Jello Squares has such dimension, kind of jiggly like jello. And the sherbet bundle is yummy. Thank you for the give-away opportunity.

  26. Vicki | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is Retro – I love the movement in that quilt!

  27. Karen Seitz | 21st Jul 16

    Slices is my favorite. Love those sherbet colors!

  28. Norma | 21st Jul 16

    I absolutely love Jello Squares!

  29. Kshackabq | 21st Jul 16

    It’s a tie between Popsicles and Slices! Love the summer colors and reminders of yummy summer fun!

  30. Susan | 21st Jul 16

    Slices is my favorite. Very fresh and looks like summer. I love the unexpected squares in the faded black.

  31. Carol Feye | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my fav and the bundle makes me drool.

  32. Liz F | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favourite.

  33. Janet Carrano | 21st Jul 16

    Slices is my favorite, picnic read for summer!! And it is still summer!!

  34. Jan Anthony | 21st Jul 16

    Jello Squares, although I love them ALL!!

  35. Lisa Zook | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite it the Ribbons quilt. So cozy and inviting.

  36. Linda Cates | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favorite!

  37. Marcia Reel | 21st Jul 16

    I have been so tempted by that sherbet bundle. And I love Ribbons and Popsicles equally but different (like my children). 🙂

  38. Shelly Z | 21st Jul 16

    They are all lovely, but my favorite is Retro.

  39. Regina | 21st Jul 16

    Love, love, love the Popsicle quilt. Definitely going to make it.
    Many thanks.

  40. Debbie | 21st Jul 16

    Retro is my favorite!

  41. Jessica China | 21st Jul 16

    They are all beautiful but I guess my fav would have to be the ribbons quilt.

  42. Cindy | 21st Jul 16


  43. Karen | 21st Jul 16

    My fav would be popsicles, but I love them all. Popsicles and
    Sherbets are my go to hot weather cool downs.

  44. Beth J. Beal | 21st Jul 16

    Ha, these all make me want to eat orange sherbet!

  45. Debra | 21st Jul 16

    What a great give away! Thanks Moda & Fig Tree! It’s hard to say which quilt is my favorite because I like them all! But if I have to pick one I would say the Jello Square quilt!

  46. Beth Stanfield | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is the one for summer. So fresh and colorful. Makes me want one!

  47. Michelle | 21st Jul 16

    It’s so hard to choose! But I think the Ribbons quilt and Popsicle are topping the list!
    Love these colors!

  48. Miss Jean | 21st Jul 16

    I love Popsicles. It reminds me of growing up in the midwest in the 50’s and the ice cream man walking down our street with his wagon.

  49. Debbie | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is slices. The colors are just so summery looking!

  50. LeAnne | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is my favorite! So cute!

  51. Andrea | 21st Jul 16

    Most certainly my favourite is Popsicles! Summer perfection!

  52. Kendra Maclean | 21st Jul 16

    All are so wonderfully Fig Tree but Popsicles is my favorite.

  53. Karyn Meyreles | 21st Jul 16

    I love to make Popsicles and come up with different favors so the Popsicle quilt is right up my alley to use all the fig tree fabrics and make up my own flavor! Would love to get a book and make it.

  54. Aimee | 21st Jul 16

    They’re all beautiful, but I think my favorite is the Popsicle quilt.

  55. Tammie Smith | 21st Jul 16

    Jello Squares! with Retro coming in a close 2nd. I love all of your designs, it’s hard to pick.

  56. Elizabeth S | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Popsicles!

  57. Karen in Breezy Point | 21st Jul 16

    All the quilts are delicious, but I think Slices is my favorite!

  58. Marie Eddins | 21st Jul 16

    They are all so summer fun and cheerful. Since I just sewed with you on the quilt along, I’d have to say Ribbons, but I also like Retro! Thanks!

  59. Cynthia Brunz | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite would be Jello Squares. Those colors are beautiful! Thanks

  60. Carol Jordan | 21st Jul 16

    I favor Retro. It is a great design/color collection. You always have such a great eye for quilts.

  61. Christine Sherman | 21st Jul 16

    Jello squares is my favorite!

  62. Laure Trimmer | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles for sure, with slices running a close second. Both made me smile and brought back memories of summers in the midwest.

  63. Candie | 21st Jul 16

    I had fun with the Quilt along and my Ribbons quilt is almost complete. Fun, but my favorite is the Slices quilt. It just says “summer” in a refreshing way.

  64. Linda | 21st Jul 16

    Slices!!! Love it!

  65. Quilting Tangent | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favorite.

  66. Colleen Coffman | 21st Jul 16

    I love Ribbons! All of these look like a bite of summer. So beautiful.

  67. Jo West | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles, hope to break out of my shell and give that quilt a try. So delicious looking!

  68. Ashley Pickrell | 21st Jul 16

    The Popsicle pattern is my favorite. They are so cute! A close second is the Ribbons pattern.

  69. Wendy | 21st Jul 16

    Can I name two favorites? I love both Slices and Popsicles…can’t want to make them!

  70. Susan K | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favorite.

  71. Judy Mosconi | 21st Jul 16

    I do love these sherbet colors. I have always loved the look of “faded” colors so the black in this group is just PERFECT!

  72. Hildy | 21st Jul 16

    Can I love them all? But okay if I need to pick a favorite it’s Retro because I love how modern yet classic this traditional block look with your Sherbet bundle and low volumes.

  73. Jeannine Brenner | 21st Jul 16

    Beautiful colors in the bundle and I love the name sherbet for it! All of the new patterns are fabulous but if u have to pick just one….it would bet he Jello Squares quilt. I just love it!

  74. Nancy | 21st Jul 16

    If I had to pick a favorite it’d have to be Slices, but they are all so fresh and lovely!

  75. Paula | 21st Jul 16

    It’s tough to choose just one since there’s not a bad one in the bunch but Jello Squares is the one instantly captured my attention and I just keep going back to it for another look!

  76. Lisa Majewski | 21st Jul 16

    jello square is my favorite 🙂

  77. Fireside Quilter | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is my favourite quilt!! It is so sweet????

  78. Cathy Callicoat | 21st Jul 16

    Oh here?! Let’s see…. How can I possibly pick a favorite when I love and want it alllllll? I guess I’ll go with Ribbons? Thank you for the chance to win! ????

  79. Julie B | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favorite and the colors are so happy!

  80. Pam | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Popsicle quilt.

  81. Pam Clark | 21st Jul 16

    It’s so hard to choose!!! I love Popsicle and Slices but they are all just beautiful!!!!! thanks for the chance to win!!! Also I am a pattern tester and sew very fast if you ever need another tester. That’s probably a funny statement because I’m sure you have more help than you need but just throwing that out there!!! I can get you a reference if you need one also. It’s something I just started because I’m so tired of sewing for just me. I make quilt tops and they are beautiful but they just sit here and I would like for them to be enjoyed but others.

  82. Mary Ann | 21st Jul 16

    I like the Ribbons quilt. Beautiful colors…

  83. Brenda Hulsey | 21st Jul 16

    Oh! POPSICLES! I love it!

  84. Christine creer | 21st Jul 16

    Jello squares is my favourite

  85. Sharon | 21st Jul 16

    I would have to choose Slices. It looks yummy in those colors.

  86. Shelley Parham | 21st Jul 16

    Slices is my favorite with Popsicles a close second. Great colors!

  87. Rebecca S. | 21st Jul 16

    I can’t decide between popsicles and retro. Love them both!

  88. Edith Gorzo | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is slices, but I like them all. Thanks for the draw.

  89. Mary | 21st Jul 16

    My current favorite is Slices. I love the pop of black. I also like Ribbons. So hard to choose just one.

  90. Becky S | 21st Jul 16

    They are all beautiful! I think the Popsicles quilt is my favorite.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. Holly | 21st Jul 16

    I love them all. I don’t really even like watermelon (I know, it’s a crime), but slices is my favorite!

  92. Linda Kay | 21st Jul 16

    I just love Slices. Reminds me of fun summer days as a child.

  93. Sandy A in St. Louis | 21st Jul 16

    I love Jello Squares! It is so fun to look at and looks simple to make! Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Tammy | 21st Jul 16

    Retro is my absolute fave and those solids are absolutely dreamy.

  95. Marsha | 21st Jul 16

    Jello squares is my favorite … That pattern really shows off the ability to use all the colors and entire quilt function well … I love how is block is different and makes another color the primary focus .. Great group of colors!!

  96. Susan | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Jello Squares!

  97. Margaret | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles, popsicles, popsicles! That is a darling pattern, and I LOVE your Bella solid bundle!

  98. Lisa W. | 21st Jul 16

    So hard to choose but I think my favorite is Slices!

  99. Chris H | 21st Jul 16

    Well I have already made Ribbons and I love it. I think next will be Retro. But in the meantime I am using my Sherbets and Creams to make a Christmas Tree skirt of my own design. It’s coming out great!

  100. Delaine | 21st Jul 16

    All of the quilts are spectacular, but I really love Retro. Thanks!

  101. Daniela Kirk | 21st Jul 16

    Nice, fresh sherbet colors. Fig tree Cream is my main go to for the cream tone backing on my quilts. I buy yards and yards.
    I like the slice pattern, very sweet!

  102. Ginger Ashworth | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite quilt, today (!), is Slices; with Creamsicles (Popsicles) running a very close second place! Yummy!!!!

  103. kay | 21st Jul 16

    Ah, mine is ribbons! Just because you let us sew it up with you in a quilt along, great fun and so pretty . Thanks,

  104. Jeanne S | 21st Jul 16

    I love Ribbons but Jello squares is awesome too!!

  105. Fran O'Connor | 21st Jul 16

    I love Popsicles so that is my favorite They definitely say summer. I remember my first Popsicle. I was six years old. It was orange flavoured.

  106. Cecilia | 21st Jul 16

    I love Popsicles, but Slices is a very close second!

  107. Beverly | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is a beautiful pattern. Your quilts are all perfect though. You are gifted.

  108. Tara | 21st Jul 16

    I love the retro pattern!

  109. Jen B | 21st Jul 16

    I love them all, but I particularly like jello squares.

  110. Margie F. | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is my favorite!

  111. Urška | 21st Jul 16

    I like popsicles.

  112. Katy | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Retro pattern the best with Popsicles coming in 2nd. What a great idea Moda had!

  113. Nan, Odessa, DE | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles!!!!! Love your values BUT they do not go with or enhance anything I have/use. Will you always do sherberts?

    Enjoy your site and the thread too.

  114. Margie | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is darling, but I just love the movement of Jello squares. They jiggle like jello!

  115. Liz Meredith | 21st Jul 16

    So far it would be ribbons, but I like the look of jello and retro too. They are all fun and figgy!

  116. Miranda Florez | 21st Jul 16

    Love slices!

  117. LINDA | 21st Jul 16

    HELLO, “Slices” is my most favorite! Thank You+Moda for a Sweet Giveaway!

  118. Sarah R | 21st Jul 16

    The Popsicles are so much fun!

  119. Beth f. | 21st Jul 16

    Truly I can’t decide between the slices and the Popsicles. Absolutely love them both!!

  120. gailss1 | 21st Jul 16

    Love them all and can see making each one….but that “Jello Squares” seems to be calling me. Love it!

  121. Karen McMahon | 21st Jul 16

    I love all your quilts. It is a beautiful color pallette. My favorite is Jello Squares

  122. Janice N. | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite of the five is Slices. Beautiful!

  123. Kim Cox | 21st Jul 16

    Love all of them, but if I must pick it would have to be Ribbons. It draws my eye everytime. Thanks for the chance to win this Great bundle!!!

  124. Anna Fournelle | 21st Jul 16

    Jello Squares -my favorite!!!! I really like the dark center squares.

  125. Debby | 21st Jul 16

    I love the colors. And I love Jello Squares!!

  126. Kristy | 21st Jul 16

    I love slices and have to have it for a summer quilt!

  127. Nancy H | 21st Jul 16

    I LOVE THE POPSICLES QUILT. Reminds me of my childhood.

  128. Kathleen D | 21st Jul 16

    The Ribbons quilt is lovely any time of year… But, my favorite right now would be Slices! It’s the perfect time for some watermelon!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I’ll be crossing my fingers in the hope that I’ll be your very lucky winner!

  129. Diane Mehring | 21st Jul 16

    Slices would be my first choice. A great summertime quilt.

  130. Terrie | 21st Jul 16

    would have to be popsicles but they are all very yummy !! 🙂

  131. Lana Drum | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Popsicles quilt. Slices is also high on my list. Love the sherbet colors.

  132. Patricia Newhouse | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite is ribbons

  133. Diane | 21st Jul 16

    Although it is difficult to pick only 1 favorite, I love jello squares. The color pallete is absolutely gorgeous. Hope I am the lucky winner.

  134. Sara Jane Chappell | 21st Jul 16

    The Popsicles quilt looks so fun. I choose it for my favorite.

  135. Patti | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favorite. It reminds me of candy!

  136. Anita Sharp | 21st Jul 16

    I LOVE Retro and Slices!!!

  137. Lee | 21st Jul 16

    I love Slices!! great designs and colors – thank you!

  138. Sharon | 21st Jul 16

    I’m loving Popsicles…great memories of spending several days with my grandparents during the hot summer. They gave us money for the ice cream truck that came down the street everyday. Thanks, Joanna and Moda. Love these solids.

  139. Judy D in WA | 21st Jul 16

    Love the Jelly Squares quilt!

  140. Jani | 21st Jul 16

    Hard to pick just one, but popsicles makes me smile every time I see it!

  141. Sandy K | 21st Jul 16

    Jello Squares is calling me.

  142. Vicki H | 21st Jul 16

    I like Popsicles and Jello Squares.

  143. Tracey Heinle | 21st Jul 16

    Such a hard choice…..they are all so great!!!! ???? But I think my favorite would have to be the Ribbons quilt. Thank you for the exciting opportunity!!!! ????

  144. Sally K | 21st Jul 16

    Popsicles is my favorite. I got the mini pattern and it’s on my summer to-do list. I guess I’d better get busy, summer’s better than half way gone!

  145. Veronika | 21st Jul 16

    Ribbons is my fave! Love the scrappy low volumes! This solids bundle is seriously so stunning!!

  146. Jennifer Y | 21st Jul 16

    I really like Jello Squares, but Popsicles is a close second!

  147. Kathy E. | 21st Jul 16

    I really love them all, but my favorite is Slices. Those colors are luscious!

  148. Deb F | 21st Jul 16

    I like them all, but Retro is my favorite. I love the sherbet bundles with the low volume prints. I may not be able to resist any longer. Thank you for sharing your creations and sense of fun.

  149. Kathy | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Ribbons pattern. I am almost done with my quilt… Love the colors! ???? Love the figgy goodness… ????

  150. Katy M | 21st Jul 16

    Definitely Popsicles – though I do love them all! X

  151. Jo | 21st Jul 16

    To pick one favourite is tricky! But I guess popsicle if I was pushed.

  152. Liz Dyer | 21st Jul 16

    I love Fig Tree colors. These will coordinate so nice with the fabrics I already have.

  153. Jayne | 21st Jul 16

    It’s hard to pick one favorite, but today I will choose Jello Squares.

  154. Kari H | 21st Jul 16

    ???? Slices???? Nothing makes me happier in summer!

  155. Helen LeBrett | 21st Jul 16

    I love the Jello Squares!! Something about it is just so pretty and fun!!

  156. Mary Kay Hargrave | 21st Jul 16

    Hard to pick from these
    lovelies, but think I will go with Jello Squares 🙂

  157. Chris | 21st Jul 16

    I like all of them but I know my niece would want Popsicles for her birthday.

  158. Cindy Karas | 21st Jul 16

    My favorite has to be the creamsicles,they are so delish. My grandsons loved the table runner!

  159. Rommy | 22nd Jul 16

    My favorite is Ribbons

  160. B Ho | 22nd Jul 16

    Definitely popsicles, it’s so fun and colourful.

  161. Ann O. | 22nd Jul 16

    I love Popsicles. The colors are yummy!

  162. vickie | 22nd Jul 16

    Popsicle is my favorite. I have a great niece that would just love that quilt!

  163. Sharon B. | 22nd Jul 16

    Ribbons is my favorite simply because it is very “doable” as a Summertime project… how nice is it to sew 4 squares together at your machine… and then have some simple shapes to sit and hand applique on while sitting in the yard with some iced tea? Before you know it…. you have a beautiful quilt! I’m enjoying sewing the popsicles for the runner that was in the Box of Figs too… thanks so much!

  164. Carol Broughton | 22nd Jul 16

    I love Jello Squares! The patterns are all so fun, just perfect for summer sewing!

  165. kelly | 22nd Jul 16

    These are so PRETTY!! I would like to make the Jello Squares.

  166. Ruth | 22nd Jul 16

    Wouldn’t RIBBONS look great in a mix of the solids and other yummy Fig Tree fabrics?!!

  167. Judy in MI | 22nd Jul 16

    Sherbets and Creams!! So beautiful!

  168. Nancy Spaulding | 22nd Jul 16

    I love the popsicle quilt. All of them are such a good combination of colors, but popsicle is gorgeous.

  169. Whitney | 22nd Jul 16

    It’s a tie between jello squares and retro!! Love all the patterns!

  170. Judy S. | 22nd Jul 16

    Love Slices …looks refreshing!!

  171. Paula C. | 22nd Jul 16

    Slices is my favorite. It feels so fresh and summer-y!

  172. Linda James | 22nd Jul 16

    Jello Squares speaks to me.

  173. Anita M | 22nd Jul 16

    I just love the Popsicle quilt and I know my nearly 12 year old daughter would love it as well.

  174. Maureen Haynes | 22nd Jul 16

    My favorite is Jello Squares. I love log cabin style quilts and since this is a Courthouse Steps variation done in such delicious colors it is the first one I would make.

  175. Debbie H | 22nd Jul 16

    Jello squares. Absolutely. There is nothing like this version of a log cabin. I always love your colors.

  176. JessZ | 22nd Jul 16

    I love the popsicles! My daughter is getting a new room it is perfect for her new decor! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  177. Jamie | 22nd Jul 16

    Jello Squares is my favorite!

  178. Cami | 22nd Jul 16

    I love the Popsicle Quilt!

  179. Emily C | 22nd Jul 16

    I love the retro pinwheels.

  180. Dorothy LaMastus | 22nd Jul 16

    The popsicles are too cute, but I think I love Slices the most, it makes me think of watermelon which just screams summer to me 🙂

  181. Lori Morton | 22nd Jul 16

    Looove the “Ribbons” quilt!!! but the “Popsicles” is such a Delightful summer Quilt for sure!! All the Quilts are Awesome!

    Thank you for chance to win such a great Bundle of yummy fabrics too! 🙂

  182. Melanie C | 22nd Jul 16

    Popcicles is my favorite!!!!

  183. Joanne | 23rd Jul 16

    They are all great but slices is my favorite. It is summer in a quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  184. lori | 23rd Jul 16


  185. Rebecca | 23rd Jul 16

    I’m loving the retro quilt. Oh those colors are just so summery, perfect making for right now, thanks….

  186. Kathrin | 23rd Jul 16

    It’s very hard to choose!!! Because they are all so beautiful!!! But my favorites are Popsicles and Slices!! ;o)

  187. Ashley G. | 23rd Jul 16

    Slices is my favorite but they are all perfection!

  188. Lorraine | 23rd Jul 16

    Slices and Popsicles are my favorites–in fact, I have both of them all cut out and ready to sew!

  189. hands2hearts | 23rd Jul 16

    Mmmmmmm…..JELLO SQUARES!

  190. Nancy Hilderbrand | 24th Jul 16

    I love them all but the propellers at the bottom are my favorite.

  191. Gretchen | 24th Jul 16

    Jello Squares is my favorite although it’s hard to choose just one.

  192. Sue | 24th Jul 16

    Hard to choose! If I must….Ribbons.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  193. Janet | 24th Jul 16

    Love them all! But I’ll say slices, because I have to pick one!

  194. Diane Beavers | 25th Jul 16

    Popsicles. Oh my so delicious in a quilt keeping me warm while devouring one. Thank you for all the patterns, Slices is darling too.

  195. Quilty | 25th Jul 16

    I love Popsicles, cute and fresh!!

  196. Alison | 25th Jul 16

    Definitely the Popsicles!

  197. Sue S | 25th Jul 16

    Slices… I’m intrigued by the diagonal!

  198. Summer | 25th Jul 16

    I like the Jello Squares.

  199. amy | 27th Jul 16

    Slices and Jello Squares! Just adorable and the colors and so lovely.

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