FINAL WEEK: Show us your Crochet Finish!

So many lovely photos in the #crochetsewalong hashtag you guys! If you don’t follow along on Instagram, you really should take a look at all the wonderful quilts in progress over there! Here following are a few great ones in a variety of stages of the quilt… (sorry that I just couldn’t match pic with the author… it would have taken me forever to do that! So if you find your photo here in this post, thank you, thank you!)…

Watching you guys work on these blocks for the last couple of weeks has been so much fun, I can’t even tell you! As I mentioned in the beginning of this Sew Along… I have never organized nor participated in a sew or quilt along before this so I really had no idea what to expect! The latter due to work and deadline constraints and the former, because I never knew how to do it nor how to organize it. But now that I have seen all of your inspiring quilts, I am definitely going to do it again… you guys are just going to have to tell me what pattern you want to do it with. Maybe we could do one this fall with something autumnal feeling?

So for those of you who worked all the way through to a completed quilt… congratulations! Seriously, this quilt was definitely fun to put together but it had lots and lots of pieces and you guys did a fabulous job of staying on task! I am very impressed and proud of you all!

For those of you who are somewhere in the middle of the process of your quilt… don’t despair at all. Keep going, keep checking in with each other and keep using the hashtag… who knows maybe we will do a special prize in August for those that kept on going even though they didn’t finish for the deadline! The hashtag isn’t going away so it can keep inspiring you to finish for a long time to come!

Anyway… just wanted to thank you all for participating. And if you are one of the motivated folks who posted a PHOTO OF YOUR FINISHED QUILT TOP by today’s deadline, please EMAIL ME your mailing info to and we will send you a special little goodie in appreciation!

Let me know in comments what helped you the most to keep you motivated and moving through the steps? Getting started? The structure? The photos? The community? The prizes :-)? Anything else??

Speaking of prizes… check out our Instagram tomorrow to see the winner of this weeks photo!

Thanks for joining us friends!

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  1. Debra - Outback Crafter | 28th Jul 19

    Oh my, they are gorgeous. Well done all.

  2. Shannon | 29th Jul 19

    I loved joining in this sew along! I was motivated by the weekly schedule (I like having deadlines) and by how much fun it was to see each block come together. Every time I finished one block, I couldn’t wait to see another one come together! Seeing everyone’s blocks on Instagram was inspiring- and makes me want to do several more Crochet quilts 😁

    • | 6th Aug 19

      I can’t believe that I saw several people make a few quilts at the same time… I was inspired by them too. So glad you enjoyed the schedule… I am totally motivated by deadlines too :-)!

  3. Jennifer | 30th Jul 19

    Thanks for hosting this great sew along! I was motivated by the schedule, both for the sake of having a deadline, and because the pace was manageable. Other sew alongs I’ve tried with 4 and 5 week schedules are just too fast for me. I was also motivated and inspired by seeing the progress of others on IG. There are really some great color combos out there! And lastly, sheepishly, I was motivated by the prizes, lol…. free stuff is fun 🙂

    • | 6th Aug 19

      I am hearing that the schedule was a good pace for lots of people which is exactly what I was hoping. So I am so happy to hear it and I am so glad you were motivated and enjoyed the process. Win win!

  4. Debby | 2nd Aug 19

    My motivation was keeping up with the sew along, watching the others progress and of course, the chance for prizes is always fun! I really enjoyed the sew along and feel that I made new friends while participating. Thank you for the fun pattern and the sew along!!

    • | 6th Aug 19

      So happy to hear it… especially the making friends part and being motivated. I am so glad it worked out for so many people. Yeah yeah!

  5. Elizabeth | 2nd Aug 19

    I really enjoyed this sew along. The schedule was great,! You could make one block or more if liked. The crochet block was so fun to put together and I always wanted to make more to seeing what another would look like. The prizes were fantastic and of a motivation to try and win. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s choices of fabric and how they came together. Thank you Joanna for this great sew along!!!

    • | 6th Aug 19

      I am so very glad to hear that the schedule worked for you!! It was my aim to try to create one that was in between… doable but still motivational! So glad you joined us and thanks for feedback!

  6. Nancy | 2nd Aug 19

    Loved this sew along. It kinda made my summer. A schedule is very motivating for me and I loved the timing of this one. Not too short that I felt rushed but not too long either. Loved seeing everyone else’s blocks. I’m always amazed with what others come up with and by gum, yes, I do love the chance to win prizes.

    • | 6th Aug 19

      Yes! The schedule was set up to try to be in between craziness and so long that it stops being motivating so I am glad that it worked for you! And of course, prizes are always motivational as well. Thanks for playing along!

  7. Misti Creach | 2nd Aug 19

    I had a great time joining in on the sew along. I knew the minute I saw the pattern that I had to put my other projects aside and break out my favorite Coney Island fat quarter bundle that I’d been saving. The Crochet pattern was the perfect project for this treasure.
    I enjoyed the way you started the project with fabric choices and trying a test block, once I made the first block I was hooked and looked forward to creating the next. It was really fun to see what everyone else was creating as well! The prizes were amazing and thanks Fat Quarter Shop for the $50 gift certificate!
    I not sure what pattern you could use for the next sew along but I’d love to make the Jumping Jacks or Rosehips quilt one day.
    Thanks for the fun ride Joanna 🙂

    • | 6th Aug 19

      Thanks for playing along Misti and congrats on being one of our winners! I love both of those quilts as ideas for a sew along… So many tips I could share about those too!

  8. Alisa | 10th Aug 19

    I loved participating in the Crochet sew along! The deadlines helped me continue to move forward, and the friendly and supportive atmosphere was enjoyable. One of my favorite things was how fun it was to see that everyone’s blocks were so different, but so pretty! I found myself looking forward to the deadlines so I could see all of the new blocks. It was a very enjoyable and positive experience. Then, to top it off, Joanna sent out a very generous gift to all who finished, full of fun Fig Tree items that I’ve had my eye on since they were released. Thank you!

  9. bobbie | 22nd Aug 19

    Your sew along looked like fun and yes those blocks are fabulous Fun to see

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