Flea Market Find

Just wanted to share my favorite new flea market rescue. I love EVERYTHING about this quilt! The design, the colors, the texture and depth, even the "tatteredness" of it all. It has so much life and personality!


Part of me always feels sad when I find a wonderful quilt like this one because I feel like the family of the maker should be enjoying and cherishing it and passing it down from generation to generation. It is such a shame that it finds itself in a flea market stall.

The other part of me is literally giddy that I stumbled across it and can make a new home for it along with the rest of its "friends" in my collection. I always feel like I am getting away with some great secret when I find one of these beauties for pennies of what I think it should cost. Sometimes I have to literally keep myself from smiling when the vendor tells me $50 or $75 dollars and just say "I'll take it" quietly and walk away without skipping down the aisle!

Just thought I would share.

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  1. Nina | 3rd Jul 11

    wow! that is gorgeous!! what an amazing find!!

  2. Cille | 3rd Jul 11

    Great find. I agree that it ought to be passed down in the family but if that’s not the case it is good that you found it 🙂

  3. hildy | 3rd Jul 11

    Think about it that way: at least this gorgeous quilt has the big luck to be yours now!

  4. Karen | 3rd Jul 11

    Your quilt is so pretty, lucky you!

  5. Polly | 3rd Jul 11

    Oh! what a find! I love the colors! I bet it is soft and cuddley! I found a couple at our Trash and Treasure sale here in our neighborhood. They are pretty tattered, but like you I had to save them!
    Love your fabric,ideas and your blog!!!
    Thank you! Polly

  6. Debbie | 3rd Jul 11

    Nice…there’s some lady in quilt-heaven smiling down on you..

  7. patsy | 3rd Jul 11

    What a wonderful quilt!! I would have grabbed that up too. How sad to see quilts not loved through the generations. It has a good home now.

  8. Judy C in NC | 3rd Jul 11

    Lucky quilt to now be able to adorn the home of a true appreciative protector. Beautiful quilt. Judy C in NC

  9. Karen | 3rd Jul 11

    You are so lucky to have found this gorgeous quilt! I love all the colors against the white.

  10. Lynette | 3rd Jul 11

    Lucky girl! And the white looks so clean! What on earth do some people think??

  11. Sandi Henderson | 3rd Jul 11

    Amen sista. But I’m so glad that you now have it to care for and enjoy!

  12. Miss Nancy | 3rd Jul 11

    What a wonderful find!! There is nothing not to love about this quilt, it is gorgeous, just perfection. Happy to hear that it has found new friends in your collection.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  13. Sue | 3rd Jul 11

    You inspired me!

  14. beritbunny | 3rd Jul 11

    Love it! Do you think it looks like it was made from re-used garments (due to some of the prints.)? So pretty!

  15. Autumn | 3rd Jul 11

    I totally adore it too. I love scrap quilts. The worn feel is evident in the photo. Enjoy your treasure.

  16. Sheri F | 3rd Jul 11

    It’s a wonderful quilt and it’s lucky to have someone like you to take it home and love it and add it to a great collection! I love the happy colors it has!

  17. Tina | 3rd Jul 11

    What a beautiful quilt! Great find!!!

  18. sherri | 3rd Jul 11

    What a wonderful, wonderful find! It is sad that the family of the maker doesn’t have it…but at least it has found a good home!

  19. janita | 3rd Jul 11

    love needs a home 🙂 so glad you found this little orphan. it does look charming. thanks for sharing.
    i always look for quilts at flea markets. tattered love is still love but how do you decide if it is too worn for the price? not an easy question I know….

  20. Joanna | 3rd Jul 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] janita submitted a comment on Flea Market Find

    For me, I look for clean, bright colors and a mostly intact quilt. I want to make sure that when folded or hung, there is at least one side that will look nicely on the rack or bed. Since I am never buying it to use in its entirety, like spread on a bed, any good partial side works for me. Mostly it has to have good color and texture and thats enough for me!


  21. Joanna | 3rd Jul 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] sherri submitted a comment on Flea Market Find

    Thank you ladies for appreciating the loveliness of this quilt and all those others like it out there. I know it would have been a wonderful addition to any of your homes as well. Tattered quits are the best!


  22. Joanna | 3rd Jul 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Sandi Henderson submitted a comment on Flea Market Find

    You betcha girlfriend. Happy 4th weekend to you!


  23. Marianne | 4th Jul 11

    What a find! Lucky you, I am glad it went to a good home 🙂

  24. amber | 4th Jul 11

    You lucky girl!! It is a beautiful find. Yay for you!!

    I have a quilt that my grandmother gave me that she hand quilted and it was based off of antique quilt she saw in a magazine. She didn’t use a pattern when she made it and she won best of show in a local quilt show for it. I feel so lucky to have it. It’s beautiful and I feel like it COULD be one of those types of quilts that people would pay big bucks for if they ever came across it at a flea market, except I don’t ever plan to let it out of my site 🙂

    Congrats again. I LOVE yours – it’s perfectly worn and the color/design is spectacular! Happy 4th Joanna!

  25. daisy | 4th Jul 11

    beautiful find – it so nice to see old quilts going to good homes instead of the dump !

  26. erica k | 5th Jul 11

    Jealous! 🙂 It’s absolutely gorgeous, and very happy you found it. 😉

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