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Hello Friends!

It is quite possible that you can relate to this… but I think I have a bag problem. A big one.




I know that many women have a thing for shoes and I know that we all have a thing for fabric… but bags might just be my downfall.




Let's just say that I definitely have more of them than I need and I feel the need to make more, way more frequently than I should.




I think that might qualify me as having a bag problem… or definitely being a bag lady.



… bags featured include the following: Everyday Zips, Bella Bag, Feedsack Bags, Strawberry Zips, Peggy Sue, Kimberly's Sac, Sweet Berry Bag, One Piece Bag, Schoolday Satchel and About Town Bag. I guess it will be up to you to figure out which one is which!


But here is my dilemma… even though my fabric and quilts are all about color, my wardrobe is a bit more monochromatic and not too filled with prints and florals and lots of colors at once. I am really a "neutral background" kind of gal both in my decorating at home and on my person. 

So even though I often can't resist making a new bag or purse to showcase some of my favorite fabrics, especially when a new collection comes out, I only end up using those bags for a bit here and there, definitely for quilting or fabric functions, before I am yearning for a more "neutral" bag that I can use every day.

Now don't get me wrong, the bag problem is not going away any time soon as the above photos can attest…. but there is that neutral thing that I can't resist!




And so BAG LADY was born. It is the perfect neutral bag for everyday use… perfect in size to shove in pretty much everything you need, lightweight enough to take shopping, perfect for the flea market or the grocery store… basically it is now officially my GO TO BAG.




I used MODA's new BARKCLOTH in 2 different colors and my favorite accessory product ever…. KRAFT TEX PAPER.  You guys…. if you haven't played with this yet, you really ought to try! It looks and feels like leather. But it sews and cuts like card stock . It is wonderful and so much fun to play with! It comes in several colors but of course my favorite is the leather look alike in the NATURAL color. I am a little bit in love with how it makes this otherwise very simple bag feel so much more tailored and special and like something I want to carry with me every day!




There is more info about it today on MODA's blog, click HERE to read more about what I shared with Linzee.




Click HERE if you are interested in one of our limited bag kits.

Click HERE if you are interested in just the pattern.

There are not a huge amount of kits, but don't worry, we are already checking to see if we can get more!

So do you think you are a bag lady?



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  1. Little Quiltsong | 5th Aug 16

    I just have to tell you, that one of your bag patterns, was my first adventure into making a bag. My girls love them – and I have since made some more. It is a keeper. Thank You Joanna!! Love all your creative bag styles and your newest one is superb. I too am more of a neutral person when it comes to my bags or purses (or shoes) :), but my daughters love all the different prints – I’m glad – it keeps me ‘in business’ :)!

  2. Joanna | 5th Aug 16

    Good question! You wash the Kraft Tex paper before you start to give it more texture. Haven’t tried washing it yet after construction so couldn’t answer that question.


  3. Libby | 6th Aug 16

    Love the bag ~ can’t wait to get mine!

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