I Don’t Know What My Story Is This Time

You know I promised to blog at least once a week when I started this venture! I thought to myself, how hard could it possibly be to add this to my oh so quiet and simple life of 3 small children, fabric design, pattern writing, quilt teaching, husband care, house maintaining, garden weeding and several dozen other small and somewhat menial tasks? What was I thinking?
But every week that goes by and I haven’t blogged, I feel you waiting and waiting and checking and checking to see if maybe….. Waiting patiently I know, some of you have emailed me to see if maybe I had dropped off the face of the earth. Thanks for checking in!

So all of the above is by way of an exlanation to hopefully show you that I’m not a total slacker, but in serious need of some HELP! Anyone out there volunteering? LOL

In my last post, I promised to show a few pictures of what my studio looks like after the whirlwind of Market, pattern and fabric design. Studiomess3Studiomess_2

I would like you all to know that the floor still looks like this 3 1/2 weeks later, although now it has officially made it to the top of my list of things to do… probably at 2:00 am tonite! Anyone else planning on being up then?
Now, I need to preface these pictures by telling you that I love to be a neat person. I love order. I love to have my stash seperated by color and print. I love to see everything in its alotted place…
Having said that, I work best in total chaos. I like to pull things out… fabrics, books, inspiration pieces, magazine tear sheets, etc. I surround myself with everything I need to create and then the juices start flowing.
The problem doesn’t lie there. It lies in the fact that after I am done, I would like for it all to magically put itself away just so that I can do it all again the next week!! Well, the magic didn’t happen this time. Did someone borrow my elves?
So as I promised you can see my creative chaos as my husband lovingly refers to it. [My husband Eric by the way was featured on a recent post at Quilters Buzz, wearing one of my little creations– our free apron pattern giveaway from Market. Let’s just say that when they took that picture, he never thought it would be broadcast on the web. Way to advertise for Fig Tree!] Thanks for the advertiing Gina, we’ll be sure to reciprocate when you least expect it!

Tomorrow’s post: a bit more from Market!


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  1. pam | 1st Jun 07

    I can relate to a mess like that.

  2. Carol | 2nd Jun 07

    That is how I work too, but if we could just wiggle our noses and make it all straighten up would be the best.

  3. marlene | 2nd Jun 07

    I have a friend who tells me that chaos is a sign of creativity. I choose to believe her!! Happy to find your new post!

  4. Elizabeth | 2nd Jun 07

    It almost looks like you took a pic at my place…but I don’t have that nice wood floor.

  5. Laurie | 2nd Jun 07

    It’s so good to see/hear from another quilting companion that loves a fun frenzy of fabrics, patterns and ideas all over the place! I know what you mean about not getting it PUT AWAY ASAP! Not the fun part…..i have been starring at a fine mess all weekend but continue to ignore it and have two new projects started up while I continue to procrastinate about the existing mess. Oh well! It’s more fun to create and have fun, right! Love all your pretties, Joanna!!!

  6. Gina | 3rd Jun 07

    AH ha…but little do you know…he was sooooo happy to put on your dainty apron and pose for a photo…glad you are back at your post!

  7. Heather | 3rd Jun 07

    Looks eerily familiar.

  8. Nicole | 7th Jun 07

    Oh my! That was a scary sight. I have been there too, and can tell you it is much more zen to have things organized. So why do I still leave everything in piles? lol

  9. | 24th Jul 07

    I love making this kind of mess, but have to clean it up before I can start the next project. It’s a fun way to revisit my stash twice for every new project- once when I get it out and again when I put it back!

  10. vicki moran | 24th Jul 07

    this is my first blog ever! can you believe that? it won’t be my last! if you saw my sewing room you’d feel better! haha

  11. cathy conner | 24th Jul 07

    i just wanted you to know how much i enjoy reading your blog and the great info and picture – and i also love your shop!

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