Thank you SO MUCH for going over to INSTAGRAM these past few days and commenting and liking my introduction post to LINEN CUPBOARD, my brand new collection for MODA fabrics due out in stores this coming November, 2023.

You guys are THE BEST group of followers and customers EVER! We had well over 2000 likes and over 1000 comments. It is always a good day when all of the Fig Tree Friends show up for the release of a new collection in droves and show it all the love on social media.

You all made my day for sure! xoxoxoxoxox

Oh then there is this LITTLE thing of my own anxiety LOL… I feel it every single time I introduce a new collection or announce a new program. Seriously. Pretty sure this is like the 50th fabric collection I have announced for MODA FABRICS and STILL I feel the anxiety of whether or not you all are going to like it.

I know that probably sounds a bit silly. Pretty sure that will never go away, it just is a part of the creative process for me I guess. But it sure is nice to be on the other side of it 🙂.

So ANYWAY… thank you for the hearty welcome, especially on INSTAGRAM!!


So… having said all of that, I am going to talk about the various new programs, kits and pre orders ONE AT A TIME because I have gotten a lot of emails and comments that people are a little bit confused by it all.

Today I am going to talk a little bit about the fabric itself first and then the first program that we are doing with it.

LINEN CUPBOARD fabric collection

Three times a year I release a new fabric collection for MODA fabrics. This is one of those releases but it is a tiny bit different in format this time around. LINEN CUPBOARD is an all “low volume” group that will arrive in shops in November, 2023. It only has 20 pieces instead of the usual 40 so you might have noticed that the fat quarter bundle is not as large as it normally is. The prints are a large variety of large and small to create the perfect grouping of low volume backgrounds and filler prints.

We will offer several kits and special bundles with this and I will talk about those in separate posts so as to be as clear as possible!

Here is the official description of the collection:

When I look at all of these creamy “low volume” prints together, I immediately imagine what it would be like to rummage around in my grandma “Babcia’s” vintage linen cupboard or to smell the clean laundry on the line in the backyard. Filled with delicate florals, geometric prints and small motifs, this collection just begs to be transformed into soft romantic quilt backgrounds or to be the star of the show in a soft “ low volume” quilt. Pair with our new basic EYELET prints for a perfect pairing of delicate print with rich colors!

More on the EYELET part of this newest fabric adventure tomorrow, but today we are focusing on the LINEN CUPBOARD!

As you have probably noticed, I absolutely love creating scrappy cream backgrounds for a lot of my quilts. I love the feel it gives the quilt and the sparkle these prints give the quilt instead of just using a single cream or ivory print.

Obviously I love my two color and simple geometric designs as well, but the scrappy cream background has my heart for sure! So this LINEN CUPBOARD collection is meant to be used in just that way… in a multitude of projects as the “supporting actress” to whatever you choose it to be. These prints are SO VERSATILE and I plan on using them as scrappy fillers for years to come.

More on what I recommend getting [or hoarding as many of us might feel the need to do] later…

Other than using it in a hundred different ways as backgrounds, I have one way I plan on using it as the absolute “star of the show”. Read below to see how.


Introducing our newest block of the month adventure for 2024!

I create 2-3 new block of the month programs every year and they really are the star of the show around here at Fig Tree. I work on the quilt along with you guys [barely a few months ahead] and I figure it out as we go. It is really the only way that the creative process remains an adventure for me. It would be a lot less fulfilling for me if I created it all up front!

Here are the answers to a bunch of the questions I have gotten so far:

  • These programs are rarely done again and usually do not become patterns as well due to the amount of directions and their exclusive nature.
  • Sign ups are now available in our shop for this one and there is a lengthy description there of what the program is and what the program isn’t so if you are interested, GO THERE and read all about it.
  • It is a mystery like all of our BOMs and it is the third in our series of low volume BOM quilts over the last five years.
  • They are always a huge sell out hit since they are so perfect for pretty much every style of home!
  • The palette for the quilt program is based on this bundle shown here.
  • The program does not start till next January.
  • You need to sign up now to get a spot- read through the full description before signing up.
  • It is a twelve month program that includes the fabric and exclusive patterns.
  • Yes, it will sell out and we will not be able to add more spots later- our BOM programs are always limited availability based on how much we can process and handle here in our small business. CLICK HERE to read all of the info on the program if you want to read about it.

If you have more questions after you have read the description, please ask me below.


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