Introducing CHANTILLY

This weekend, as we speak, is Quilt Market in Houston which means that it is time to show you what we have coming up for 2019!

It is always a little bit strange to share with you items that you can only look at for 6 months but that is the way the industry operates. We create it for you a year in advance, we show it to stores 6 months in advance, they look and purchase and then all the goodies show up in the stores 6 months later. So all of that to say, this weekend is a big “showing” weekend in Houston and even though we are not there in person due to some personal family stuff, all of our quilts and goodies are and our fabulous MODA reps are selling the fabric left and right… literally!

So today we wanted to start our series of sneak peeks of our fabric, then our patterns and then some special surprises we have coming for all of you. First up, the fabric itself! This collection, CHANTILLY, is a nod to soft, sweet and Spring. This is the official description:

There is something about dreaming of the coming of Spring that brings hope of a clean fresh start for most of us. New scents, new flowers, new colors on the earth makes us want to take it all in and start something new… like a new quilt or a little spring cleaning and redecoration! This collection is a little sampling of where my imagination goes when dreaming of Spring. Flowers, buds, fruits, rolling green hills filled with tiny sprouts and of course berries! So close your eyes and dream a little of what this Spring might bring to you and your shop!







Name: Chantilly

Release Date: March, 2019

Info: 40 pieces. Colors include coral, peach, grass green, sky blue, seafood, yellow and ivory.

Starting tomorrow, we will be showing you lots and lots of photos and information about the upcoming patterns, kits and special announcements. Stay tuned my fabric friends!

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  1. Brenda Ann Beyer | 5th Nov 18

    Really loving the Chantilly line of fabric! Until I can get my hands on it, I will be buying the Farm House II collection when it is available! ❤️❤️❤️

    • | 7th Nov 18

      Farmhouse II is now in shops and I am with you… its kind of perfect for this time of the year. And hands down one of my favorite collections of all time!

  2. Sue Weber | 5th Nov 18

    Looking forward to the availability of Chantilly. Soft spring colors, lots of opportunities.

    • | 7th Nov 18

      Thank you. I agree… I think the possibilities are endless!

  3. Penny J Holliday | 5th Nov 18

    Love the new beautiful fabric collection! The name is perfect for the new soft colors!

    • | 7th Nov 18

      I thought the name really described it well too!

  4. Marcia Elliott | 5th Nov 18

    just one word, beautiful!

    • | 7th Nov 18

      Thank you Marcia!

  5. Gloria B. | 5th Nov 18

    Love that golden yellow!

    • | 7th Nov 18

      My favorite color of all time!

  6. Linda. Gillespie | 6th Nov 18

    Just so absolutely amazingly beautiful! Oh I love those COLORS. HOW DO I MAKE SURE I GET A HOLD OF THIS FOR MY QUILT?

    • | 7th Nov 18

      We will offer pre order kits if you are interested in any of our patterns or a fat quarter bundle or ½ yd bundles too. If you are interested in yardage, many, many shops will carry it in March 2019.

  7. Brenda | 6th Nov 18

    Gorgeous! I can hardly wait for the release!

  8. Stephanie Wild | 6th Nov 18

    Gorgeous! Love the fresh colors…especially the Orange sherbet color.

    • | 7th Nov 18

      Thank you. I think that coal/orange sherbet color is fabulous too!

  9. Nona Davis | 7th Nov 18

    The soft and gorgeous colors are magnificent…Love “Chantilly”
    Nona D.

    • | 7th Nov 18

      Thank you Nona. I appreciate it so much!

  10. Patricia Benson | 10th Nov 18

    Love the Chantilly colors… Can’t wait till March.

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