Introduction #5


Somehow I have managed to miss 2 days of introductions! How did that happen? I had such good intentions….

Let's just blame it on the end of school schedules of 3 munchkins & the gradution ceremonies of 1 of them. Okay, back to previously scheduled programming as my hub would say….

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For several of the past seasons, we have not done specific projects with charm packs. I don't know why really. We were in love with the jelly rolls and mostly the layer cakes because you could do so much interesting stuff with those "cakes"… pretty much four charm packs worth. But the last couple of releases, we have rediscovered the charm pack I guess. Quick 5" squares already cut for you, what's not to love I ask you? 

And so this pattern was born. You know me, classic quilt blocks, made to look fresh with our yummy fabrics, yada, yada. This block is traditionally called a Card Trick. I am sure we can all see why, but then again when did we ever name something the name it was supposed to be called ?!

Our Clover block is made with 3 simple sections. So find those charm packs…


… Clover made using the Fresh Cottons collection with a tone on tone red outer border. 


… flat shot of the same quilt but made with the red roses & polka dots fabric from Fresh Cottons.


… here made from the Breakfast at Tiffany's collection. Love that coral red floral outer border. Really makes the quilt for me.


… flat shot of the same quilt. Notice we didn't use any of the dark browns from the Breakfast collection in this version. It was a bit too strong in this quilt and didn't "play so nicely" with the others.


… more of the same quilt. Love the yellows and blues in there.


… same Breakfast blocks, made with different posts, inner and outer border for a softer, more mellow version of the same quilt. Always amazes me how much the borders will alter any quilt.


… closeup to show the lovely quilting.


Name: Clover

Pieced by: Valerie Marsh and Sherri McConnell

Size: app. 58" x 66"

Fabric Collections: Fresh Cottons or Breakfast at Tiffany's used here.

Fabric Used: (3) Charm Packs [or you could use 1 Layer Cake and have a charm pack of leftovers for another fun project] is what you need to start off. Add some cream background an 3 of your favorites from the line and you are set to go.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under VIEW LARGER IMAGE.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. Cara | 10th Jun 10

    I absolutley love that block! Such a gorgeous quilt as always Joanna!

  2. Debbie | 10th Jun 10

    I’m so in love with these fabrics. I can’t wait until some of the shops around here get it in, although I did see it online.

  3. sherri | 10th Jun 10

    The photos are gorgeous…love Breakfast at Tiffany’s…and yes, love seeing how the different border fabrics really change up the quilt!

  4. Jess | 11th Jun 10

    What a beautiful quilt! I have always loved the card trick block!

  5. Loraine Jezak | 15th Jun 10

    Love this quilt! I need the pattern. So sorry for my delay in writing you back. What a crazy week! I’m ordering just for me. I’ll place an order on your website if you like.
    Love your patterns!

  6. Mary Ann | 16th Jun 10

    Hmmm, I got 3yds of cream from you a month ago, changed my mind on the project so I don’t want it to go to waste! And I have a layer cake of Fresh Cotton too so I’m just about set. I love this block.

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