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It seems like it was so long ago that Gina and I trapsed over to the far reaches of Colorado to film our episode of The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky. Well, the episode finally premieres today on Monday. I've never had a tv premiere before and its a bit exciting and kind of fun to think about. Even my kids have started to telling there friends that their mommy is even on tv… well, I have to explain to them that its not quite tv, its computer tv… but they don't care. For the time being they all think I'm pretty cool. I think I'll take that. None of them are old enough yet to think that I am a total dork and they are way too cool to be seen with me :-)!

Here are a few shots of our adventures on the set of the Quilt Show and here is the fun trailer that they have created to entice folks for this episode and for the entire season. 

Here is Alex unrolling my Jelly Roll to get ready to demonstrate the Jelly Roll Diamonds pattern.


Here is a shot of me on the set  [nice job Gregory…]


The requisite shot with the amazing duo of Alex and Ricky…


After we shot the actual instruction part of the segment, we had a sit down interview and question and answer time from the audience. People asked really good questions and Alex and Ricky and the whole crew including Angel and Lilo were so nice to work with. Thanks so much guys for my first ever "tv" experience. As you can see both Gina and I were having way too much fun…


If you haven't had a chance to check out The Quilt Show, here is a link to see what all the episodes for this series include. Look at all that talent! There are so many tips and techniques that they offer and both Alex and Ricky are great teachers. Since you own the episodes if you subscribe, you can watch them over and over again until you perfect the technique you are trying to master. Basic membership is free which gives you access to some of the goodies on the site. To see all of the filmed episodes you need to subscribe. What a deal!

[all photos courtesy of Gregory Case Photography/The Quilt Show]

Happy Quilting.
Talk to  you soon.

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  1. lovetostitch | 24th Nov 08

    Thanks for the link, Joanna. I’m sure you weren’t a dork!! Must have been a wonderful experience, thanks for sharing it with us!! Linda

  2. Camille | 24th Nov 08

    How exciting! You and Gina both look fantastic, by the way. Congrats!!

  3. pam | 24th Nov 08

    Very nice episode!

  4. Sherri | 24th Nov 08

    Thanks so much for the link…and it looks like you were all having a terrific time!

  5. Julia | 25th Nov 08

    Hi Joanna,
    congrats for being now a ‘tv celeb’, too! I’ve seen some pictures on Gina’s blog and had that ‘I know her!’-moment when I saw you ;o). You must be so proud…heehee:somehow I am even if I have nothing to do with it ;o).
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us – I especially like your portrait behind the Prairie Sweets quilt…
    Have a great week,

  6. Diana | 25th Nov 08

    As always, the photos are amazing and thank you for taking the time to post them! I admit that I have not checked out this resource, but I will have to now!
    Also, I love going out in public with my 17-year old niece who always whispers to me, ‘Aunt Diana you are so uncool.’ ‘Aunt Diana you are embarrssing me!’ I get a laugh out of it and love telling her that someday being cool is not what is about. But I do try to be somewhat cool when I am with her!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

  7. Busy Little Quilter | 25th Nov 08

    Congratulations, Joanna! It does like you and Gina were having a great time. I plan on watching the video some time today.

  8. Pink Pincushion | 25th Nov 08

    I am convinced once again that your quilts are the best ones out there. Love the photos… you look absolutely beautiful.

  9. Nicole | 25th Nov 08

    What a great experience! It must have been such fun. You look mahvelous dahling!

  10. Carrie | 26th Nov 08


    I am looking forward to watching your episode after Thanksgiving! Congratulations, its great your children enjoy sharing about their famous MOM!!

  11. Monica | 28th Nov 08

    Joanna, I loved the show and seeing you actually constructing the quilt. I’m very impressed with your ability and confidence. I only wish I could have a chance to make all the quilts you design. Thanks to your Husband for bringing your talent to us. Happy Holidays! Monica

  12. Tif | 28th Nov 08

    woohoo Joanna! Congratulations!! Off to check out the link now :0)

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