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Autumn postweb

just a few of my favorite early autumn images…

I know that August is probably a bit early for most of you
to be thinking of autumn but around here its just exactly the right time to
start pulling out all of my favorite fall decorations and to start thinking of early autumn decorating for me…

You might assume that this is because I am arranging harvest
type props for quilt & fabric shoots, and I guess that would be partly
right. But mostly I have to confess that if I don’t get my fall decorations out
in early August before school starts, I will never have the time to decorate
once Market insanity begins around these here parts!

And so over the years, I have grown used to the fact that
while everyone else is still enjoying the vestiges of summer vacations, I have fully
embraced the upcoming season and much to my husband's chagrin, have asked him to drag down every last box of autumn decorations [the amount of them rate a very close second to our Christmas decorations!].

After all autumn is easily my favorite time of the year
anyway so it’s not like I have created this personal custom kicking and
screaming! There is definitely something about the changing of the leaves that
gets me every single year. A bit cheesy I know, but what can I say, I am a four
seasons kind of gal stuck in a one season kind of state!


And so in the same vein, we decided to do an early pattern
release of one of my new favorites…
Sugar Pumpkin. 

And to top it off not only
are the patterns available now, but we are also offering a
limited edition of the kit for our little pumpkin treat. The kit includes everything you will need to make the pumpkin exactly as pictured on the cover of the pattern.


Welcome Early Autumn & talk to you soon.


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  1. Lynda Green | 19th Aug 09

    It is not fair to test one’s resolve to finish all projects before adding any others at this hour of the morning — my resolve weakened – in about 5 seconds – and placed the order. Love the sugar pumpkin and fabrics…

  2. Kim Kaslow | 19th Aug 09

    Autumn is my very most time of the year and what a perfect way to usher it in. Beautiful colors!

  3. Tiffany | 19th Aug 09

    If I order the kit for that adorable pumpkin, will it come with the gorgeous stack of fabric it is sitting on?? 😉 I love how you mix up your collections for different color themes. I’m with you on loving autumn. I may be still desperately hanging onto summer, but I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when I pull out my sweaters from storage and dig up my own box of decorations. Thanks for sharing this little seasonal tease.

  4. sherri | 19th Aug 09

    That has to be the cutest pumpkin ever! And I completely understand about being a 4 season person in a one-season state!

  5. happy zombie | 19th Aug 09

    Oh too cute! I love the name “sugar pumpkin” too. I’m hoping this is a tease for your next fabric line. Mmmm… Autumn/Fall/Harvest… my favorite season. I love your montage of early autumn photos – I can’t stop looking at it. Must. Look. Away.

  6. Joanna | 19th Aug 09

    Yes, the fabric in the little stack is all from the upcoming line next
    month, Mill House Inn! And thank you for sending me that link to your own
    little harvest montage. I am going through the whole wonderful little
    picture stack as we speak. Wish I had something like that around here, I¹d
    be there in a second!!

    Happy Looking :-)…


  7. Carrie P. | 19th Aug 09

    Just lovely fabrics and the pumpkin is darling.

  8. elizabeth | 19th Aug 09

    I’m hoping Mother Nature sees your charming vignettes and turns the temperature down a bit…

  9. dotti white | 19th Aug 09

    Joanna…that is just the prettiest little pumpkin ever! I love that you are releasing it with a kit, too! this is a must do! Thank you so much!

  10. anencourager | 21st Aug 09

    Happy am I to have found this delightfully charming site. You are not alone with a fond love of fall. I am enjoying summer with all the gusto of a swimmer, but the other day, I watched from my front window as a few leaves took a flying leap off their perch, landing safely on the lawn. I wondered…is it too early to pull out my fall decorations??? :)Oh, and I just ordered the sweet Sugar Pumpkin kit…hurry into my hands! Last week I took a class for an Abbey Bag. But I wasn’t in love with the pincushion, so was trying to invent one. But, you solved that problem for me!

  11. anencourager | 21st Aug 09

    PS… I might have to leave your site up 24/7 because I like the music!

  12. Diana | 23rd Aug 09

    Love your blog, the photos and of course the fabric and the projects!
    I cannot wait to purchase some of the Mill House Inn.
    Now on my ‘to do’ list for the day is to clean up my sewing area and get ready to finish a quilt and make way for a new Fig Tree project for early fall!
    Thanks Joanna!

  13. andrea | 25th Aug 09

    I love Autumn too 🙂
    That is one cute pumpkin!

  14. Cheri | 25th Aug 09

    That is a totally cute pumpkin! I love that it is available in a kit, a real time saver for those that like to create, but don’t have a lot of time!

  15. Claudia | 29th Aug 09

    What a cute pumkin -wonderfull fabric, too!

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