Mochi Dots…

I am in love with these little  yummies. The texture is just…. touchable and it has a tiny little nub in the feel. Just a wonderful linen all around!

Working on adding them into some upcoming patterns. Just thought I would share…







There are more colors [see below] but these above are the ones most likely to work with our Fig Tree fabrics. Yum!


                    ….borrowed this sample stack from www.westwoodacresfabric

Hope you are having a great Friday.

BTW, are you following along on the SPELL IT WITH FABRIC BLOG HOP? You would have about half of the alphabet by now and you would be entered to win more than 10 different giveaways…. Check it out HERE or HERE for more info!

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  1. Raquel | 20th Feb 14

    I just hope I can win something from You! 😀 lots of fun lines out right now, but I LOVe Mirabelle. I am a more recent quilter, so I missed out on California Girls. I LOVe that line! I made a quilt out of Tapestry, hoarded Way too much Avalon, and gave in to a jelly roll of Honeysweet. To add some Mirabelle would make it perfect! I’m becoming the crazy fan.LOL!!
    I only stalk you on Pinterest.????????

  2. Joanna | 20th Feb 14

    We dont call it stalking around here 🙂 :-). We appreciate your support!  Joanna

  3. Susan | 21st Feb 14

    Just great!!! Another fabric I need to hoard to fit in the FIG TREE cabinet!!! YES, you read that right, I have a cabinet devoted to just Fig tree the rest of my stash is in closets neatly stacked by color, but Fig tree has a life by itself in a self contained community of one BIG cabinet!! Thanks Joanna for helping me stuff it more!!!!

  4. Suzanne | 21st Feb 14

    Ha ha. Love reading the other posts. I too have a cubby area devoted to Fig Tree fabric and this retired librarian has all of your books!

  5. joan | 21st Feb 14

    I always keep a stash of polka dot fabric in bright colors,and they are often “just what I needed” to make the quilt complete. The ones you show are great– I’m buying!

  6. janita | 21st Feb 14

    Nothing like starting with a little YUM-YUM in my day! Enjoying the Spell it with Moda deliciousness too! Hope there is fabric in Heaven…. I’m having trouble keeping up with all the lovely “I want to make this” here on earth :). I keep buying patterns and downloading patterns just in case I find time. Janita

  7. Laura Taylor | 21st Feb 14

    I don’t feel so bad now when I read everyone else’s posts: I too have a Fig shelf and a Fig binder. All my other patterns are in plain binders, but the Fig patterns are in a separate binder with a pretty, colorful cover. I also have all your books: had bought your newest as soon as it came out, bought your “houses” from you, and was lucky enough to find the third at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago in pristine condition. Also thrilled to get my first BOM packet yesterday-love the way you are going to do it. I don’t feel like a lone “stalker” out there anymore. Something about the colors and feel of your fabrics, the patterns you create and the “doable” feeling I get when I read your instructions make all the difference. Thank you and Happy Friday!!

  8. Kimberley O'Rourke | 21st Feb 14

    I love DOTS! Those are so great!! I made some napkins last Thanksgiving out of some nice linen, but these…Oh, I may have to make some more linens, as well as quilts!

  9. Viviana | 21st Feb 14

    This would be perfect for some bright room. I am not crazy about dots in general, but the colors they have are great and the line is just temping to acquire.

  10. Janan | 22nd Feb 14

    I love how these dots will add a bit more of contrast in the same colors of the Fig Tree colorway.
    You know I have been reading the other posts, and it seems we all have a big Fig Tree stash! I have an entire closet full of Fig Tree fabrics, several notebooks full of your patterns. You know I love Fig Tree! And many quilts made in FigTree fabrics!

  11. charlotte | 22nd Feb 14

    I love dots and these look awesome.

  12. jenni | 28th Feb 14

    I just got my mochi dots in the mail! I had to have them after seeing them here. They are prettier than I had imagined.

  13. Joanna | 28th Feb 14

    Arent they great! I will be playing with them as soon as I finish my next design deadline!


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