I know that most of us have a dozen half started projects that we are slowly working our way through and that is just okay… we are quilters after all :-)! I also know that most of us are often looking for a quick fun project or for a way to have some instant gratification in the midst of all of those other ongoing projects.

So I am always hoping to give you guys new ideas, inspiration or new ways of using what you already have on hand!

In our Facebook Group, each quarter or so we try to focus on a different MODA Precut and talk about ways to use it, feature some of our favorite Fig Tree projects for that precut, and cheer each other on in our completion.

I also try to offer a simple fun pattern for that precut. Well, this time it is the LAYER CAKE’S turn!

Introducing LAYER CAKE SQUARES, a simple pattern sheet for any LAYER CAKE, available in our shop as of this morning!

I must admit that playing with a LAYER CAKE is one of my favorite thing to do!

Things I love about a LAYER CAKE:

  • With 10″, it is the most versatile of the precuts in my opinion and you can really do a lot with it.
  • Because of its size, it REALLY showcases the fabric, or the entire collection really.
  • You can make a pretty big quilt with just one LAYER CAKE if you want to and if you don’t then you can just make fewer blocks for a smaller quilt.

All of the above work out with this new fast and simple PATTERN SHEET.

If you are interested in joining us so we can cheer you on in our progress, come and join us in our FACEBOOK GROUP as we start working with the LAYER CAKE SQUARES pattern this week!

CLICK HERE for the LAYER CAKE SQUARES pattern or HERE to join us in our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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