On the 1st Day of Christmas



On the 1st Day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree. 

However, since my true love won't let me have chickens in our urban garden, much less partidges of any kind in the pear trees, we swapped out the 1st day's gift for a pear of a different kind… a CANNED PEARS KIT.







We have also added in one of my favorite little sewing kits I have yet to come across…

Available in 3 different colors, each Russian Doll comes with its own little travel sewing set. Perfect for gifts, granchildren or for you in your "to go" sewing supplies. I haven't been able to resist one of each personally!








AND FOR THE SPECIAL OFFER OF THE DAY:   A free Pear in a Tree pattern with every purchase today!


Pear-for-site-copy copy


Click HERE for more info.

Come back tomorrow for new goodies on the 2nd day of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE!


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• The Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas sale starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and lasts for 12 days [perhaps with a Sunday off here or there].  


• Each day a different kit, stocking stuffer or home dec goodie will be advertised- on some days one of each! Each day a special offer will be made as well.  


• Each special offer will only become available on that one day. Each goodie will only be available while stock lasts. Many of the items offered will sell out on that day, some will last a few days.  


• We never know which ones will sell out the fastest! If we are able to get more in stock of any popular product, we will try but we can't guarantee that anything that sells out will come back in stock. 


• For those of you who want to continue to purchase items throughout the 12 days of the sale but want us to hold your purchases for one shipment, you need to note that in the comments section of your order each time.  

If there is no note on each order [in the comments section], we will ship the items as they are ordered. 

Believe it or not some people like to have the "presents" arrive to them each and every day and they savor the packages in the mail! 


• For those of you who have your items held for one shipment at the end, your orders will continue to accrue shipping charges for each order throughout the sale- that is just automatic in our system. We will calculate the actual shipping at the end of your purchases and then refund any necessary shipping charges then.   



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  1. Sharon Whelan | 29th Nov 13

    Hi Joanna,
    Is the Canned Pear kit on sale today? If so, what is the price?
    Thank you!

  2. Ellen | 30th Nov 13

    Guessing that I am a “bit early” for the 2nd day, lol! I’ll check back in a bit…….just don’t want to miss out on something that I might just “have to get”!! xx

  3. Laura Taylor | 30th Nov 13

    Is the 12days of Christmas taking a day off today? I can certainly understand if you are, but hadn’t been able to find any entry and didn’t want to miss out. Thanks for the fun Christmas!!

  4. Jessica | 30th Nov 13

    Hi there! Are there any more Russian doll sewing kits available? I’m not seeing where to order them. Thank you!!

  5. Joanna | 30th Nov 13

    Yes, the elves slept in a little bit this morning. Hope you were able to come back and get something you liked.

  6. Joanna | 30th Nov 13

    Yes, the elves slept in a little bit this morning. Hope you were able to come back and get something you liked. All of todays items are still available!

    Happy shopping,


  7. jane | 30th Nov 13

    How do we order the little sewing kit??

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