Our 2019 Block of the Month Programs are underway!


We have been getting a lot of questions about our BOM programs lately so thought I would post all the info in one place…

If you have been following along on our quilting adventures for a while you will know that over the last few years we have fallen in love with BOMS… otherwise known as BLOCK-OF-THE-MONTH programs. There is something so very satisfying about working on just a few unique blocks each month all year long and then having such a magnificent sampler done at the end. It is a totally addictive process if you ask me! For those of you who participate in those programs, this is all old hat to you. For those of you who have no idea what these programs consist of… here is some info:

Some BLOCK OF THE MONTH programs out there in the quilting world are just that ” a block a month”.  At the end of the year you have 12 blocks and you are provided with one or several settings for your blocks and you set them.

For us, a better term would be “blocks” of the month. Each month our customers get a packet of instructions for the blocks for that month. Depending on which program, it might be a few of the same block or a variety of blocks for the quilt. In the end, you receive detailed instructions for a complex and interesting sampler full of blocks of various sizes or a unique setting for the programs where the blocks are all uniform.

Each month, you also receive the fabrics you will need for those blocks. Many programs out there, cut small baggies of pieces of fabric that are just what you need to make the blocks that month. Our program is structured a bit different from that. Ours is what I often call a “cumulative program”. Each month you receive a few pieces of fabric, yardage usually in ¼ or ½ yd. increments, and you add it to your stash for that program. Slowly you build your palette with additional fabric yardage each month. You will use those same fabrics throughout the entire program and you will reference and pull from the yardage you received in previous months. We have found that is the best way for us to offer the programs… it means that we can actually offer a lot of spots and try to accommodate as many people as possible.



Having said that, I always want people to know that most of our BOM programs sell out within a few days or weeks of opening. Since we are not set up as a store and our location and time is limited, we can only offer a certain pre determined amount of spots. Once those fill, they are filled [don’t worry, there are A LOT of spots]. We order our fabric based on those spots and we usually cannot add anymore later. Each time we open a new program, people don’t believe me :-), they wait and then later are really really sad when we close our spots. So all that to say, if you know this is something you want to do for the following year, then just jump on it, sign up and enjoy the ride!

Sign ups are always in late summer, sometimes early fall depending on the program for the following year. So for example the sign ups for programs for 2020 might start as early as June or be as late as October. We always make our announcements through the NEWSLETTER so if you are not signed up, we highly recommend you do that. We will usually also announce the program here via the BLOG, but the newsletter is always first.



This year we are offering FARMHOUSE MYSTERY, CHARCOAL & CREAM and WOOL MYSTERY that we have started as new programs. We have WOODLAND WONDERLAND that is a smaller program that is a repeat from last year and coming up in July we will have HALLOWEEN FIGS. All of these programs are closed and full [but we ALWAYS take a wait list and often spots open up for a variety of reasons].

Today I just wanted to share some updates on each of the programs.


Currently shipping out the 4th or last week of every month, the FARMHOUSE MYSTERY is where all of our BOM program started. Not only do you get the monthly direction sheets with the instructions for that month, but in this program, you get several stand alone Fig Tree patterns throughout the year. You use the pattern to make the block for the sampler but then also get to keep the pattern as a part of your pattern collection. If you fall in love with the single block you are making for the sampler, you still have the pattern to use it for a full quilt. Its a great way to collect patterns while building a complex sampler all at the same time.

Here are some pics of the months we have done so far along with a sneak peek of a part of March’s grouping.





Currently shipping our every 2nd week of the month, we have just finished shipping out this program last week. Our first experiment with this particular palette, our CHARCOAL & CREAM program is full of soft blacks and a large variety of cream and ivory prints, some small and some quilt large. We have mixed our own Farmhouse II collection with the fabulous prints from Urban Chicks “Urban Cottage” collection for a fun mix of black and white prints. We are loving how these blocks are all coming together and the play of the black and the white with a little hint of our signature warm red here and there… kind of yummy my friends!

Here are some pics of the months we have done so far through March.






If you have any desire to be added to the wait list for any of these programs in case a spot opens up, email us at joanna@figtreequilts.com

As always, if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. pat Chlebowski | 19th Mar 19

    First question will you have the full patterns on for sale when the block of the months are finished?
    Also I would like to be added to the Farmhouse mystery wait list. What do I need to do?
    Thank you

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 20th Mar 19

      They main Fig Tree sampler Mystery BOMs will never be full patterns because they contain so many stand alone Fig Tree patterns. Some of the other specialty programs like Woodland Wonderland and Charcoal and Cream will eventually be full patterns. In terms of wait lists, like we mentioned on the post, please email to be put on the wait list. Thanks!

      • Pat Chlebowski | 20th Mar 19


        thank you

        • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 21st Mar 19

          If you are interested in being added to any wait list, you need to email us like mentioned in the blog. Comments here cannot be added onto our list. Thanks so much,

  2. Suzanne | 21st Mar 19

    Love all of your inspiration!!!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 21st Mar 19

      Thanks so much!

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