PATTERN SHOWCASE: Strawberry Blossoms

So of course you can understand that I couldn’t design a collection called STRAWBERRY & BLOSSOMS without adding in my Fig Tree take on a Strawberry quilt. A strawberry quilt just seemed like the perfect summertime addition and something that I would love to bring out every year right around strawberry season… wouldn’t you?!

We have so many other fruits and nut patterns that we have done over the years… CHERRIES, APPLES, PEARS, PUMPKINS, WATERMELON, ACORNS… it was past due time for some berries.

STRAWBERRY BLOSSOMS is one of those patterns that can be made in so many different variations that I had to seriously stop myself when I was designing and make some decisions when it came time to create the pattern!

As you can see… each block is made from 4 components, in the main pattern version that is (2) berries, (1) flower and (1) leaf. But as you can see here in this single block, it looks fabulous with 2 leaves and no flowers as well!

But of course, you can also do any other variety… 2 berries/2 leaves, all berries in one block/all leaves in another, 4 berries. Here are some mockups of a few of my favorite variations…

…just a few flowers in this one and more leaves!
… or no flowers at all and a lot more fun scrappy leaves set differently in the block.
… or pink and light green flowers instead of yellow. Just in case you wanted to work entirely out of the colors of the Strawberries & Rhubarb collection.

I know many of you are working on this pattern now as you have just received your patterns and kits.. I cannot wait to see yours start coming together!


FABRIC COLLECTION: STRAWBERRIES & RHUBARB WITH A YELLOW FROM CATALINA [but the yellows from Figs and Shirtings would be fabulous as well]

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE. There are no specialty techniques or templates in this block but there are a lot of pieces. The method used is all my SEW&FLIP so almost no bias to contend with either.

AVAILABLE: Patterns are in the shop and also available at many LQS. Kits are sold out at this time but we still do have some backings available [at the time of this writing] if you are looking HERE.

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  1. Melanie | 9th Jul 21

    I have this quilt kit and cannot wait to start it!

  2. Barb Craft | 10th Jul 21

    What are the matching Bella Solids that you use for the Strawberry and Rhubarb dot fabrics? Thank you

  3. Dana Haskell | 10th Jul 21

    I love them all! I’d love to do the one with the flowers in coral and green, except I’d like all coral flowers. So pretty! I love this line!!

  4. Abbie | 10th Jul 21

    That is a hard question. I like them all.

  5. Jane | 10th Jul 21

    I have to say the 2 berries, one leaf and one flower is my favorite….but as a quilter I want to do them ALL!!

  6. Sandy | 10th Jul 21

    I love the one with a yellow blossom in each block! They’re all beautiful!

  7. Laura Watts | 10th Jul 21

    My favorite version is the original pattern with two berries and the yellow flower. Yellow and red is one of my favorite color combos. I bought this kit and I’m looking forward to making this adorable summer quilt.

  8. Jeanie | 10th Jul 21

    I love the pink and light green flowers version!

  9. Jan | 10th Jul 21

    I love the one which has a flower in each four block set.

  10. Lynda P | 10th Jul 21

    At first i liked the one with pink and light green flowers the best, now I prefer the one with a few yellow flowers. It’s hard to decide when they are all pretty!

  11. Pam | 10th Jul 21

    I especially like the pink with the light green leaves. I’m partial to pinks but they’re all so lovely.

  12. Brenda | 10th Jul 21

    I like them all but my favorite is the one with just a few flowers and more leaves.

  13. Diane Emerick | 10th Jul 21

    My favorite is with the yellow flowers…but they are all beautiful!

  14. Jen Popenoe | 10th Jul 21

    I like the first one with just a few flowers. I’m making mine in 30s prints with white flowers on a yellow background. I love it!!

  15. Leslie | 10th Jul 21

    They are all beautiful! I really like the yellow blosssoms on random blocks with other blocks having just leaves and berries.

  16. Kim | 10th Jul 21

    I prefer the pink flowers thrown in, though I’d love to make all the versions in a table runner, small wall hanging and pillows!! Can you tell I love me some strawberry blocks! 🤣😍

  17. Wanda Gibert | 10th Jul 21

    I love them all but the one with yellow flowers is my favorite.

  18. Marty Galbreath | 10th Jul 21

    My favorite is the one with one flower and leaf. It really is tough to choose though

  19. Jeanne Snodgrass | 10th Jul 21

    My favorite has a yellow flower in each block. This is a lovely summer quilt!💕

  20. Kris Sage | 10th Jul 21

    I love keeping the block with the strawberry and rhubarb fabric – the pink and light green flowers !
    Great pattern

  21. Esther G | 10th Jul 21

    I liked the original so much I pre-ordered the kit, but of the other options, I like the first one with more leaves and fewer flowers best. Thanks for designing cute stuff!

  22. Lynda Weingart | 10th Jul 21

    My favorite is the one with the yellow blossom…but the pink blossom is a close second.

  23. Debby Tepen | 10th Jul 21

    I like the pattern with the yellow blossom best….they are all pretty!

  24. Karen Dellinger | 10th Jul 21

    I vote for pink and light green flowers with the strawberries. Another great pattern. Thanks Joanna!

  25. Frances | 11th Jul 21

    I bought this pattern and I love the design with a flower in each block. I want the flowers to be white so I’m still deciding on a color for the background. 🍓

  26. Angela Walters | 11th Jul 21

    I like the one with the pink flowers. If I were making it, I would make it with the leaves like the yellow flowers have without the green flowers but really I like them all!

  27. Cathleen S. | 11th Jul 21

    I love love love the strawberries with leaves only. I like the flowers, but they distract me from the main attraction! Beautiful! Pass the whipped cream, please!

  28. Sharon Bennett | 12th Jul 21

    Wow! You’re right! Difficult to choose! 🙂 Each one is beautiful….though I think that if I was to make another full quilt, I’d try the pink and light green blossom version…. and if I was to make a pillow or table topper, I’d go all berries! Absolutely LOVE this Strawberries & Rhubarb fabric line! 🙂

  29. Lori Thompson | 12th Jul 21

    They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the one with the pink and light green flowers (all Strawberries & Rhubarb fabric). 💗

  30. Susan Gilbertson | 12th Jul 21

    They are all so cute! It is wonderful that you show how versatile your patterns can be. I would like to see one in with a soft brown background to make the yellow flowers pop! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Debra Howard | 13th Jul 21

    So many pretty variations! Though, I love them all, I think my favorite is the one with just a few yellow flowers mixed in with more leaves.

  32. Kendra S | 16th Jul 21

    They are all so beautiful! Definitely takes me back to my childhood playing with my Strawberry Shortcake doll set. I love all the renderings of the pattern, but I think my favorite is the last one with the pink and green flowers. There’s just so much whimsy with the color palette and variation,

  33. Stephanie | 19th Jul 21

    I obsessed with these quilts. Can’t choose just one! I have not started on mb yet, trying to carve out time for it.

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