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Daily Archives: July 9, 2021

PATTERN SHOWCASE: Strawberry Blossoms

So of course you can understand that I couldn’t design a collection called STRAWBERRY & BLOSSOMS without adding in my Fig Tree take on a Strawberry quilt. A strawberry quilt just seemed like the perfect summertime addition and something that I would love to bring out every year right around strawberry season… wouldn’t you?! We have so many other fruits and nut patterns that we have done over the years… CHERRIES, APPLES, PEARS, PUMPKINS, WATERMELON, ACORNS… it was past due time for some berries. STRAWBERRY BLOSSOMS is one of those patterns that can be made in so many different variations that I had to seriously stop myself when I was designing and make some decisions when it came time to create the pattern! As you can see… each block is made from 4 components, in the main pattern version that is (2…