Pillow Talk… A MODA blog hop




When: Starting next Tuesday, February 1st

What:  Moda Pillow Talk! A fun blog hop with the MODA designers

You might be asking yourself, what on earth a Pillow Talk blog hop is all about. Well… its about pillows [that we all made to describe our creative journey] and its about talk [Lissa, our marketing guru has asked us some rather strange and interesting questions. Come & see how many of us answer them and what else we might say]. Come for the info, the fun and the giveaways…. but for whatever reason, come on over!

Where: On the following blogs in order of appearance; one designer each day for 20 days! Don't forget to visit them all.

February 1st … Aneela Hoey

February 2nd … Blackbird Designs

February 3rd … Brannock and Patek

February 4th … Bunny Hill

February 5th … Cotton Way

February 6th … Fig Tree

February 7th … Kansas Troubles

February 8th … Kate Spain

February 9th … Kathy Schmitz Studios

February 10th … Thimbleblossoms

February 11th … Me and My Sister Designs

February 12th … Minick & Simpson

February 13th … Oliver + S

February 14th … Pieces From My Heart

February 15th … Laurie & Jessi Jung

February 16th … Sweetwater

February 18th … Deb Strain

February 19th … American Jane

February 20th … Primitive Gatherings

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon. If we see you next week, it is quite possible that you might be seeing one of these….. just saying.



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  1. Sinta Renee | 28th Jan 11

    I have been posting about pillows, my new obsession, all week! I can’t wait to see what all you Moda Girls are up to!!!

  2. Lisa | 28th Jan 11

    Sounds like fun! I wanna see one of those, preferbly at my house, on my cuttin mat;-p

  3. Stephanie | 28th Jan 11

    Pillow talk and a delicious stack of Strawberry goodness. A fabulous Friday post.

  4. Chookyblue | 28th Jan 11

    wow there are so many designers……….sounds like fun……..

  5. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 28th Jan 11

    That stack of your fabric is just beautiful!

  6. Mary Ann | 28th Jan 11

    I am loving that stack more each time I see it! Looking forward to Pillow Talk

  7. Maria | 28th Jan 11

    Of all the new Moda fabric coming out this spring, Strawberry Fields is the one line of fabric that I absolutely must own!!!

  8. Dawn | 28th Jan 11

    Excitement plus… can’t wait Joanna… and I love ‘Strawberry Feilds’ reminds me of home in England

  9. Patsy | 29th Jan 11

    Oh my goodness, your Strawberry Fields is absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited about the pillow talk coming up next week. Can’t wait.

  10. Marcia Kosturock | 29th Jan 11

    What dreamy fabric! Just a special treat.. I will have to search for a closer look now because that is just a teaser.

  11. Lara | 29th Jan 11


  12. Nancy | 30th Jan 11

    I would love to have a “pillow” to lay my head on in a “Strawberry Field”! Beautiful, beautiful fabric line, Joanna. This will be such fun!

  13. Janan | 30th Jan 11

    What a fun way to start February! I have a birthday on the 4th day. It will be fun to visit each blog to see the fun pillow designs! The “Strawberry Field” fat quarter bundle looks delicious!

  14. SuzK | 1st Feb 11

    I am totally in love with “Strawberry Field” and I’m really excited that it’s the fabric being used for the Fat Quarter Shop’s mystery quilt coming up! As soon as I saw that, I immediately signed up.

  15. Paula | 2nd Feb 11

    Ohh, I want that stack!!!

  16. Lani | 5th Feb 11

    I would LOVE one of these 🙂 Love all of your fabrics!

  17. Carolyn | 5th Feb 11

    Gorgeous! I love Fig Tree patterns!

  18. Margaret Foster | 5th Feb 11

    Boy, I would love to win that great fabric. It’s so lovely. Margaret in Mineola

  19. pauline | 6th Feb 11

    strawberry fields.. forever!

  20. Barbara Theriault | 6th Feb 11

    Fig Tree, I love the fabrics and Joanna’s patterns. I have a lot of the fabrics, a few patterns and one book in my stash. I love everything MODA.

  21. Sheri McDonough | 6th Feb 11

    Good Morning,
    Love your new line how pretty. Well more snow for us today so looks like I may get another quilt done today. Great job on your blog have a great day.

  22. Janet | 6th Feb 11

    What beautiful fabric designs. Makes me confident spring will finally arrive!

  23. wrbirky@yahoo.com | 6th Feb 11

    “Strawberry Fields” Bright but demure fabrics very pleasing combination will work into my projects wonderfully. Thank you to Fig Tree and Moda for an opportunity to win! Wanda in Iowa

  24. Ann Storlie | 6th Feb 11

    very cute cushions. thank you for the chance to win these great fabrics

  25. Janet Houge | 6th Feb 11

    Love the fabric! First time on site. Thank you.

  26. Olivia Drake | 6th Feb 11

    Love FIG TREE!! All of it!! My little grand will love the sit upon pillow, and a handle to carry it with!!!

  27. Cindy Lanahan | 6th Feb 11

    Strawberry Fields. Puts me in the mood for spring and summer treats. Wonderful and beautiful

  28. Harriett Cheek | 6th Feb 11

    Howdy, My favorite color is the blue.

  29. Sherida | 7th Feb 11

    These look so warm and wonderful compared to the snow outside!

  30. Sarah | 7th Feb 11

    I love the vintage red color of strawberries. I cannot wait for the warm spring as we still have snow on the ground.

  31. Letty | 7th Feb 11

    Thank you for sharing so much about yourself! I love your fabrics more than any other designer out there. I’ve made a lot of Fig Tree quilts. My last one was Salt Water Taffy made with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m a huge fan!

  32. Letty | 7th Feb 11

    Also – I have visited your site at least once a week forever. Now I’ve got your blog on a reader and it is showing up right on my iGoogle homepage!

  33. Suzanne | 7th Feb 11

    These colors make me dream of warm summer days!!

  34. Deborah | 7th Feb 11

    I just love your fabric and can’t wait to get started. Right now I can’t make up my mind which one
    to get first. The colors are wonderful………….

  35. Jennifer Gwyn | 7th Feb 11

    I have to pace myself in viewing your website. I would go broke if I gave in to all my desires to buy your fabric lines. I haven’t been able to resist Buttercup or the Strawberry Fields though! I have signed up for the Mystery BOM through FQS and I can’t wait to see if I get the Dancing Dollies kit (I’m on the waiting list). I’ll have to put it together myself if you sell out. Not a problem! Love your fabric!

  36. Yvonne White | 7th Feb 11

    I recently made a quilt for my 18-month grandaughter from your fabrics and have purchased kits for more quilts. Just love your beautiful fabrics, and especially am excited about your Strawberry Fields collection. And the sit-upon pillow is just divine!
    Can hardly wait to add these fabrics and ideas to
    my quilting endeavors.

  37. Rhianne Dean | 7th Feb 11

    Oh I have to say my favorite color is the blue from the whimsy line. I used it to make a quilt last year that has quickly become a favorite. Thanks for the pillow talk!

  38. Prudence Lay | 7th Feb 11

    I LOVE this pillow and I LOVE buttons. Would love to have one of these tools…..

  39. Rhianne Dean | 7th Feb 11

    I’m back to let you know that I follow you in my google reader! It’s such a delight to see new posts, keep it up!

  40. Diane | 7th Feb 11

    This is my second entry – I really want one of those awesome prizes – I do follow your blog – love the ideas and crave that pillow with all those buttons! When I saw it, I knew I had to have one!! (one way or another!) Cover buttons are my favorite trim too – now I need one of those button makers to save poor hubby’s hands!

  41. Olivia Drake | 7th Feb 11

    Trying to figure out how to do this. Hopefully it will work. I love everything fig tree, the colors, patterns, pillow1! I did sign up for you email. I like the buttercup colors.

  42. Laura | 7th Feb 11

    I love your new line Strawberry Fields, cant wait to get them all!!! the buttons on the pillows are covered in,forklorique,Patisserie and Fig and plum and cornucopia…I hope this is where I was supposed to identify the buttons :/

  43. Pam | 7th Feb 11

    once again I love the fabrics and the pillow Keep up your lovely work

  44. lourdes | 7th Feb 11

    I follow you on my I pad. love your fabric lines. I have your patterns. keep the good work. love the pillows


  45. Conchita F. Brown | 7th Feb 11

    Love the new line Strawberry Fields! Love all your fabrics,colors and patterns. That’s a great tool for buttons. It’s my first time seeing it. Anything that makes our craft easy is great.

  46. Darlene | 7th Feb 11

    Love all your soft colors, the yellow is so soft and creamy. Also like Patisserie, yellow with red flowers,
    it is all so beautiful. When on the rare chance I get to see you at a quilt show, hard to pick out just one quilt kit, when you love them all.

  47. Donna Miller | 7th Feb 11

    what fantastic websites!!! Thanks, everyone

  48. glenda | 7th Feb 11

    I can’t say which color i like best.I just found your site.Love the brightness of your fabric.Tried to post yesterday but am just learning how.Must have done something wrong.The tool to do covered buttons with looks great.Thanks for the ideas.glenda

  49. glenda | 7th Feb 11

    Just wanted to let you know,I also signed up for your email newsletter.Anxious to hear from you.glenda

  50. Mary K | 7th Feb 11

    Beautiful fabric!!! Thanks for your creativity in design and color.

  51. Marianne Perry | 8th Feb 11

    To say what color I like best is a really hard one. So i wrote tyem down but them in my husbands hat and pulled out BUTTERCREAM. My husband just stood there shaking his head. I’m excited about the covered button tool. I really have to think about maybe getting it someday. Love your site. Marianne

  52. Pat | 8th Feb 11

    The yellow is my favorite color. I just ordered the pattern for the square pillow. Also you have such an exciting life and I wish I had a small bit of your talent for design.

  53. mary.harrison55@yahoo.com | 9th Feb 11

    I love all the soft colors, buat am especially partial to the yellow and cream colors.

  54. sandy koenig | 9th Feb 11

    I love the pillow talk and the button maker, my next tool to wish for

  55. Delcia | 9th Feb 11

    I love the buttery yellow in your fabric lines, especially in your new Strawberry Fields. Yellows sunny-up blues, corals, greens, almost anything. As a girl scout many moons ago, I made a sit upon with oilcloth and newspapers between the fabric pieces. Love the seat cushions!

  56. Jennifer Gwyn | 10th Feb 11

    There isn’t a collection that you have that I wouldn’t want to buy bolts and bolts of fabric. I only wish I could stay home and quilt all the time instead of having to do that thing called “work at a job” to pay for other non-necessities like food, gas, rent, etc… 🙂 Love your fabric, patterns and projects!

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