Pineapple Papers: Info, Hints and even a Giveaway!

So recently I have come across a fun new goodie that we have been playing with over here in Fig Tree-land… our good friends over at It’s Sew Emma have come up with another quilting accessory that I think you might like! They are called PINEAPPLE PAPERS [there are LOG CABIN PAPERS too and different sizes but more about that later] and they work perfectly with a MODA HONEYBUN [a roll of 1 1/2″ strips]. Normally, I am not much for new gadgets but one of our Fig Tree gals, Cynthia, absolutely loves paper piecing and wanted to give these a try. So we jumped in when we saw them and are so glad that we did!

She had a blast making them and we can’t wait to see the end result of this little quilt. I think she is putting them on a soft yellow background… cannot wait to see!

Here are some of our tips and hints to maximize your honeybun and some info on what we used for our project:

1- MATERIALS LIST: To start off we used (1) MODA HONEYBUN + (1) matching MODA CHARM PACK. We used our upcoming Catalina collection… coming soon in April… but any of your favorite collections would work wonderfully. Between those 2 packs, you will have more than enough to make (20) 6″ blocks for a small 4 x 5 project. Like I mentioned above, we will use a solid yellow background and probably scraps for the posts. Stay tuned for that info next week.

2- HONEYBUN CUTTING TIPS: You will be fine if you cut according to the directions on the papers themselves but you won’t be able to get as many blocks as we do. If you want to get every last piece of your honeybun strip useful, then follow these numbers below instead. Its just a way to save a bit more fabric!

For the center, you will need a 3 1/4″ piece. Obviously you can’t get this from a honeybun so use either scraps from a different project, a charm pack of the same collection or choose your favorite solid that coordinates with the collection that you are using and use that for all of the centers to help unify your blocks. All the above choices are good!

For all of the strips, cut the following from your honeybun. If you don’t have enough “lights” or “darks”, again feel free to augment from scraps or other similar fabrics. It all depends on how many blocks you are trying to get. From (1) honeybun + (1) charm pack, we were able to get enough pieces for at least 20 blocks. For each block, cut the pieces below:

Cut (4) 1 ½” x 3” [for pieces 2-5]
Cut (4) 1 ½” x 3” [for pieces 6-9]
Cut (4) 1 ½” x 4” [for pieces 10-13]
Cut (4) 1 ½” x 4” [for pieces 14-17]
Cut (4) 1 ½” x 4 ½” [for pieces 18-21]
Cut (4) 1 ½” x 3 ½” [for pieces 22-25]

Before you start piecing your blocks, make little groups of pieces in a variety of sizes so that you know which group you are choosing from.

There are more hints and tips on the papers themselves and of course lots of tutorials on paper piecing in general if you are looking for a visual on how to do it. If foundation/paper piecing is something you have been wanting to try, then this might be your shot to do so!


To celebrate how much fun we are having with these little guys, we are co- sponsoring an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY with the ladies at ITS SEW EMMA and the FAT QUARTER SHOP. Here are the steps to enter the GIVEAWAY:

1- Go to @figtreeandco on Instagram and find the post on the PINEAPPLE PAPERS [it is posted today March 5]. Comment to enter. Tell us anything you like about the papers or paper piecing in general.

2- Make sure you follow me @figtreeandco as well as @fatquartershop and @itssewemma too. You will need to follow us to win so be sure you do that.

That’s it my friends!

3- Winners will be announced on Monday. Three different people will EACH win a honeybun, a booklet of PINEAPPLE PAPERS as well as a booklet of LOG CABIN PAPERS. Yup… you have 3 chances to win so go for it and good luck!

CLICK HERE for more info on the papers or to purchase from Fat Quarter Shop.

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  1. Liz Meredith | 5th Mar 20

    I have been seeing all these logcabins and pineapple blocks in Instagram, and they look amazing! Can’t wait to have a go.

  2. Janet seals | 5th Mar 20

    I have never used papers in my quilting, so this would be a first for me

  3. Patty Hammond | 5th Mar 20

    Catalina is so bright and beautiful as pineapples!

    Just bought some log cabin foundation pkts from Fat Quarter Shop but would love to try tge pineapple pape4s too!

  4. Lana Stewart | 5th Mar 20

    This is something I want to try! How exciting and inspiring! ❤️

  5. Kathi Casey | 5th Mar 20

    I’m new to quilting. I’m absorbing as much as I can would love to learn piecing also. I say I’m new to all this, but I’ve really been surrounded by it since I use to watch my grandmother when she had quilting bees on her screened in porch. Precious memories. My great grandmother & my was a quilter also. My mom pieced & quilted many of her unfinished quilts that had been passed down many years ago. I finally decided I wanted to learn how. Love all the beautiful colors & materials I’ve been exposed to. Love the process so far.🌵

  6. Susan Karr | 6th Mar 20

    I’ve never paper pieced. I’ve seen FQS talk about them on her Friday video. I would love to try them. It sounds looks fun.

  7. Bridget McBeath | 6th Mar 20

    Paper piecing seems scary but this would be a lovely way to try!

  8. Raquel | 6th Mar 20

    Cynthia’s blocks are absolutely beautiful!! I see the papers can make 6 or 12” blocks. I’m wondering if the Honey bun strips work for the larger size block too? I love pineapple blocks and I bet the Papers make the seam accuracy even easier!

    • | 6th Mar 20

      The big ones are for jelly rolls, 2 ½” strip size.

  9. Lin Waselkov | 6th Mar 20

    I have been teaching a quilting class and we are doing samplers. Log cabin is one of our blocks and some of the quilters have been having trouble piecing it. The paper piecing method seems like a good way to go, and these patterns look very clear. Love to try them!

    • | 6th Mar 20

      It definitely has a learning curve and you would need to teach a completely different technique but the result would be great!

  10. Karen | 6th Mar 20

    This paper is so incredibly fun and easy to use. It would look great with just about any fabric.

  11. Sharon cardiges | 6th Mar 20

    I think the blocks are beautiful. I would love to try them!

  12. Kathy | 6th Mar 20

    Such a great way to use a honeybun! Paper piecing the pineapple blocks will make them perfect, just like the colors in the new Catalina line! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Hannah W | 6th Mar 20

    Those pineapple blocks are fantastic:)

  14. Sue | 6th Mar 20

    I love working with Honeybuns; they are hard to find! What a great use for them. Thank you for sharing this idea and for picking me as a winner. LOL.

    • | 6th Mar 20

      MODA has brought them back. Each of our latest 3 collections has had a honeybun with it and other designers as well. So hopefully they will be easier to find.

  15. Cindy Shelley | 6th Mar 20

    I love paper piecing, but have not tried these…. have you @jereneerickson

  16. Lisa | 7th Mar 20

    I love paper piecing. Never even thought to use a Honey Bun! Great idea.

  17. Joan Figlar | 7th Mar 20

    Always loved Log Cabins and Pineapples. but never thought about Honey Buns or paper piecing before, This is exciting!

  18. Nan R. | 7th Mar 20

    Looks like a new, fun learning experience. It’s looks amazing.

  19. Melissa | 7th Mar 20

    I have never paper pieced before, but this looks like fun. I hope I win so that I can try.

  20. Dawn | 7th Mar 20

    Love the pineapple papers. Quilt blocks look beautiful!

  21. Eva Garbo | 7th Mar 20

    This pineapple paper piecing looks fun. I’d love to give it a try!

  22. LeAnn | 7th Mar 20

    I’m fascinated with paper piecing! I love how precise the blocks turn out! It’s a little crazy, but fun!

  23. ShirleyC | 7th Mar 20

    I love these, and I’d love to try this method.

  24. Teressa | 7th Mar 20

    Paper piecing is awesome because it make the blocks so precise. I love it.

  25. Cathy | 8th Mar 20

    I have the papers and my fabric all ready!

  26. Chris Day | 8th Mar 20

    Have always loved pineapple blocks. These papers would help the process!

  27. Michele | 8th Mar 20

    Paper piecing is my favorite! Just love it.

  28. Liz Ebert | 8th Mar 20

    I’ve been wanting to give this a try. Such inspiration!

  29. Liz Ebert | 8th Mar 20

    I’ve been wanting to give this a try. Such inspiration!

  30. Mary | 8th Mar 20

    Love the fabrics and the pattern. My color pallet has changed. Goes perfect together. Would love to try it out.

  31. Alison | 8th Mar 20

    This is so cute! I really want to try this. This fabric is delicious!

  32. Yvonne Meaton | 8th Mar 20

    I have never done this before but would love to try it. I’m a patchwork and quilting beginner.

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