Pineapple Quilt Finish

I think you are going to love how this beauty got finished up… its just a perfect little ode to summer freshness… what do you think?

Had to snap this shot of it the moment it came back… even before we managed to add the green gingham binding on it. Which hasn’t quite happened yet but I think you get the picture :-).

GENERAL INFO: MAKE (20) blocks using the info on the pineapple papers. In case you missed it before, there is more info on how we cut and made each of the blocks, info on the papers themselves HERE in this post as well hints, tips and cutting info from a honeybun.


  • Cut (9) 2″ strips.
  • Cut into (49) 2″ x 6 1/2″ sashings.
  • Cut (30) 2″ posts from the leftovers of your charm packs or other scraps. We chose a bunch of lighter greens and any of the creams from our leftovers. If you used all of those up in your blocks then use stash scraps or other colors for your posts. It will all look good!

CREAM FLORAL BORDER INFO: We ended up using 3/8 yd. of our favorite large cream floral fabric from our current CATALINA collection.

  • Cut (4) 3″ strips.
  • Cut into (2) 3″ x 39 1/2″ L/R sides and add those on first. Press out.
  • Cut (2) 3″ x 37″ T/B borders and add those to the top and bottom. Press out.

FINAL SIZE: 37″ X 44 1/2″


We wanted something simple and geometric for the quilting. So asked our fabulous quilter Marion to do one of her small delicate baptist fans throughout the project. We are totally smitten with how it looks.

We bound the quilt with (5) 2 1/4″ strips of green gingham fabric… shown in the kit below.

… unfortunately we are sold out of the kits at this time but are trying to come up with some more ideas and will update soon! EDIT: We have a few kits in the shop right now!


  • (1) HONEY BUN
  • (1) CHARM PACK
  • 1 SET OF 6″ PINEAPPLE PAPERS available HERE from It’s Sew Emma.
  • 3/4 yd. SASHING FABRIC
  • 3/8 yd. CREAM FLORAL

Let me know if you guys have any questions! A couple of questions that we have had a lot of already:

1- Why is it so little? Well we just wanted to do a fun little project that would use one paper booklet and one honeybun. You can of course double your ingredients and make it double the size… or more. We just wanted a fun little throw for the back of the armchair.

2- Can I use a different color sashing? Of course! I think that this would look amazing with a soft peach sashing, aqua or light green In fact we might come up with a few other options for you guys since the soft yellow is currently backordered.

3- I have never paper pieced. Should I try this? To be completely honest with you, paper piecing is not really my thing. But my friend Cynthia [who tackled this project] absolutely loves it to death and says that it is a great way to try it. The block is straightforward and once you wrap your brain around working “backwards”, it is fun ride!

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  1. Terri C | 24th Apr 20

    Good morning from Wyoming! Hey, would you check the measurements for the final borders on Pineapple? If I cut the first two borders at 3 x 39 1/2, and sew them on each side….and then cut the final 2 borders at 3 x 37 1/2, won’t they be too short? What am missing? I see the quilt finishes at 37 x 44 1/2. Thank you! I’m waiting for my 1/2 yard bundle from FQS and can’t wait to make this, the yellow is perfect! Terri Cochran

    • | 24th Apr 20

      I’m not sure of your question. The top and bottom borders are cut the same size as the finished quilt since they go on at the end. Is something not matching up for you? Maybe I am missing something??

  2. Kimberly Elpers | 24th Apr 20

    Hi. I just love this yellow quilt! I want to make it just like this one. How much of which materials do indeed! Thank you!

    • | 24th Apr 20

      All the info is on the blog posts… just take a look. we will also be adding more kits in this weekend if you are interested!

  3. Terri C. | 24th Apr 20

    I’m going to totally trust you on this girl!! My brain is working too much I think. Yesterday I was playing peek a boo with my cat and I’m pretty sure she was thinking I’d finally cracked! She’s judgemental that way.

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