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I'm sure you have noticed that every 3 months or so another little QUILTS & MORE: SCRAP LAB project shows up the doorstep of our blog. Well, its that time again.

It seems that each time we wrap it all up and think that we are done, its time to work on another scrappy goody for the folks at SCRAP LAB. Who knew, but apparently you guys are a little crazy about the SCRAP LAB feature and keep asking for more stuff. Thanks guys! I sure hope Camille and I [and all our guest friends] don't run out of ideas!

As usual I am not quite "on top of it all" enough to know [or if I did know, then remember] when the magazine hits the newsstands and when I am supposed to talk about it, but when QUILTS & MORE starts tweeting about the issue and I see it for sale online, I guess its safe to assume that I can blog about it. So here goes…

This time around we got to use a bit of my latest collection, California Girl, [you never know what they're going to throw at us, those crazy Quilts & More ladies] so it was super fun for me to whip up a little scrappy project for you out of my own creations! Our challenge this time around was to use a charm pack and a 1/2 yd. ivory solid fabric. Even the binding had to be from the charm pack. I have to tell you that even though you might not know it in the midst of the design process, I am really loving the challenge of using only what I have in front of me. Its kinda liberating in a funny kind of way.


So anyway, this is my contribution to this SCRAP LAB feature. As soon as I see any blogs or posts about the other projects [they are super-duper cute btw], I will add them here….. or at least tell you about them. I think you will love our guest this time around. We always love our guests… but kinda especially love this one. She is fabulous.










So… its super simple and a great beginner project or something that you can literally whip up in an afternoon. Small enough for you to easily practice your quilting on. Bound with scraps of the charm squares.


Topper kit

The instructions & pattern are all in the latest SUMMER ISSUE '12 of QUILTS & MORE.

The magazine is available now. It is sold at many grocery stores, chain fabric stores and of course most of your local quilt shops. It is also available on-line.

We do not sell the magazine here at Fig Tree.

We do sell the kit for the project here at Fig Tree. If you are interested, CLICK here. The kits contains all the fabric you need for the top including the binding. The backing is not included. We used plain cream solid from our stash.

Have a great day! 

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  1. cynthia | 19th Apr 12

    It’s beautiful! I am going to look for the magazine 🙂

  2. pam | 19th Apr 12

    You guys are so clever, this project is completely cute. I can just imagine it in your sunshine filled dining room, which is so charming.

  3. Tammy W. | 19th Apr 12

    Beautiful! Love all the fabulous colors!!!

  4. amber | 19th Apr 12

    very cute. love the binding. and the chair. good job!

  5. Jen | 19th Apr 12

    It’s lovely! I adore this fabric line!

  6. Tracee | 19th Apr 12

    I love this feature in Quilts & More though I have only just found the last issue in the bookshops here in Australia. I wish they did mail order, it’s my favourite magazine. I have a California Girl charm pack ready & waiting for your project. Tracee xx

  7. Joanna | 19th Apr 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Tracee submitted a comment on Quilts More: Scrap Lab

    I do think they have a new email subscription for Quilts More just in case you are interested in that.


  8. Amy DeCesare | 20th Apr 12

    This could not be sweeter! I love that it’s made only with those few items, which many of us already have on hand, just waiting for a project like this one.

  9. Marianne | 20th Apr 12

    This is so cute! I go to my LQS tomorrow to work on a project using California Girl and can hardly wait. Love this line.

  10. Jennifer | 20th Apr 12

    Very sweet! I love the size for, like you said, quilting practice. I LOVE CALIFORNIA GIRL!

  11. Shannon Wallace | 20th Apr 12

    Love it!!! I am ordering the kit before it sells out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I’m glad to see a beginner project on your blog!

  12. jeanne | 20th Apr 12

    I love this quilt ! is the quilting custom or a pantograph??
    thanks !

  13. Miss Jean | 20th Apr 12

    I just wish the good people at Quilts & More would offer it as a subscription! Love the table topper!

  14. Robbienae | 20th Apr 12

    Adorable, and I love the binding too!

  15. Carla | 20th Apr 12

    What a good idea. I’m thinking of modifying it to suit the tiny humidicrib quilts given to premature babies in hospital.

  16. Mary Kay | 20th Apr 12

    So typically cute 🙂

  17. janita | 20th Apr 12

    YUMMY! so so cute!

  18. B Trojcak | 21st Apr 12

    Joanna, I truly love it, just looks like summer. That brightened up my day, since I have to work today! I’ll take a lunch hour break and run get the magazine and get started tonight. Thanks so much for the nice preview. I LOVE the California Girl fabric.

  19. Joanna | 21st Apr 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Carla submitted a comment on Quilts More: Scrap Lab

    What a great idea! If you do that and take it to the NICU, please take a picture. Would love to see it!

    Thanks for your kindness,


  20. Joanna | 21st Apr 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] B Trojcak submitted a comment on Quilts More: Scrap Lab

    Thanks so much!! I am so glad to give you a fun little break from your work day. Hope you are able to find the magazine!


  21. Joanna | 21st Apr 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] pam submitted a comment on Quilts More: Scrap Lab

    You are too cute and perhaps its time to have you back in that living room for some sewing soon :-)!!


  22. Joanna | 23rd Apr 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Shannon Wallace submitted a comment on Quilts More: Scrap Lab

    So glad you are excited about this project. It is a great one for beginners!

    Happy sewing,

  23. Joanna | 23rd Apr 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Miss Jean submitted a comment on Quilts More: Scrap Lab

    I think that Quilts More is offered as a digital subscription now.


  24. Viviana | 27th Apr 12

    I clicked on your link and could not find the kit 🙁 I have bought from you before and it does not say sold out either… (?)

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