Little Sneak Peaks

Well we made it through another night without a puppy accident… which of course doesn't mean that we haven't already had 3 this morning… but this too shall pass. Didn't I swear that I was done having babies in the house? Now my words are coming back to bite me in the you know what.

I promised a quick sneak peak. This is a pattern that we are working on for Market release, made from Patisserie. Its a Layer Cake pattern called Rosettes [thanks to the contest winners from a few posts back].


And if you thought I meant the new fabric collection… well, okay here are  few swatches of that as well. I am loving these colors right now… LOVING them. Of course I am like a fickle lover, I LOVE the newest line more each time and I always promise that this time is really different and I love it more than I will every love another line… I lie! If a line comes out the way I visualized it in my head, then I just can't help but gush…

and so I gush…. I think you are going to like this one, I really do!


this plum print that you see a tiny piece of here below is easily my favorite print in the collection and I think I have it in 5 or more colorways!  I am thinking of making a quilt just out of this print although I know that might get a bit boring to the rest of you… it would make my heart sing!  I might add in something else, just maybe.


Talk so you soon.  I have a little announcement to make tomorrow so stay tuned. Nothing major or earth shattering, just something I have been meaning to do for a few weeks!

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  1. susan | 31st Mar 09

    oooh, I don’t think it would be boring-make it a double sided quilt!!!! Then you would have the best of everything. The new line looks wonderful and I will patiently wait for it!
    And good luck with Lucy.

  2. sherri | 31st Mar 09

    What wonderful sneak peaks…the new pattern and the new fabrics are lovely. I didn’t think any fabric could be better than Patisserie…but the new ones are gorgeous!

  3. Melody | 31st Mar 09

    Lovely! I can’t wait to see all your new creations at market.

  4. Brittany | 31st Mar 09

    Always beautiful! Thanks for the sneak peaks.

  5. parTea lady | 31st Mar 09

    The fabric is gorgeous – beautiful colors.

  6. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 31st Mar 09

    Rosettes is looking like one lovely quilt. And the colors in the new line…awesome.

  7. Monica | 1st Apr 09

    Everything looks wonderful to me!! I love the Rosette pattern! As for Lucy (who’s adorable), when I’m raising a puppy, I try to remember how short a time they are cute, little and so much fun (did I say fun?). This helps me through all the work. They grow up so fast!

  8. Nicole | 1st Apr 09

    Gorgeous fabrics! Good luck with that puppy!

  9. Candace | 1st Apr 09

    Great pattern, and I love the new fabric line – thanks for the peeks, Joanna!

  10. Carrie P. | 1st Apr 09

    Just Beautiful!!

  11. Anna R | 1st Apr 09

    The fabric is awesome.

  12. Cathy McMann | 2nd Apr 09

    Thanks for the sneak peak. I think that could be the perfect use for the Patisserie layer cake I already have.

  13. Anne Sutton | 3rd Apr 09

    The new pattern is beautiful! And the fabric? I have to have! It’s wonderful!

  14. Deb C. | 8th Apr 09

    I just love that red!

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