Strawberries & Rhubarb Collection

If you follow us on social media, you will already likely know most all of this info but sometimes its nice just to have a place to post a lot of pretty pictures…

Over the next couple of days, I will also be posting here about all of the patterns that go with this collection, sharing some photos and some stories. Hope you will join me.

But for today… I would like to talk about the fabric itself.

If you have been waiting for it patiently… or impatiently is fine too.. IT IS HERE. Of all of our collections through this crazy COVID time, this is the one that has caused us the most amount of consternation. It was delayed and then it was delayed some more and then the kits were delayed and then the precuts. We just couldn’t win… but you know what? In the end, we were so very very happy to see it arrive in all of its summertime strawberry goodness, that we just didn’t care! In the end, its fabric and so much has been happening in the world around us, we just had to say… its okay that its late. More important things were happening.

Having said all of that, we are extremely happy that it is here and we have been busy cutting kits and pre orders and shipping out hundreds of bundles and boxes and kit to many of you. We have so many wonderful things planned for this group and I can’t wait to start seeing you all work with it too.

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about the inspiration and the palette.


Here is the “official” story…

I don’t know about you but the moment I hear the words “Strawberries & Rhubarb”,  my mouth begins to water and my thoughts turn to jam making and afternoons in our summer kitchen. There is just something about that perfect combo of sweet and tangy that instantly transports me to simpler times and makes me want to bake!  The colors in this collection are inspired by that fabulous combo of ripe strawberries and the bright green of those tart rhubarb stems. It is filled with bright reds, warm corals, soft pinks and bright apple greens!   We certainly hope these mouth watering colors inspire not only your quilting but maybe even your baking this season!

Okay… all I want to do is bake right now. Or maybe just eat. Who is with me? But seriously you all know that for me it always starts with the color and then the designs just kind of “speak to me” and the rest falls into place. This whole collection was was one that flowed from the beginning. And it was all because of that darned strawberry and rhubarb.

I know we talk about our fabrics as if they are alive. We talk about “fondling our fabric”, we touch and we stare and we dream and plan. Fabric is the starting point to so much creativity and hands down… it is my favorite medium to work with. This particular color palette was definitely inspired by my belly… my favorite dessert and a giant rhubarb plant at our new farm. I had never grown rhubarb before but I knew I had to learn. I knew I loved it and that is about it… I am an absolute sucker for something sweet and tart at the same time… and the color! But now I am learning about all kinds of rhubarb goodies. So when it came time to work on this spring/summer palette, it wasn’t a tough call to focus in on reds, corals, pinks and as many different shades of green as I could jam into one collection! The addition of the grey, taupe and cream both rounded out and grounded the rest of the colors and the palette was born.

And from the sound of things… you guys are loving it as much as I am. Which always makes my heart happy.

Stay tuned for some coordinating pattern presentations coming, one each day coming up soon. You have probably already seen them, but I have a bunch of little things to share about each one that I thought you all might want to know.



PROJECTS: Click HERE and more info will be coming here soon.

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  1. Sharon Bennett | 19th Jun 21

    Welll… all I want to do right now is decorate my entire home with goodies made from this collection! It’s absolutely gorgeous and well worth the wait! At last count…. I will have at least 6 quilts (various sizes) made from this collection! Crazy? Maybe. Happy? Definitely! 🙂

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