It’s week 4 of our Fig Friend Feature – this time, the ARGYLE SWEATER QUILT. I love this quilt as much for the block as for the secondary pattern it creates when assembled… it is a wonderful one for that for sure. I can imagine this one in some many different color groupings!

Finished Size: 64″ x 82″ – Pieced by the lovely Thelma Childers and Quilted by Diana Johnson.

I first “met” Thelma many years ago when I started following her lovely instagram account, @thelmacupcakesndaisies. You will most definitely want to check out her lovely quilt work there!

Let’s learn a little about our STRAWBERRY GARDEN BOOK contributor here below…

THELMA CHILDERS [@thelmacupcakesndaisies]

1- Tell me your favorite quilt block and if there is a reason that is so. 

My favorite quilt block is the half square triangle.  I make mine big, then trim to size.  That one simple block can make some amazing quilts. 

2- Tell me a bit about how you found quilting. 

I found quilting by wandering into a local quilt shop and being talked into taking a beginner quilting class.  That was nearly 20 years ago.  A stroke of luck that has given me countless hours of creativity and happiness in my sewing room and too many great friends and connections to count. 

3- Tell me your favorite Fig Tree color and a reason if there is one. 

My favorite Fig Tree color is that dreamsicle orange. Depending on the colors it is paired with, it makes a great spring, fall or Halloween quilt.  Plus it’s beautiful all on its own in a cream and orange two color quilt. 

4- If you were to suddenly have unlimited time, could drop everything and make one of the quilts in the book from start to finish… which one would it be and why? 

I think I need an entire quilt of those daisies in a row. 


Stay tuned for next week’s FIG FRIEND FEATURE!


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