Hopefully this isn’t too repetitive but I wanted to put all of this information in one place so that everyone can see it. I know that so many of you are new to our site and new to our social media so I want to make sure that you guys have all the same information as the “diehards” that have been here for a decade or more LOL.



BLOCK OF THE MONTH: MYSTERY SAMPLER- FIG TREE FARMHOUSE. That program is now full but we are always taking names for the wait list in case someone has an emergency or something happens and we are able to add a few spots. Please email me, . The list is created in order of names received so if you are interested, don’t wait!

BLOCK OF THE MONTH: CHARCOAL & CREAM [the more simple of the two, straight set with all blocks the same, see the previous post for a bit more info]. This program has a few more spots but will close within the next day or so. Same will be true as of the above program, wait list will start just in case. Click HERE for more info.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH: WOODLAND WONDERLAND [ redo of this years, only 7 month’s long and not really a mystery like the others as you can see what people have been working on this year]. This one will stay open for awhile longer. Since it is a “redo” of the same one we are doing this year and many of you have already had a chance to work on it with us, we will keep this one open for a while so those of you who come in a bit later can still join us. Click HERE for more info.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH: WOOL 2019 We have not announced this one yet but we are definitely going to have it. It will release after Quilt Market sometime in November and will be based on a Fig Tree wool bundle like before. The planning for that one are still in the working stages so bare with us a bit longer for that one. If you are a wool fan and/or have enjoyed either of our previous wool programs, I think you might love this one too.

LITTLE BOX OF FIGS 2019: SIGN UPS STARTED LAST WEEK AND WILL GO UNTIL WE ARE FULL. We are now more than ¾ of the way there. This is our quarterly program. You can click on the link in our shop to find out more about it. You can look at the hashtag #littleboxoffigs on IG to see what some of the past boxes have been in previous years. Click HERE for more info.

PRE ORDER KITS: As we had done for years and years, we will offer a few Pre- Order kits with each of our fabric releases. With each of our two annual fabric releases, we release a set of brand new patterns that use that collection in the main quilt for that pattern. We always have a variety of sewing levels in our quilt patterns and sometimes we also release mini patterns and our Fig Tree “Threads” which are pincushions, purses, kitchen towels, etc. The PRE ORDER KIT PROGRAM is a way for you to basically sign up for a layaway program of sorts and when the fabric arrives to stores, we cut and kit the orders for the quilts and send them out to you with your last payment. Its lovely! New PRE ORDER KITS will be available in November for the collection that we release this fall as well as next March/April for the next collection. There might be a special surprise somewhere along the way but that is all I can about that one for now.

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Much more about this is to come but this is a CRAZY sale we do every year that starts the day after Thanksgiving and goes for 12 days. You will definitely want to find out more about this one and all the amazing goodies that we will have there.

For the most up to date news and info on all of the above, just make sure you are signed up for our FIG TREE NEWSLETTER. You can do that through the righthand sidebar here on the blog or through the website too.

If you are new to Fig Tree and have ANY KIND OF QUESTION about any of the above, please leave a comment and I will try to answer.

Happy Sewing,  Joanna

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  1. Patty Baptiste | 8th Oct 18

    If I received the Fresh Figs Summary of 2019 Goodies, does that mean I am receiving the newsletter that will announce some of the upcoming events like The 12 Days of Christmas? Thanks! I am already signed up for the Figgy Boxes (or Boxes of Figs.)

    • | 8th Oct 18

      No. There are two things you can subscribe for in our sidebar. One is that you will receive every blog post [like this one] straight to your inbox via email. It sounds like you have subscribed to that which is called our “blog subscription”. The other sign up is for our Fig Tree Newsletter which usually comes out on Fridays, sometimes other days and gives everyone updates on what is new and coming up, sales, new products in the shop, etc. It sounds like perhaps you haven’t signed up for that one?
      Hope this helps!

  2. Judy | 8th Oct 18

    I noticed in your store that the Little Box of Figs says II. Does that mean that this box will be different from the first one that the first group of people signed up for or will it be the same?

    • | 8th Oct 18

      It will be the same. For record keeping purposes, we keep them in two separate groups!

  3. Cathy Redman | 21st Oct 18

    Please add me to the back-up list for BOM Mystery Sampler Fig Tree Farmhouse.
    Thank you. Cathy Redman

  4. Christine Shealer | 24th Oct 18

    Hi, I’ve been trying to find a link to the darling Gingerbread House kit/goodies that you talked about in today’s email. I’m lost and have had no luck finding how/where to order. I’m sorry to be a bother, but can someone direct me to the link/? Thank you so much!!
    Chris Shealer

  5. Patty | 25th Oct 18

    Also trying to find out about the gingerbread house box.

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