The Blockheads T-shirt

Hello Blockheads Friends-

We will be doing an alternate block in lieu of the fabulous little beehive block by Jan. But you should definitely go check out Jan’s applique block HERE.

… this is Robin’s beautiful color option rendition of Jan’s block.

Since we are doing an alternate block this week [I think you guys will really like it in the line up :-)], we won’t reveal that until Friday to give folks some time to enjoy Jan’s block first.

But in the meantime… we are having a BLOCKHEADS T-SHIRT GIVEWAY over on INSTAGRAM. Aren’t these the cutest? The fabulous folks at MODA have created these for all of you Blockheads fans out there. More info if you are interested in purchasing one, HERE.

All you have to do to be entered to WIN ONE OF THESE FABULOUS SHIRTS is comment over there on my INSTAGRAM feed, CLICK HERE to get there, [and be sure you follow us since in order to win, you have to follow us].

… This one is my personal choice and the one that I have on order. I am a sucker for a baseball tee!
… a fabulous longsleeve tee
.. and a cute tshirt

Do you guys have a favorite? Ask me a Blockheads question if you have one or just comment on the tshirt… over on Instagram.


And we will be back on Friday with our alternate block :-)!!

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