MODA Blockheads: Block #56 aka… THE LAST BLOCK!

It is hard to believe that this year long program is done. Can you guys even believe it? It feels like Blockheads has been a part of our lives, every Wednesday, for so long and certainly through the whole crazy year of 2020!!

I think we are all going to go through some serious withdrawals next week. Hopefully everyone will join one of the many other sew alongs and fun quilt alongs we are having [come and check out our Stitchery Sampler Quilt Along by looking through the previous several posts if you are looking for a new project].

Scroll through the whole post to see our block, our layout and a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome to Week #56 of the MODA BLOCKHEADS 3 SEW ALONG. It is both fun and bittersweet that I am the last update.

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… this pattern really lends itself to both large and small versions. We made ours two blocks identical… for a little whimsical fun.
… the 12″ version
… the mini is pretty darn cute!!

For our size, we did both a 12″ and a 6″ block and that finished off our layout. See below if you haven’t had a chance to see it or want to do the same layout as we are doing. It is a slight variation on one of the MODA layouts offered toward the beginning of the program.

Here is the PDF DOWNLOAD, CLICK HERE to get your STAR DANCE block.

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If you are following our progress exactly, please refer to the layout below. We also decided to add an outer border of 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ cream print squares all the way around the perimeter. You will need (136) 2 1/2″ squares to go all the way around, (36) for each side and (32) for the top & bottom. We used all of the leftover cream prints that we used in the quilt plus other coordinating cream prints from our stash.

… that little cream patchwork just ties the whole thing up I think!

… so many favorite blocks!!

As soon as this beauty comes back from its quilting spa treatment we will post lots of photos!

I am so happy to have sewed along on this journey with you all… it was a lot of work but a whole lot of fun too. Happy Sewing my friends!

Here is our LAYOUT, click HERE for PDF.

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In honor of this being the last block, our color scheme being red and white and Valentine’s day being right around the corner, I have put together a huge box of red and white goodies. All you have to do TO ENTER is follow me on INSTAGRAM and comment there on the BLOCKHEADS post from today, on Instagram, and tell me your favorite color scheme for a quilt!

GIVEAWAY INCLUDES: 14 1/2″ yds. of red and cream fabric, small “Matchbox Quilt” box kit, 2 sets of Clover ruby red binding clips, 2 sets of Clover red and pink flower head pins, 2 Fig Tree enamel pins, a spool of my favorite cream Aurifil thread, my favorite vintage feeling black tape measure, my favorite black Frixion pen, 2 red and white MODA tins, red MODA mousepad, HEART jewelry from MODA Findings and red stork scissors!! How is that for fabulous and thematic!!??

GIVEAWAY VALUE: Over $273!!!

Go to Instagram and comment to be entered to win!

I will pick a winner on Instagram on Friday!

I do realize that not all of you are on Instagram…. this would be a really fabulous time to give it a try. DON’T YOU THINK? It is very easy to set up on your phone. Once added, all you have to do is search up a few of your favorite accounts, designers and other people, click to follow them and you are good to go! We are figtreeandco if you are going to be a newbie!!

And or those of you who are working on the Stitchery Sampler Sew Along with us… there are more INSTAGRAM ONLY giveaways coming soon for that too!

If you are looking to get started on Instagram and need some info and a little tutorial… Susan is posting about it in our Facebook Group… Fig Tree Quilts Friends. Come check it out HERE.




I will also pick this winner on Friday. Feel free to enter both if you like :-).




This Archive will be updated each week by MODA, in descending chronological order, with the newest block at the top. This is such a fabulous resource! We will keep this link in each week’s post here ON OUR BLOG as a resource.

If you have any questions at all, ask me in the comments below. Happy sewing friends!



LINK TO INSTAGRAM HERE. Instagram is the main social media that we use. I post photos every day, talk about my latest projects, show inspiration photos and generally post about my fabric and farm love with all of you!

LINK TO OUR FIG TREE FACEBOOK GROUP HERE. Our Fig Tree Friends Facebook group is a new addition in the last year and it is a great place to see what others are working on with Fig Tree fabrics, see people’s progress on our programs and follow along on general Fig Tree Facebook updates all in one place.

LINK TO SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER HERE. Newsletter comes out each week on Friday with latest goodies, upcoming releases, any sales or new kits and our $6 pattern of the week.

LINK TO OUR SHOP IN CASE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BROWSE HERE. Come check out our patterns, bundles and kits!


Here is a list of all the designers participating this year in the order that they have posted their weekly blocks. We are starting the last round, “round 4” so each designer already has 3 block on their blogs and we are now starting again at the top. Go check them out! They are a great group of ladies!

1 – Corey Yoder –
2 – Sherri McConnell –
3 – Betsy Chutchian –
4 – Jan Patek –
5 – Brigitte Heitland –
6 – Lisa Bongean –
7 – Lissa Alexander –
8 – Laurie Simpson –
9 – Vanessa Goertzen –
10 – Stacy Iest Hsu –
11 – Robin Pickens –
12 – Janet Clare –
13 – Jen Kingwell –
14 – Joanna Figueroa –

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  1. Patsy | 2nd Feb 21

    Thank you so much for the blocks and inspiration. This sew along has been fun 🙂

  2. Alice Ho | 2nd Feb 21

    I love your fabric and your style! Would love to win this layer cake. I can already start dreaming of what projects I can do with this sweet collection!

  3. Barb Smith | 2nd Feb 21

    I love a colorful quilt, the more the better!

  4. Becky S | 2nd Feb 21

    I love quilting with layer cakes! Thanks for your generosity. ❤️

  5. Cindy Bettine | 2nd Feb 21

    I started following you on Instagram tonight and I am looking forward to seeing your posts there. I love working with layer cakes because it seems like there are endless possibilities with so many fabric choices and a significant amount of fabric to create with.

  6. Megan L. | 2nd Feb 21

    I love this star block! I was thinking about going back to Blockheads 2 for a multi-star block, but here it is! The last one!

  7. Sylvia Bowers | 2nd Feb 21

    Love you choice of colors! Last block! Whew! Hard to believe it’s the last block. Thank you!

  8. Dian Robinson | 2nd Feb 21

    I love to pair neutrals; creams, tan, brow, Grey and black. Stunning

  9. Nancy Laidley | 2nd Feb 21

    I love to see everybody’s beautiful planned quilts, and SOMEDAY I WILL make a red and white quilt. But my favorite color scheme is SCRAPPY! The scrap pier the better 🙂

  10. Brenda Elton | 2nd Feb 21

    I love purples. But the Kansas troubles are beautiful too!

  11. Jennifer Fry | 2nd Feb 21

    Love the final block! I’m learning so much from being part of the Blockheads. Thank you to all the designers. This has been a wonderful adventure!

  12. Cynthia Karas | 2nd Feb 21

    My favorite color is red, white is always the best compliment. Your quilt is beautiful!!😍♥️😍

  13. Theresa Terry | 2nd Feb 21

    This new line is amazing! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’…it’s much appreciated!

  14. Jodie | 2nd Feb 21

    Wow! The red and white quilt is gorgeous. New to quilting. This is aspirational!

  15. Florence | 2nd Feb 21

    A chance to be one of the few with Strawberries and Rhubarb, I’m in! I look forward to completing my quilt as Ive learned so much this year. thank you.

  16. Mary Berberich | 2nd Feb 21

    Love the red and white quilt. So beautiful!

  17. Sharon Thorp | 2nd Feb 21

    I love stars and red is my favorite color! I would love to create a beautiful quilt using this layer cake,

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    So excited for your new collection. I love your delicate greens!!

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    This was so Lovely working together. Thanks again.

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    Love the quilt and the chance to win the kayer cake.🧡❤

  21. Stephanie Valdez | 2nd Feb 21

    I love two color quilts. I am currently collecting pink fabrics which is my favorite color, but I have never made a quilt with pinks. I think it is about time.

  22. cyndy w fletcher | 2nd Feb 21

    thank you so much Joanna, your blocks are wonderful and your color studies so helpful. I look forward to seeing what new fabric lines you will be sending to the stores. My favorite color to work with is the one I am working on at any given time, that is, until I start the next one ! lol.

  23. Sheryll Foye | 2nd Feb 21

    Thanks for the great blocks this year. Love your fabrics – especially the reds and whites.

  24. Sue Smith | 2nd Feb 21

    I wish I had joined in but just knew I didn’t have it in me this past year. Such a fun beautiful quilt!

  25. Sue Smith | 2nd Feb 21

    I wish I had joined in but just knew I didn’t have it in me this past year. Winning the layer cake would be such a surprise. Thank you for sharing so much

  26. Lori | 2nd Feb 21

    I love all that you do, have loved all your fabric lines for years. Never used a layer cake so would love to win one. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    Reading the blogs and looking at everyone’s posts have been my favorite pastime. The fabrics and colors are a feast for my eyes. Definitely want yo make a two color quilt some day. Thanks to all.

  28. Susie | 2nd Feb 21

    Your red and white Blockheads 3 quilt is stunning!!!

  29. Amanda | 2nd Feb 21

    You’ve outdone yourself again! Just when I think you can’t do anything as wonderful as the last thing you did, you just go ahead and do it anyway. I’ve loved your fabric lines and quilt lines forever. You designs are always my favorites! Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts with us.

  30. Jeanie Maher | 2nd Feb 21

    Well, Joanna, I’m going to need a red/white bundle so I can copy you! How possible would that be? :). Absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Teri Buczkowski | 2nd Feb 21

    Beautiful quilt.

  32. Beth Schmidt | 2nd Feb 21

    Thank you for sharing! I’m still working on Christmas Figs. This will be next!

  33. Karen S | 2nd Feb 21

    Will miss BH3 Wednesdays. Thanks for beautiful blocks and inspiration.

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    Thank you for some awesome blocks. Practice makes perfect when stitching so many points.

  35. Gretchen Gantner | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you to you Joanna and Moda for such a wonderful sew-along experience. It has truly been a bright spot in a rubbish year. Now we all will have a beautiful quilt to show for a year that will go down in history.

  36. Barbara | 3rd Feb 21

    This is a nice layer cake to think of for spring

  37. Wanda Barr | 3rd Feb 21

    I am in love with all the fabrics from Moda. Maybe it is an addiction? I was thrilled to find the Blockheads group. Thank you for all the inspiration and incentive.

  38. Diane Hanke | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for your contributions to Blockhead 3! You always challenged me with your finely crafted blocks. Your fabric designs are luscious, I’d be thrilled to win the layer cake

  39. Diane Hanke | 3rd Feb 21

    I love love live those fabulous red and white fabrics and the giveaway package is to die for! I would be thrilled to pieces if I won it!

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    My favorite part of Moda Blockheads has been getting to know all of the designers.

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    Thank you Joanna and Moda for filling a year of pandemic with something to look forward to each week. It has made all the difference, a little sparkle to a bad bad year. My favorite color to work with is blues (with a sprinkle of either purple or green for accent.)

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    Your quilt turned out beautiful!!

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    Quilt is gorgeous! A chance at winning one of your layer cakes is wonderful.

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    That quilt is spectacular! I have so much catching up to do on mine (doing your version, of course!) but I’ll enjoy the journey… red and white is such a classy combo!

  46. Karen | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern and all of your inspiring photos!

  47. Tracey McCombe | 3rd Feb 21

    Hi Joanna, I like lots of different fabrics. I like to choose bundles or layer cakes that co ordinate the best. My favourite at the moment is white or off white and bright clean colours. Thank you for wonderful blocks and fantastic posts the last year for blockheads.

  48. Brenda L | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your Moda Blockheads quilt!!! It would be awesome to win a layer cake in your fabrics. Think Hallows Eve is still my favourite.

  49. Lisa Keller | 3rd Feb 21

    My favorite quilt color is blue and yellow! My second choice is red and creamy off white. Those color combos just draw me to any quilt.

  50. Wanda Gibert | 3rd Feb 21

    The quilt is beautiful in those colors. I hope to start working on these blocks again soon.

  51. Amy DeCesare | 3rd Feb 21

    I’ve been watching the Moda Blockheads projects from afar. I adore your red and white version! Saving up the patterns for “someday” when things settle down in real life.

  52. Misti Creach | 3rd Feb 21

    I would love to make a project with Strawberry Rhubarb. I’m working on the Stitchery Sampler quilt and hope to finish Winter Solstice this next week at a quilt retreat.

  53. Lori Kuck | 3rd Feb 21

    My favorite color combinations are really the red and white! I also am very partial to teals and golds on a white background.

  54. Joyce Sealey | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for all the red and white version of the Moda Blocks. Love the combination! Looking forward to finishing my Sea Glass project and then start on another!!

  55. Bev Noble | 3rd Feb 21

    What a glorious year with you and Moda!! Couldn’t have done it without you! So looking forward to BH4!!

  56. Eileen | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your color palette! I’ve always wanted to make a red and white quilt and yours has inspired me to do it soon. Thanks for all your wonderful blocks, tutorials and encouragement!

  57. Joanna | 3rd Feb 21

    It’s been so fun to follow your Blockhead quilt. I’m currently obsessed with the orange in the Fig Shirtings.

  58. Sharon | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for all the inspiration. Your fabrics are wonderful. I especially like the creams in all your collections, and use them interchangeably with all the colors in your lines. Those red and cream quilts are favorites.

  59. Petra | 3rd Feb 21

    Another great block! Great quilt layout!
    What I learned with MB3, it’s really important of the value of colors and a sampler quilt is busy, but it comes together very well.
    Thanks for a lot of fun you and the other designers gave to us.

  60. Jamie Taylor | 3rd Feb 21

    I just love your color schemes. Always so fresh. Looking forward to what’s next!

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    Your completed quilt top is AMAZING!! I love the red/white color scheme you chose. 🥰

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    Your red and cream quilt is gorgeous!! A red quilt with some red work is on my quilting bucket list!!

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    Again, another beautiful quilt from you. Truly inspiring!

  64. Jean | 3rd Feb 21

    I have enjoyed this journey., using mostly Kansas Trouble leftovers and other coordinating scraps. My favorite colors are blue, purples and greens. I plan to use the leftovers of this color palette in one of the previous blockheads.

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    Thanks for posting!

  66. Ashleigh | 3rd Feb 21

    I love a great low volume scrappy quilt.

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    As a newer quilter, I don’t have any layer cakes in my stash. This would be so perfect, thanks so much for the giveaway!

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  74. Stephanie Hironimus | 3rd Feb 21

    I am heading over to Instagram, but I wanted to also thank you here for all of your wonderful inspiration throughout Blockheads 3. I loved your blocks & because I started following you, I also learned about your 12 days of Christmas sale and purchased bundles of your Christmas Figs & All Hallow’s Eve fabric & patterns- thank you! It has been a fun way to survive covid quarantining!

  75. Patty Jones | 3rd Feb 21

    My favorite color is blue, and the majority of my quilts will have some blue in them; but after following along and watching your Blockheads quilt grow, and now completed – I have to say that I love that scrappy red!!!! My Grandma’s favorite color was red, I think I am becoming more like her! Thank you, Joanna, for all you have done with the Blockheads III sewalong this year. It has been alot of fun and an awesome learning experience!

  76. MaryLou Volchko | 3rd Feb 21

    I just started quilting in 2020 and have only done tote bags so my stash only consists of charm packs and coordinating fabric. This would be awesome to win. Thank you for the chance.

  77. Tracy | 3rd Feb 21

    I follow you on Instagram but didn’t know you had a blog. Can’t wait to scroll through! I really want to make your lady big quilt but don’t see it anymore. Will dig for it! Thanks for such beautiful colors!!

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    BlockHeads 3 quilt blocks have been amazing. I have enjoyed the weekly surprise from each designer.
    Thank You

  79. Cindy Westover | 3rd Feb 21

    This has been a fun learning experience. Thank you for your blocks

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    Love these fabrics. Would love to win the layer cake!

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    Love this new line you’re releasing! So pretty! Cannot wait to have it in my shop!

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    Very thankful and very inspired by all of the designers hard work.. enjoyed all of it ! Love your colors! Why couldn’t? Will check out your shop ❤️ Thanks again for coloring our world during a dark moment 😊

  83. Deb | 3rd Feb 21

    It is absolutely amazing! You’re right…it was a lot of work! Fun work! Thank you for all the inspiration….I’m doing mine like yours…so I’d better get busy on TWO final blocks!!

  84. Diana | 3rd Feb 21

    What lovely work you do. The Block Heads have been very inspiring and the patterns are great to refer back to when you need a block. Your red quilt is breathtaking.

  85. Channon Gregg | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This has been sew fun. I have loved reading your blog and the introduction to your fabrics. In the past I have looked at fabric and not paid much attention to who designed it. This was my first SAL. I have gained sew much in the way of skills and found sew many great designers and their fabrics. This SAL has opened my eyes to much. Thank you.

  86. Sandi McDaniel | 3rd Feb 21

    This quilt has been such fun! Sad to see it end, but excited to complete it. I found your beautiful fabrics and patterns through this event… can’t get enough of the Halloween colors!

  87. Karen Dellinger | 3rd Feb 21

    My favorite colors are Fig Tree. Looking forward to sewing with your latest fabric collection Strawberries and Rhubarb. A layer cake is the perfect precut for so many quilts. Thank you Joanna!

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    Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas and fabrics. You inspire us!!

  89. KarenL | 3rd Feb 21

    Just finished the Seaglass sampler, and now the Fig Tree red and white Blockheads 3, both so enjoyable to see evolve over the last year! Wonder if there will be a Blockheads 4? 😊

  90. Angie Moreno | 3rd Feb 21

    You always inspire, challenge and leave me wanting to buy all of your fabrics and make every quilt I see. I always look forward to what you will create and design next! Layer cakes are one of my favorite precuts! Thank you for making quilting so fun and beautiful!

  91. Prsd4tim2 | 3rd Feb 21

    Turned out great! Such a fun sampler quilts. And red and white is always classic.

  92. Ruth | 3rd Feb 21

    I think my fav color combos are anything red and white or blue and white. That said, I make a lot of pink, aqua and green quilts!!

  93. Diane | 3rd Feb 21

    That quilt is beautiful! I need a red and white quilt in my collection now.

  94. Stacie waters | 3rd Feb 21

    Oh my word! You are so generous with your giveaways! I just love your fabrics but the thing I’m attracted to the most is anything red! My favorite color of all time. It is crisp, passionate and invokes so many feelings. I love red combos of blue, red and green and red and white. Truly I’m a fan!

  95. Heather Larrabee | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you Joanna for sharing your talent with all of us. I fell in love with your farmhouse collection, and everything since. , I hold on to a few fat quarters. Not only do I see beautiful colors and patterns, but a picture book of memories from that time in my life.

  96. Lynda Gordon | 3rd Feb 21

    You are one of my favorite fabric designers! I would love to win a layer cake! Thank you for the chance 😊

  97. Shelley | 3rd Feb 21

    Ironic that this morning I was looking at your Apple Pie pattern, and was thinking that one of your new collections would be perfect for that pattern!! This one would be be so yummy! ♥️

  98. Wendy Clark | 3rd Feb 21

    I want to thank you and all the designers for your work. I did MBH2 and now MBH3. I have learned so much. It fascinates me how you figure the blocks out as I put all the little pieces together. Thank you so very much. I will miss you all. Blessings.

  99. Kim Peterson | 3rd Feb 21

    I LOVE your fabrics! Your red/white Moda Blockhead quilt is beautiful!!

  100. Cecilia | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love red, black, gray, and white combinations.

  101. Sharon | 3rd Feb 21

    Wow 🤩 it’s stunning Joanna 😍 and such a lot of work!! I can’t wait to see it quilted and bound. Looking forward so much to your Strawberries and Rhubarb collection 🍓

  102. Linda Henry | 3rd Feb 21

    Beautiful red and white version.

  103. Heather M. Martin | 3rd Feb 21

    Oh, oh, I would be so thankful to win that beautiful layer cake! Strawberries are my favorite. I have enjoyed the weekly Blockheads sewing and especially seeing how your blocks turned out. Thanks so much for sharing them ❤️

  104. Elizabeth D. | 3rd Feb 21

    Blockheads is so much fun. From 1-3. Love the red color way and I always stay away from fear of bleeding. I have actually been loving Stacy Hsu’s blocks for the bright cheerful colors and I always wish I could make it using her collection for my little kids, but I always go with something from 3sisters 😊 next time I will have to choose a Stacy collection.

  105. Robyn Williams | 3rd Feb 21

    Would love to win a layer cake. Have seen a couple of patterns I would like to try. Thanks for your beautiful fabrics.

  106. Glenda M Smith | 3rd Feb 21

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  107. Belinda | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for both give always! I follow your blog and Instagram account and am constantly inspired by either your beautiful creations or our beautiful world!

  108. Debra Newhall | 3rd Feb 21

    Your layout looks fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  109. Linda | 3rd Feb 21

    Love ❤️ that red and white quilt. I am also loving colors schemes with navy, aqua and red together!

  110. Joy Dickson | 3rd Feb 21

    What a gorgeous Blockheads quilt. I love your red and white version. I have a red and white quilt on my bucket list. I’m thinking those starblocks from this post would make a beautiful quilt in the various sizes. Thank you for the stars.

  111. Jan Altomare | 3rd Feb 21

    What a gorgeous finish! The blocks are all so perfect in these colors! Thanks for sharing with us!

  112. Sarah Chambers | 3rd Feb 21

    I LOVE rainbow colors, but I also really like your fabrics color palette. I have a couple of jelly rolls that will make it into a quilt here some day.

  113. Michelle davidson | 3rd Feb 21

    Love everything red & white?!

  114. Ann Holland | 3rd Feb 21

    I’m a blue and white gal but loving that red

  115. Darlene | 3rd Feb 21

    Beautiful red and white quilt. Red and white quilts are my first favorite 2 color quilts, followed by blue and white. Tho green is my favorite color so hope to make a green and white one day. Thank you for all the free patterns.

  116. Karen McMahon | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for all the beautiful quilt inspiration. Your fabrics are always so beautiful, and I really love the red and white quilt!

  117. Chris martone | 3rd Feb 21

    The red and cream quilt is stunning!

  118. Pam | 3rd Feb 21

    I love this beautiful red and white version of all the lovely blocks. Mine isn’t close to done, but I’m having fun

  119. Donna Vunderink | 3rd Feb 21

    This is a great block to end Blockheads 3 with. I love it and love your quilt.

  120. Liz B | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your layout. I’m very glad I discovered the Blockheads group last year and can’t wait to make my own quilt.

  121. Deborah Stewart | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your color choices for fabric lines. It’s fun to see how you pull from nature. Your Blockheads patterns are also some of my favorite. Thank you!!

  122. Kim Strickler | 3rd Feb 21

    I loved watching your red and cream Blockhead 3 show up in my feed every week! Your quilts are always vintage!

  123. Carmen Montmarquet | 3rd Feb 21

    This is just such a beautiful and make you smile quilt. I love red and cream quilts, add the scrappy and it’s scrappy goodness!! It’s awesome!!! Just love it!

  124. Anne | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for sharing! The quilt is beautiful!

  125. Donna Thomas | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is beautiful. Thank you for your generosity. Red & white quilts are always a favorite.

  126. Janice | 3rd Feb 21

    I love this quilt! The red is so pretty!

  127. Jean | 3rd Feb 21

    Simply love your blockheads 3 red version. Stunning. Thanks so much for sharing.

  128. Cindy Lueck | 3rd Feb 21

    Love this last block! Blackheads 3 has been amazing! I love your fabric lines!

  129. Cindy Lueck | 3rd Feb 21


  130. Patricia Sliney | 3rd Feb 21

    Wow, can’t believe Blockheads 3 has come to an end, it has been so much fun! Thank you for all the hard work, much appreciated!

  131. S Theune | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you to all the Blockhead designers! Your layer cake would really brighten up our long winter!

  132. Karen Smith | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you and the other designers for providing the beautiful designs for BH-3. I have enjoyed this sew-along and have learned so much from participating. Creative is not a word that would be used to describe me, but I feel that I have expanded my horizons, so to speak, by learning from those of you who are. Thank you for sharing your talents and expertise!

  133. Andrea Weber | 3rd Feb 21

    That is one gorgeous quilt! 🤩

  134. Joy A. Miller | 3rd Feb 21

    Hello Joanne! Just started quilting in November, 2020, and am now immersed in your Figs & Shirtings project and loving every minute of it. In fact, this new quilting obsession has really helped me to “escape” all the awful news going on outside my happy home. I hope to begin a Blockheads project when the next one opens up. Thank you for all of your artistry and inspiration!

  135. Diane W | 3rd Feb 21

    Im a red and white lover! Always have been drawn to red🤷🏼‍♀️

  136. Gretchen Weaver | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for the blocks and the instruction for the way you set your blocks. Happy stitching!

  137. Auleen Jarrett | 3rd Feb 21

    I love the boldness if the colors in your quilt. The blockbthis week looks challenging but fun. Thank you

  138. Terri Uden | 3rd Feb 21

    Sorry to see Blockheads 3 come to an end. I have sewed projects with your fabrics and love the way they turn out. I will also enter the big giveaway on instagram but a free layer cake would be great.

  139. Maria L Zook | 3rd Feb 21

    I have many of your projects completed and on display in my home. i love using your fabrics.

  140. Traci slomba | 3rd Feb 21

    There is just something fabulous about a two colored quilt. I’m following along with you doing red and creams, although I need to get my fanny going to get it finished! Its so beautiful Joanna!

  141. MJ Pocrnick | 3rd Feb 21

    All the block patterns have been gorgeous … such a wonderful quilting resource <3 As for favourite colour scheme … FIGGY SCRAPPY … if I use my FigTree&Co stash, and pull whatever combo catches my eye that day, it’s guaranteed to make me smile :)))

  142. Maxine Edwards | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your block!

  143. Shari K. | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt turned out so beautiful! You can’t beat red and white for a classic look!

  144. Linda Miller | 3rd Feb 21

    I have loved doing Blockheads 3 and will miss all the lovely blocks from the talented designers. Thanks so much for all your work on this project. I’m intrigued by your new fabric line. Don’t think I’ve seen rhubarb in the name of a fabric line before. Rhubarb makes me think of my mom, who could grow anything. Rhubarb and gooseberries were plants special to her, and everyone in my family loved her cobblers made from them-except for me. They used to tease me about that. However, I am the only family member who knows how to make her cobblers, so now they ask me to make them. I still don’t like them, but I’m happy to bake for the family.
    Thanks for creating your new line. I do love the colors, and hope to use it.

  145. Carrie | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you Joanna for your well everuything. This past year I have gotten to know so many new quilters and fabric designers. i am glad you are one of them. My favouite color way for a quilt is a toss between red/white and blue/white. I haven’t made either one. Maybe this is my year.. I am enjoying the Stitchery sampler quilt. Thank you very much.

  146. Nancy Harrison | 3rd Feb 21

    I have loved your blocks! Thanks for all the contributions!!!

  147. Donna Dvor | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your blog the layer cake! It is very helpful and informative and the layer cake is just beautiful!

  148. Susan Salo | 3rd Feb 21

    I have loved watching your red quilt grow. Love it! My favorite color right now is any shade of aqua. And I think it goes really well with a raspberry red color.

  149. Margo Black | 3rd Feb 21

    The quilt is beautiful! Fun watching it come together.
    I love blue and white quilts and have been collecting pinks;
    Pink and red would be a fun new project for me.

  150. Wendy | 3rd Feb 21

    I have so enjoyed watching the blockheads series. This was not my year to do it but….. next round I think I’m in. I loved watching all the blocks come together in both sizes. I adore the minis for sure. Thank you for all you do to elevate this fine art!

  151. Beth C | 3rd Feb 21

    I have loved your blocks and alternates. I’m a slower quilter, so it’ll be awhile before I’m ready to start a new project, but I already have 6 quilts in pre-planning kicking around my head.

  152. Jana marsh | 3rd Feb 21

    I have loved making the BH blocks and realky improving my skills!

  153. Liz | 3rd Feb 21

    Moda Blockheads is a fun sew along! Love the fabrics you used in your quilt. Block 56 may just be my favorite!

  154. Priscilla | 3rd Feb 21

    Absolutely beautiful!

  155. Mary | 3rd Feb 21

    How beautiful your version turned out! I am a Navy and White and Grey fabric collector and love those colors in a quilt!

  156. Elizabeth Lampman | 3rd Feb 21

    Just beautiful. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  157. Nancy B | 3rd Feb 21

    A beautiful block to end with, and a gorgeous quilt! Thank you for all your time you put into this, and the generous giveaway!

  158. Elizabeth Gelineau | 3rd Feb 21

    I love how your quilt turned out! I can’t wait to see photos of it quilted!

  159. Mindy | 3rd Feb 21

    That layer cake looks so yummy! I have kept up pretty much with the block heads. This is my first year making it all the way. Over the last 2 weeks I have been sorting my Figtree scraps according to size. So many memories as I do this of quilts I made and gifted. Figtree goes with almost every decor. 💕

  160. SUSANA G SOTO | 3rd Feb 21

    I can’t wait to start one of my Fig Tree quilt kits! I’m really attracted to the shades of orange.

  161. Glenna C. Denman | 3rd Feb 21

    I have enjoyed seeing your blocks in the MBH3 program. What a pretty layer cake! Thanks for the giveaway.

  162. Tee Kinchius | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for an alternative to entering on social media. I gave it up several years ago, I have much more time to quilt now!😉

  163. Tee Kinchius | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for an alternative to entering on social media. I gave it up several years ago, I have much more time to quilt now!😉 Thanks again

  164. NEVIE Lacy | 3rd Feb 21

    Love these blocks! Beautiful bright colors look so crisp against the cream background!

  165. Jean Thut | 3rd Feb 21

    What wonderful giveaways! My favorite colors to sew with are red white and blue quilts and then any quilt that has green in it.

  166. Theresa Terry | 3rd Feb 21

    I see the layout photo, but I would also like a shot of the bottom half of your quilt so I can see your placement of the blocks. You did a good post on the top half, thank you, but I would like to see the bottom too. Before you posted those first photos, I had mine all laid out and it looked jumbled and confusing. When I switched it to resemble yours, it just sang to me. You just have an eye! Again, thank you for all your hard work!

  167. Carol Paine | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your blog. Just started following when I hoped on the Moda 3 block train. So much fun.

  168. Ann | 3rd Feb 21

    I love the red and white color combination! It’s my favorite two color combo. Your blockheads quilt is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  169. Pat H | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your quilt, but then I love all of your fabric collections! So bright and cheery!

  170. Grandma Sonia's Creations | 3rd Feb 21

    I’ve loved watching your creation becoming a beautiful quilt! This made me feel inspired and curious about the patchwork world! Thank you for sharing with us your passion and for the giveaway.
    I love all the colors related to Spring (green, pink, light blue…)

  171. Sharon | 3rd Feb 21

    Love this whole simple but fun blockhead series. Your quilt with the red and white is scrumptious!

  172. Janet O | 3rd Feb 21

    This has been such a fun sewalong. Your red and white version is so beautiful.

  173. DeAnn | 3rd Feb 21

    I love everything about this quilt! So beautiful. I am inspired to make it. Thank you.

  174. Ashley V | 3rd Feb 21

    I don’t have a favorite color scheme, anything that is bright and cheerful makes me happy to sew!

  175. Kelly Borg | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on the blocks and layout. Looking forward to attempting some of these 🙂

  176. Pamela Beevers | 3rd Feb 21

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the block you designed! Your quilt is just gorgeous! I have been following you and Susan on IG for awhile now (thanks to some tech savy granddaughters!). I just love IG and all the beautiful creations that are posted there. Thanks for both giveaways.

  177. Barbara | 3rd Feb 21

    I love layer cakes because they are so versatile. I’ve never made a red and white quilt, but your red and white version of the Moda Blockheads 3 quilt is tempting me!

  178. Leigh Anne Humphrey | 3rd Feb 21

    Your red & white quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Thank you for the fabulous blocks. I’d love to win the Strawberry & Rhubarb layer cake! It’s gorgeous!

  179. Jackie S. | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your the red and white. Right now I’m doing the BH3 with red, yellow, gray and white. I’m really liking it. I’m thinking my next one will be oranges and blues which are my two favorite colors.

    • | 3rd Feb 21

      Orange and blue would be so good!

  180. Bev Freswick | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your quilt, it’s fabulous! Love red and white quilts.
    I’ve enjoyed watching your posts on Instagram. Thanks for all you do.

  181. Wendy | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt turn out so beautiful and I love this last block! My mom loved red and white quilts, I am a blue and white fan.

    • | 3rd Feb 21

      This would look so beautiful in blue and white!!

  182. Katie | 3rd Feb 21

    Such great inspiration! A red and white quilt is on my someday list

  183. Susan Du | 3rd Feb 21

    I loved following along and your quilt is spectacular!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  184. Barbara Bohlman | 3rd Feb 21

    I love you Instagram. Love your fabrics too, The red and white quilt is beautiful.

  185. Kim | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your fabrics, Joanna! I don’t go on Instagram often but will check it out again. Thanks for all the inspiration through the years!

  186. Lora BevittFarms | 3rd Feb 21

    Love the red and white quilt! I would love to win your layer cake. Thanks

  187. Jody | 3rd Feb 21

    Loved doing the MBH3… I’m not caught up, but appreciate all the designers!

  188. Jami Schroeder-Carr | 3rd Feb 21

    I adore the red and white combination for this quilt!

  189. Donna M | 3rd Feb 21

    This quilt is gorgeous. I think a red and white quilt with these lovely fabrics is in my future.

  190. Sharon D Pearson | 3rd Feb 21

    Really enjoyed the Blockheads 3 quilt… looking forward for what’s next to come!

  191. Kathleen Schramm | 3rd Feb 21

    I love everything fig tree! I a, so glad that I stuck it out and finished the block heads quilt along. I knew they would have something fabulous at the end and the last three blocks have been some of my favorite.

  192. Sherry DVK | 3rd Feb 21

    I love this layout and now may have to start a red and white quilt.

  193. Kathleen Schramm | 3rd Feb 21

    My favorite color for a quilt, well it depends on the season but lately I have been in love with the blue color that you have in figs and shirtings. I did just tell my daughter last week that I wanted to do a quilt with some great reds. Then I saw your post today! I would love to win your stash but either way I am a fan.

  194. Geneal G Yardley | 3rd Feb 21

    I like rust peach and green . This year I have been working with blue and I have liked that also.

  195. Marlene Leonardo | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for the layer cake give away. I love your style b

  196. Michelle Masterson | 3rd Feb 21

    This quilt is gorgeous!

  197. Melinda Clevenger | 3rd Feb 21

    Beautiful colors and so many nice blocks. Can’t watch to see it all together! Thanks Joanna!

  198. Paige | 3rd Feb 21

    I’ve enjoyed the Blockheads 3! I’ve been doing the red version. I’m a couple of months behind, but the pictures of your beautiful quilt are inspiring me to catch up!

  199. Carol Benson | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your fabrics! My first quilt with your fabric was the All Hallows’ Eve. It was great to work with all those different orange, grey and cream fabrics. The red fabrics look like they will be my favorite. The layer cake package is easy to work with. Thanks for your inspirational designs and generosity.

  200. Terri H | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Thank you to all you wonderful designers for sharing your talent with us – such inspiration and generosity!

  201. Polly Hada | 3rd Feb 21

    Oh gosh! I should have joined this wonderful quilt along! But, there’s always next year. I would do a QAL with your sea glass fabrics. So oretty

  202. Vickie Webb | 3rd Feb 21

    I love this quilt so much! Would love to make it.

  203. Gail | 3rd Feb 21

    Your Blockheads 3 quilt is stunning! The patchwork border is the icing on the cake.

  204. Christina | 3rd Feb 21

    I have been in the quilting mood the last several months and am always looking for new fabric collections! Thank you for all the block ideas too!

  205. Kay Romahn | 3rd Feb 21

    Blockheads 3 is my first sew-along and I’ve enjoyed it so much! Your blocks are beautiful and I love all your fabric lines. I hope I am lucky enough to win your layer cake.

  206. Frances | 3rd Feb 21

    I’ve enjoyed your posts every time and your blocks greatly inspired my choices for my blocks. Thank you for being a part of this fun quilt along. I love this block too and I’m looking forward to making it soon!♥️💕

  207. Sheri Gleichauf | 3rd Feb 21
    red and white quilts are my favorite and the blockheads quilt is sure a winner

  208. Lois | 3rd Feb 21

    Another gorgeous quilt Joanna! I can kick myself for not doing this one.

  209. Debby | 3rd Feb 21

    This is beautiful…love the red and white quilt. Usually I tend to like blue and red for my favorite quilt scheme.

  210. Kathleen Gee | 3rd Feb 21

    I love the Fig Tree style! You have such a knack for making everything look beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win a layer cake.

  211. Karen S | 3rd Feb 21

    Your red and white blockheads quilt is gorgeous, Joanna. You rock!!

  212. Jan Dudley | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for adding your style to Blockheads 3. I feel like I may do red, white and blue for my version of the quilt. Thanks again and Happy sewing! Jan Dudley

  213. Laura | 3rd Feb 21

    Right now I am loving Christmas Figs colors, red, green and white, but of course that could change at any time, thank you Joanna for all the inspiration you give to the quilt community.

  214. Laurie Parsons | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for being a Blockhead Disigner! it’s been fun! I like red & white, or red, white & blue!

  215. Gretchen | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for the wonderful layout and the fun posts throughout this past crazy year. I am way behind on my quilt LOL.

  216. Nancy Rector | 3rd Feb 21

    I adore your fabric. Thanks to all for the Blockheads. I’d love to win the layer cake.

  217. Chantell Haulenbeek | 3rd Feb 21

    Love, Love, Love! Working on Paper Roses along with the Stitchery Sampler right now! Looking forward to Strawberry and Rhubarb!

  218. Melanie Russell | 3rd Feb 21

    Your fabrics are beautiful and your red and cream quilt has inspired me. Thank you to all the designers for their work on these blocks.

  219. Kathie L | 3rd Feb 21

    It’s been a bright spot in my year. One that I needed. Thanks

  220. Carol Santos | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your red and white block head quilt.

  221. Carol | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your patterns and your enthusiasm.

  222. Amy Jabas | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for the final block and wonderful layout option! I am late to the party but looking forward to making all these blocks. Thank you, also, for the opportunity to enter to win the layer cake.

  223. Alice Gooden | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with us! I don’t know if anything can top this lovely quilt, but I LOVE to sew with aqua!!!

  224. Lee MacAdam | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks Joanna for the chance to win the layer cake. Love your quilt and layout.

  225. Jennife | 3rd Feb 21

    Beautiful quilt. It’s perfect for February!

  226. Jennifer Lewis | 3rd Feb 21

    Beautiful quilt. It’s perfect for February!

  227. Deborah Graham | 3rd Feb 21

    Love Fig Tree! Just want to say thanks for being here.

  228. Sandra Melton | 3rd Feb 21

    Haven’t started Blockheads 3 yet but have many of your collections that would make a wonderful quilt! The reds in yours are lovely!

  229. Marsha | 3rd Feb 21

    I am so thankful I found you! Love your colors and patterns. Would live to win this bundle!!!

  230. Cheryl Sacco | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your quilt colors. Hope to win the layer cake.

  231. Marie Eddins | 3rd Feb 21

    It’s amazing all the creative blocks that have come along from all you wonderful Moda designers. Such an inspiration! Your quilt looks marvelous and I like all your extra little filler blocks. Until the next ‘quilt along’!

  232. Michelle LaFayette | 3rd Feb 21

    I would love to enter to win. Also very sad that blockheads is ending.

  233. Sarah H | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your version of Moda Blockheads!

  234. Karina Bak | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your version!

  235. Jennie | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you so much!

  236. Val Campbell | 3rd Feb 21

    I am a lover of colours and it has been a treat to see all of the colour combinations that everyone has used to make these blocks. I love purple, but it is one colour fabric that is difficult to find. Your red and white design is really impressive, too. 🙂

  237. Lorna Dore | 3rd Feb 21

    I have enjoyed watching your quilt come together! It’s beautiful!

  238. Julie Bailey | 3rd Feb 21

    Love the red and white quilt blocks. I do not use instagram. Please enter me in the blog giveaway.

  239. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful, you can’t go wrong with red and White! It has been very fun watching this progress or the whole blockheads process. | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful, you can’t go wrong with red and White! It has been very fun watching this progress or the whole blockheads process.

  240. KIM ANDERSON | 3rd Feb 21

    Red & white is a favorite color combo of mine. Those colors are so classic. Thanks for all your hard work!

  241. Bonnie Larson | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  242. Cindy White | 3rd Feb 21

    I have been posting link to weekly block on an email to out quilt guild, it was a wonderful way to stay in touch I haven’t finished all the block yet but am looking forward to getting it put together. Your red and white quilt is a wonderful inspiration. I have started your Stitchery Sampler. I will continue following the blog.

  243. Peggy Melfi | 3rd Feb 21

    Would be so FUN to win something!

  244. Karen Addleman | 3rd Feb 21

    I love two color quilts. Red and white, blue and white, teal and brown, purple and green, so many fabulous combinations. I just finished a grey and yellow quilt. Your quilt turned out great!.

  245. Lynn Young | 3rd Feb 21

    your red and white quilt really puts me in the Valentine frame of mind! Looking forward to see the finished quilt!

  246. Jeanne P | 3rd Feb 21

    It is so inspiring to see your creations! I have yet to sew my Blockheads blocks but I hope to try to get some of them done this year. Thanks for the chance to win the layer cake….it would be my first to own if I win!!!

  247. Lisa C | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your Moda Blockheads Red & White Quilt. It is truly beautiful! Thank you for your inspiration! Love this final block too! I can see using this one in many of my projects coming up! It is so cutie! Thanks again! !

  248. Jaime Reardon | 3rd Feb 21

    This sampler is gorgeous 😍

  249. Rose | 3rd Feb 21

    Love your work! Thanks for the chance!

  250. Diana Bennett | 3rd Feb 21

    That Quilt is gorgeous. Stunning personified. Joanna you do such amazing work. I would have a hard time picking one color for I very much like scrappy. I have started pulling fig tree fabrics for a scrappy quilt from the cover of the new Bonnie and Camille book. Will post pictures as I go in the facebook group

  251. Janet | 3rd Feb 21

    Thank you for the incredible amount of time and work you and all the designers put in on this. You have made many quilters very happy!

  252. Jill | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your quilt. I wish I had decided to make mine with just reds and whites instead of red, white and black. Thanks for the chance to win a layer cake.

  253. Lynn | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  254. Lynn | 3rd Feb 21

    Your quilt is beautiful. The red and white is stunning. Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  255. Gwen Wehner | 3rd Feb 21

    Beautiful quilt! Thanks for your patterns and inspiration!!

  256. Susan | 3rd Feb 21

    What an inspiration this group has been. Thank you for sharing your talent. Love your red and white. Orange, greens, and pink, or good primaries have been what is catching my eye to quilt with. 😊 Peace

  257. Liz Kingsland | 3rd Feb 21

    I love blue and cream or white quilts. Thanks for all you wonderful patterns and fabrics.

  258. Vicki Waltz | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your style of fabric and quilts–bright and fresh!

  259. Cathie Griffiths | 3rd Feb 21

    This is one of my favorite versions of the Blockheads quilt! Love the fabrics! Thank you for the inspiration.

  260. Sandy Willmott | 3rd Feb 21

    Moda blockheads is always so much fun! I have loved fig tree& o fabrics from the very beginning!

  261. Callie | 3rd Feb 21

    So much red and white quilty goodness! Thanks for the Posey and Tulip Bloom alternate blocks.

  262. Kathleen Dalecio | 3rd Feb 21

    Your Blockheads3 quilt is really gorgeous! I love all the shades of red, the whimsy and the awesome talent that comprise your beautiful quilt! Thank you and Moda and your fellow designers for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us!

  263. Brenda Gill | 3rd Feb 21

    Been having a wonderful time.

  264. Jeanne S | 3rd Feb 21

    I love your red & white quilt! Thank you for sharing your full quilt layout with all of us.

  265. Terre Sturtevant | 3rd Feb 21

    Thanks for all your blocks, love the red and white, thanks

  266. Dorothy Fletcher | 3rd Feb 21

    I’d love a strawberry and rubarb layer cake to make a summer quilt for my daughter in Boston. We haven’t been together since Christmas 2019. Can’t wait to see her this summer!

  267. Barb Craft | 4th Feb 21

    Just started following you and can’t wait for the next block of the month to start. Love the strawberry and rhubarb line.

  268. Sue Graham | 4th Feb 21

    Thanks for the layer cake give away – very generous!!

  269. D A Furr | 4th Feb 21

    Hard to believe it’s over. Thanks for ending with a giveaway of your own.

  270. D A Furr | 4th Feb 21

    Hard to believe it’s over. Thanks for ending with a giveaway of your own.

  271. Mary Mairs | 4th Feb 21

    Even though my favorite colors are greens & creams/tans, I would be tempted to make one in the reds & creams; your quilt if beautiful. Thank you to you and all the other designers for this opportunity to grow my skills. Would love to win some of your beautiful fabric.

  272. Michelle Combs | 4th Feb 21

    I wasn’t able to participate in the Moda Blockheads sew-along, too many things going on this last year.. but I so enjoyed seeing what you made every week! The classic red-and-white color scheme is gorgeous, and makes me want to dive into my stash!!

  273. LISA BLUNDELL | 4th Feb 21

    I started following you on Instagram. A BIG step for me!! Love the Blockheads. I an going to give it a go this summer. I am going to try pink teal and cream. I love working with layer cakes, so versatile!! Your fabric lines are the best!!

  274. Kerry Coburn | 4th Feb 21

    I absolutely love the reds and pinks and cream! Such a lovely combination for any time of the year!

  275. Leah Turner | 4th Feb 21

    Joanna you make me smile! Thanks for a year of fun and sanity! Fingers crossed!

  276. DEBRA K REVAY | 4th Feb 21

    Love, love, love your quilt. It is spectacular! I’ve really enjoyed all the Moda blockheads 3 blocks. Thank you for all you do for quilters everywhere. I think your Christmas fabrics are to die for and really like All Hallows Eve line too. Would love to win the new line you have. It’s a winner!

  277. Tammy Clark | 4th Feb 21

    I love all of your fabric!

  278. Peggy | 4th Feb 21

    I got a late start on the Moda blockheads 3….started checking it out in late November. I love this quilt in red and white.
    Thanks for a chance to win the layer cake!

  279. Cathy Ashford | 4th Feb 21

    You are so inspiring! I love the way you put colors together. What talent! Thank you, Cathy

  280. Sharon Colburn | 4th Feb 21

    Your red and white quilt is so beautiful. May have to try that when my other projects get finished. A little behind on the Stitchery Sampler but working hard to get caught up. I really like the Pumpkins & Blossoms.

  281. Susan Yancey | 4th Feb 21

    Enjoy your posts, creative and fun! Love versions of blue! But truly love most colors!
    Hoping to win the give away!

  282. Karen Sanford | 4th Feb 21

    Your Red & White Blockheads 3 Quilt is Absolutely Stunning Joanna!!! I really wanted to sew along with you using Red & White but was already doing both your BOM and didn’t think I would be able to. Darn 🙁 Enjoy that Gorgeous Quilt! I love how you added the patchwork borders. Perfect!!!

  283. Bobbie Z. | 4th Feb 21

    I always love a 2 color quilt–cream and red, blue and white, but I also love a scrappy quilt as well. I find your quilt to be breathtaking….stunning. I would love to be the winner of a layer cake of your fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity!

  284. Donna Robertson | 4th Feb 21

    I love this fabric.

  285. Carolyn Kibbe | 4th Feb 21

    I really identify with your style and I think the red and white blockheads quilt is stunning. I appreciate you sharing your talent and blocks with Moda 3 and look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

  286. Kimberly | 4th Feb 21

    Layer cakes are my favorite precut! ❤️

  287. Jeanie | 4th Feb 21

    It’s so beaufiful. I love blue and cream quilts, too!

  288. Wanda Marsh | 4th Feb 21

    I love the colors in this collection and would LOVE to win a layer cake! I have really enjoyed The Moda Blockheads, especially getting to know all the fabulous designers. Is there going to be a Moda Blockheads 4?

  289. Pam Allen | 4th Feb 21

    I really love your red and cream blocks. This sew along has been a very good learning experience for me because I’ve become familiar with all of the inspirational designers and their fabrics. Now I follow many of them and often add to my stash. What fun!!

  290. Teresa | 4th Feb 21

    I love buttercream yellows, in a mixture of solids and small prints. Your red and white is a stunner!

  291. Becky S | 4th Feb 21

    Your Blockheads quilt is so pretty. I love red and white quilts!
    I’m looking forward to sewing with Strawberries & Rhubarb.

  292. Jean Cline | 5th Feb 21

    Oh what fun this journey has been!! Thanks for your inspiration and beautiful designs!!

  293. Kare S | 5th Feb 21

    It was nice getting to know you this year through your blog. TY for the great patterns and color inspo!

  294. Suzette | 5th Feb 21

    I’m pretty new to quilting. Christmas Figs II fabric got me hooked! I love the tones of the reds, greens and creams! ❤️

  295. Amber Z. | 5th Feb 21

    Blue and white quilts are my favorite, but yours has made me “need” to do a red and white quilt. I’ve loved watching yours come together!

  296. Lynn M | 5th Feb 21

    I love your red and white Blockhead Quilt. I have many “favorite” color combinations for quilts for each season but I have yet to make a red & white quilt. You’ve inspired me to get to work on that. Thanks.

  297. Celeste M Rockwell | 5th Feb 21

    What an inspiration this has been! Your quilt is gorteous!

  298. Mary | 5th Feb 21

    Your color palate uplifts me, every time!

  299. Jennifer French | 5th Feb 21

    What a generous and fun giveaway!! I love your quilt. Now off to get that last block finished once I decide on the size!

  300. Anna | 5th Feb 21

    I haven’t done any of the blocks myself (yet), but I love seeing everyone else’s. Very inspiring. I love what different taste everyone has and how beautiful they all end up being regardless of fabric choices that I would never think to pick myself.

  301. Cheri Burry | 6th Feb 21

    I love your quilt! I am new to quilting and just found the MB3 patterns! I can’t wait to start even though I am really late to the game! Thanks for a chance to win!

  302. Lowanda Coulas | 7th Feb 21

    Beautiful art of quilting just found this also

  303. Lowanda Coulas | 7th Feb 21


  304. Sharlene | 7th Feb 21

    I just love love love your fabrics. I would love to win the Layer Cake. Thank you for inspiring so many quilters to make these beautiful quilts and more.

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  306. Linda Bee | 8th Feb 21

    What a labor of love stitching this quilt. I don’t think I could have made it till the end, I love the red and white theme, but always seem to pick blue and purple as my colors for anything I make. I would LOVE to WIN your layer cake as I am just starting to put together a quilt of my own.

  307. Betty | 9th Feb 21

    what wonderful inspirations from everyone! So very clever and all works fantastic together! Thank you for giving me such a huge jump start of ideas I never would have figured out could work. The layer cakse are so beautiful I would love to win for more color choices. thank you for your great help!

  308. Genevieve Van Den Hout | 12th Feb 21

    Thanks for layout idea. Love,love,love your red & white quilt.

  309. Carrie | 12th Feb 21

    I love your quilt and the opportunity to have joined. Thank you

  310. Kim Kingston-Durgin | 22nd Feb 21

    Love your quilt. I like a two color quilt – red and white, blue and white, blue and yellow and so forth. Your quilt is spectacular and I look forward to seeing pictures of it once it is quilted.

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