The Pastry Shoppe

For all those of you who have been waiting patiently, it's finally here and ready to ship……In Houston a few months ago we introduced a new product at market… The Pastry Shoppe. We were a bit surprised at how well received it was, after all its just a regular booklet of patterns. However, it happens to feature 6 new patterns for the incredibly popular new cut good from MODA… the Turnover™.


What on earth is a Turnover™ you might ask, come to think of it, do those wonderful folks at MODA ever name anything a non-food item?  Is a Turnover™ a breakfast yummy or a fabric goodie? Well for our purposes, it is definitely a delight of the fabric variety. Turnovers™ are the newest cut good from MODA, a 6" square that has been cut in half on the diagonal… mind you, all by laser so the results are perfect every time! The result is a wonderful little pack of (80) triangles, 2 of each color from the 40 prints in a collection.  And working with them is so much fun I can't even tell you!

Each pattern in the booklet uses either one set of Turnovers™ or two and some extra yardage for the background, borders or sashings. Each pattern is made out on not only our newest upcoming collection, Patisserie, but also the new upcoming Three Sisters line, Aviary. 

Here's a little peak for you of what's inside this tasty Pastry Shoppe.

Cherry Turnovers….


Butterscotch Swirls…


French Vanilla Rounds…


Apricot Morning Bars…


Summer Fruit Squares…


Baker's Sugar Squares…


Next time we'll give you a peak at the Aviary versions….

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Stephanie | 30th Jan 09

    Love Cherry Turnovers and French Vanilla Rounds. The names fit the projects and the beautiful fabrics!

  2. Sherri | 30th Jan 09

    I love all of the turnover patterns…and the triangles are pre-cut…and I’ve been trying to be patient waiting for “Patisserie” to come out! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful designs!

  3. Sherri | 30th Jan 09

    I can’t seem to find the new book on your website…when will it be available for purchase!

  4. Melissa | 30th Jan 09

    I absolutely LOVE every single one of these patterns! I don’t have a favorite. I want them all!!

  5. joanna figueroa | 30th Jan 09

    You can find The Pastry Shoppe in the products section of our website under our newests patterns and also under the goodies and kits section.

  6. Carrie | 30th Jan 09

    All your quilts are as tempting as their namesakes. I love Pastries, and who can have just one. I think your turnovers are scrumptous.

  7. Silver Scissor Quilts | 30th Jan 09

    Great! More new patterns!

  8. Peddlecar Quilts | 30th Jan 09

    Those quilts are so beautiful,I always want to make every quilt you do, I love them so much

  9. Jodi | 30th Jan 09

    Great patterns!

  10. diana | 1st Feb 09

    After reading your blog I need to go the bakery…yummm….
    They are all beautiful and have inspired me to work in my sewing room on some projects during the big game today!


  11. lovetostitch | 1st Feb 09

    To be perfectly honest, I was hoping to be on a “book diet” but the quilts, the names, and looks all make me feel compelled to break that diet, as any other, when I hear “sweet” things calling my name. Joanna, they are beautiful, and yes I think the book will be a perfect addition to my quilt stash as it looks like it will fit the bill of tempting sweet treats to try. I love so many fabrics and am loving the ease that these patterns bring to be able to use a little piece of each one. Thanks!! I love visiting your blog!! xo

  12. Karin | 1st Feb 09

    Love, love, love Baker’s Sugar Squares. No, Cherry Turnovers. No, French Vanilla Rounds. Ack! I cannot choose. They are all beautiful. 🙂

  13. Michelle | 4th Feb 09

    These are great-looking patterns. Love the cherry turnovers one. Hmm… I gotta go find that recipe of my mom’s for making “mock” cherry turnovers. They are almost as lovely as your quilts!

  14. Penne | 4th Feb 09

    I loved the comment of being on a book diet. Life is such a challenge with being on a food diet, credit diet, book diet, fabric diet, where of where does it end? 🙂 Love all those quilts, they look so soothing, what a wonderful quilt to offer someone who needs some comforting, they would surely get it from any one of those quilts.

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