The real Patisseries

As most of you might already know or have easily guessed, I have a thing for bakeries and pastry shoppes. Now let me be clear and tell you that I love all bakeries of any kind in every country that I have ever visited, in fact I have never been in a bakery that didn't do something for me but there seems to be something extra enchanting about some of the Parisienne bakeries that I have been to. These were the bakeries that inspired my last collection of fabric, aptly named Patisserie, that will hit stores in March, 2009. But after this trip I could easily create another 3-4 yummy  collections inspired by the sights and smells of these wonderful little shoppes….

I think maybe pictures will tell a better story than words.

Little Slices of Heaven….

Look at all those lucky shoppers…
Little morsels of handmade marzipan fruits. Not inexpensive that's for sure but that's because each one is dyed and handmade…
Have you ever seen meringue that looked yummier…
Those famous French goodies, known as macarons, made famous by Laduree

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  1. Ariadna | 18th Dec 08

    I am so happy that you had the chance to visit LaDuree, wonderful place, amazing patisseries.

  2. Patty | 18th Dec 08

    I love the Fig fabrics. Now I see where you get your inspiration. Everything is so beautiful, I would never want to leave.

  3. Carrie | 18th Dec 08

    Oh my, I can totally see your fabrics in those “Little Slices of Heaven”. I will take 3 yards of the fruit one in the middle.
    I wouldn’t want to use it all up at once.


  4. amber johnson | 18th Dec 08

    Beautiful photos. I especially love #1 and #3. It would be so fun to see some of your fabrics in those wonderful bright colors. The marzipan fruits are so darling. That is so great that you were able to go to Paris. Sounds amazing.

  5. josie | 19th Dec 08

    Simply DELICIOUS!!!!
    These goodies are NOT from the local grocery store bakery. I can see where your inspiriation comes from!
    Joyeux Noel!!

  6. annie from San Diego | 22nd Dec 08

    Oh no….I think I gained five pounds just peeking. Oh those French!!!! What joy, what deliciousness. But I had better stick to the calories found in your fabrics instead (G)!!!! Happy holidays and thanks for the chance to shop where the “tres chic” get their goodies!!! XXX Annie

  7. Nika | 25th Dec 08

    My dear!!!! Marry Christmas!!! Love from Russia Nika

  8. Tif | 26th Dec 08

    Yum! Inspiring indeed!!!

    I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!!!!

  9. Camille | 6th Jan 09

    I think others would agree with me on this one- 3 weeks is too long to go without a post from you! Hope you are doing great!


  10. sammyjo | 8th Jan 09

    wow! i wish my baking looked that good!

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