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Daily Archives: December 17, 2008

The real Patisseries

As most of you might already know or have easily guessed, I have a thing for bakeries and pastry shoppes. Now let me be clear and tell you that I love all bakeries of any kind in every country that I have ever visited, in fact I have never been in a bakery that didn't do something for me but there seems to be something extra enchanting about some of the Parisienne bakeries that I have been to. These were the bakeries that inspired my last collection of fabric, aptly named Patisserie, that will hit stores in March, 2009. But after this trip I could easily create another 3-4 yummy  collections inspired by the sights and smells of these wonderful little shoppes…. I think maybe pictures will tell a better story than words. Little Slices of Heaven…. Look at all those lucky shoppers&#8230…