They’re Heeeeeere!

I know our new pattern release has been unusually delayed given everything going on with my dad and I would like to thank all of you who have been waiting so patiently! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

The 5 new quilt patterns are here and have started shipping to stores and distributors as of yesterday! Yeah!!

They are also now available on our website as of late last night! Yeah again!! Look under NEWEST DESIGNS for all 8 of the new patterns!



LIBERTY BOY: Perfect for today but you can work on it for Labor Day or next year just as well!



CINDERELLA PUMPKINS: Easily my favorite time of year and its never too early to start on a fall project.



MARIGOLDS: A wonderful way to use up a couple charm packs of your favorite collection. Love, love the feel of circles with nothing but squares and triangles!



SPARKLE: Easily the most simple design in this group, Sparkle is already on its way to being a best seller! Super simple method with no y-seams or anything else difficult. Can't go wrong with this one in either the cream, the plum or the single table topper version!



PINEAPPLE & FIGS: My absolute favorite in this grouping. Have always loved pineapple blocks and just couldn't resist making this one out of our new TAPESTRY fabric. This method will just amaze you with how basic and simple it is. I promise. Each block is literally a set of 5 sizes of square and 5 sizes of rectangle. If you have ever wanted to make a pineapple block, I guarantee that this is it!




The 3 FIG TREE THREAD patterns are about a week behind and are on their way back from the printer as we speak. We will let you know as soon as these arrive in the office! 



ESCARGOT: The newest in our menagerie of animal projects. These cute little snails are fun to make and are just too cute to resist… we think. And the name, well the name just cracks me up to no end. Maybe I'm the only one…



BLOSSOMS & JAM: A great way to play with your favorite charm pack or those brand new MODA CANDY squares if you are lucky enough to get some. These are perfect as table toppers, desk decorators [I have 2 of them on my desk at the moment] or as placemats. Super simple to assemble and then try your hand at a little curved binding. You can do it!



SUNDAY COVER-UPS: A quick and perfect way to dress up any dining room chair before company gets here. At our house these get used any time we want to add something special to a dinner occasion. We have sashes of different colors and for different holidays and change them out often. This is a great beginning sewing project.



If you are purchasing patterns from our site, we will start shipping them out starting tomorrow. You can also feel free to purchase the FIG TREE THREADS patterns now if you like and we can either hold your order until complete or ship in 2 batches [let us know in the special instructions section of the order what you would prefer to do. If we don't hear from you, we will hold until complete].






I am off to make some Black Eyed Pea Salad/Dip… otherwise known as Texas Caviar. We love it around here and can consume it by the bowl full. Literally. If you've never tried it, you might wanna [many recipes for it can be found online. I recommend adding in a bunch of fresh veggies along with the canned ones].

We included our favorite recipe for it in our FRESH VINTAGE #12. Just in case you'd like to try it out. That and a bunch of really cool quilt patterns LOL!

Happy Celebrating!

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  1. | 4th Jul 12

    I love the Pineapple & Figs and the Blossoms & Jam is so sweet! But all of them are awesome – great job!

  2. wanda | 4th Jul 12

    I can’t wait for escargot!!!When I spotted it in your video I knew it was a must sew! Blossoms and jam would make wonderful gifts, love the pineapple and fig,and sparkle and just all of them.Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and for you sharing your creativity!

  3. Phyllis | 4th Jul 12

    I’m really fond of the Blossoms and Jam!

  4. Evelyn | 4th Jul 12

    Sparkle caught my eye first, with the rest close behind.

  5. Jodi | 4th Jul 12

    I would have to say that Pineapple & Figs and Blossoms & Jam are my favorite. They would be fun to make.

  6. Sarah | 4th Jul 12

    I just love Sparkle! Of course, Escargot is dang adorable, too! 🙂

  7. Karen | 4th Jul 12

    Pineapple and Figs with Sparkle a very close second.

  8. Tracey S. | 4th Jul 12

    I LOVE cinderella pumpkins and Pineapple and Figs!! What great patterns. I have always loved pineapple quilts too. Really I love them all. Happy 4th!!

  9. Heather | 4th Jul 12

    My two favorites are Blossoms and Jam and Pineapple and Figs.

    I have a question though. Will you be putting these out as PDF patterns? I’m in Canada and if I can avoid shipping charges I try to.

  10. Sandy A in St. Louis | 4th Jul 12

    Oh my so hard to choose! I HAVE to go with Liberty Boy ans my number one choice. I love any pattern that has a Scottie on it! 😛 And since it is this is Independence Day (and I love Star blocks!) my number two choice it Sparkle.

    Thanks for the chance to win them!

  11. Mah from Sisters' Quilting Trunk | 4th Jul 12

    They are wonderful Joanna. Life does happen and all will understand I am sure. Wishing you and your family a wonderful day.

  12. Anna | 4th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Blossoms & Jam, please. (I kinda like Sparkle, too : )

  13. Darcy | 4th Jul 12

    I love Escargot the best, but I want to make many of them! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. Angie | 4th Jul 12

    I love them all! I guess my favorites are Sparkle and Blossoms and Jam! Thank you so much! Happy 4th of July!

  15. Darlis Johns | 4th Jul 12

    Love the Pumpkins and Blossoms and Jam. Thank you for the chance.

  16. Cheryl | 4th Jul 12

    I’m in love with Marigolds and Pineapple and Figs – can’t wait to get my greedy little mitts on them:-)

  17. Laura | 4th Jul 12

    I want to make the blossoms and jam table topper. I love the scalloped edges.

  18. Diana | 4th Jul 12

    I love Blossoms and Jam…..but the sweet Liberty Boy is a very, very close second!!

  19. Nicola | 4th Jul 12

    In love with Pineapple & Figs! Happy 4th to you and your family, Joanna x

  20. Donna | 4th Jul 12

    I love the Sunday Cover Up. Yet how could I resist the Blossoms and Jam Table Topper. Decisions, decisions!

  21. Anne D | 4th Jul 12

    That are all gorgeous as always but I love sparkle. I must have it!

  22. Gabriella | 4th Jul 12

    I love all the patterns but my fave are Marigolds and Sparkle.
    Today I have received your last book Joanna and it’s just wonderful.The best book of quilting and sewing I have in my sewing room!!!!
    Great job !!!!!

  23. DebrafromMD | 4th Jul 12

    I like all of the patterns but my favorite is Liberty Boy.

  24. Kathie | 4th Jul 12

    Sparkle and Marigolds are my two favorites!! Both are beautiful. Thank you also for the prairie point flour sack directions. I am definately doing some of these for my favorite people!!

  25. Jill Neely | 4th Jul 12

    I love, love, love Marigolds. I am so addicted to your fabric & designs that I am decorating my guest room with all things Fig Tree.

  26. Rebecca Woods | 4th Jul 12

    I loooooovvvveeeee Sparkle!!! It is gorgeous. Blossoms and Jam is super cute too though. Really tough decision. I am currently very impatiently waiting for your book to be delivered. I hate waiting :-). Thankyou for designing more gorgeous patterns for us to make 🙂

  27. Laura | 4th Jul 12

    I love the Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkins. I also love the snail. They are all great and have been waiting for them to show up. :). Happy 4 th.

  28. CJ | 4th Jul 12

    OH MY!! The two that I want to make first – Sparkle and Pineapple & Figs.
    Happy 4th!

  29. Cecilia | 4th Jul 12

    My 2 favorites are Sparkle and Marigolds. Although all of the patterns are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  30. Kell | 4th Jul 12

    Marigolds & Sparkle are my two favorites but all the other patterns are gorgeous too. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  31. Kristen Sanderson | 4th Jul 12

    Blossoms and Jam and Pineapple and Figs are my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Linda Douglas | 4th Jul 12

    Hello! My favorite is “Marigolds”!
    Thank you FOR SHARING!

  33. Ginny Worden | 4th Jul 12

    This certainly isn’t easy, but I would have to say Marigolds, and Pineapples and Figs are my two favorite, at least they are today, who knows what I would say tomorrow.

  34. Veronica | 4th Jul 12

    I love the first two Fig Threads, Escargot and Blossom & Jam.
    Beautiful patterns!

  35. Kelli | 4th Jul 12

    OMG! I am literally going nutso about the Pineapple & Figs pattern. And your Blossoms & Jam would be PERFECT for a Christmas gift for my mom. (Yes, I’m already thinking Christmas.) She needs a table topper for her plain round kitchen table. I think the scalloped edge makes it extra special!

  36. Tracey Holdyk | 4th Jul 12

    Firstly I think its a bit mean that we can only two choose LOL! I love Marigolds and Blossoms & Jam but seriously that Escargot is just way too cute to pass up.
    Thanks for the chance

  37. Toni DeStaffino | 4th Jul 12

    Oh! They’re all so adorable, it really is difficult to choose just…or two! I do love Blossoms and Jam and the Cinderella Pumpkins though!
    Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

  38. Wendy | 4th Jul 12

    LOVE the new patterns – forced to choose I would have to say Sparkle and Marigolds are my favorite!!

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  39. Marge | 4th Jul 12

    I love Marigolds! My favorite for sure.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I need to get me some California Girl! My favorite since Dandelion Girl!

  40. Kym | 4th Jul 12

    I love Marigolds but they’re all gorgeous! Will your patterns be available as PDF downloads soon? Being in Australia it’s easier than shipping. Thanks.

  41. Sallie | 4th Jul 12

    Sparkle is my favorite and I also really like Blossoms & Jam! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  42. Tracy | 4th Jul 12

    I just love Escargot, too cut! Then Blossoms &Jam too! Wee really just all of them!

  43. janita | 4th Jul 12

    sunday cover up and the pineapple and figs. Everything is sweet as always miss Joanna. fig tree dreaming now! janita

  44. Alice S | 4th Jul 12

    I would love to make the Sunday cover up exactly as you have it shown.

  45. Darlene | 4th Jul 12

    A favorite or two? Oh my! I’m crazy about Marigolds and Pineapple & Figs. Wait, wait, come back here, two favorites – Pineapple & Figs and Marigolds. OK, I think I’ve made my decision. LOL

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  46. Jenny | 4th Jul 12

    liberty boy and escargot are my faves…thanks for allowing a second pick! i love love love you stamp patterns.

  47. Jennifer C | 4th Jul 12

    Yeah! Thank you. I can’t wait to get my hands on Marigolds, although Sparkle is lovely as well. And I already have California Girl Charms to make!

  48. Linda K | 4th Jul 12

    Wonderful patterns! I’m liking Liberty Boy and Marigolds!!Thanks for the chance to win!! How exciting!!

  49. Jan S | 4th Jul 12

    I like Blossom and Jam. The scalloped edge really makes it!

  50. Laila Skauge | 4th Jul 12

    Sparkle and Marigold are my favorites among your lovely patterns.
    Happy sewing,

  51. Lin Mee | 4th Jul 12

    Hard to choose! Marigolds is my favorite. The pineapple is beautiful.

  52. Dana | 4th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Pineapple and Fig are my fav’s! Of course, Sparkle is pretty cute, too!

  53. MonicaP | 4th Jul 12

    It’s so difficult to choose a favorite or even two….They are all wonderful. I really like Liberty Boy and escargot, so I choose those two. Happy Independence Day!

  54. Janan | 4th Jul 12

    I have to say “Blossoms and Jam” and “Pineapple & Figs” are my favorites from these new patterns. You are always so giving to all your readers. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Have a blessed and safe 4th of July!

  55. Sarah N | 4th Jul 12

    My two favorites would be Escargot and Sparkle – but they are all beautiful.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  56. Beth | 4th Jul 12

    I love “liberty boy” and “cinderella pumpkin”. I love the whole vintage stamp patterns! All the new patterns are FABULOUS!

  57. Karen M | 4th Jul 12

    Happy 4th of July! I love the new patterns. Thank you for the great tutorial on prairie points on the flour sack towels. I’m excited to try them. My two favorite patterns are Blossoms and Jam and Pineapple and Figs. Tapestry looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in the shops. Thanks, Karen M

  58. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 4th Jul 12

    Pineapple & Figs for sure is my favorite and then Sparkle is a very close second favorite.

  59. Jodie | 4th Jul 12

    They are all super cute but marigolds and blossoms & jams would be my favorite.

  60. Shannon Wallace | 4th Jul 12

    You have the prettiest fabrics and patterns! :o) Cheerful colors and styles!!! I especially love Sparkle and Blossoms & Jam. I love that your patterns are charm and fat quarter friendly!!!!

    Have a Blessed Independence Day!

  61. Anita | 4th Jul 12

    Escargot, it is so cute and my nearly 8 year old daughter would love to give it a go. Happy fourth of July.

  62. Sandy M | 4th Jul 12

    My favs must be the pineapple & figs, as well as the Marigold… Although I do love them all!

  63. Jessie | 4th Jul 12

    Love the pineapple and figs pattern. I have always wanted to make a pineapple quilt but have been to afraid to try.

  64. caraquilts | 4th Jul 12

    I love Liberty Boy and tea and jam the best! Glad you’re feeling up to climbing back onto the mountain of work you no doubt have ready for you!

  65. Johanna | 4th Jul 12

    Sparkle and Marigolds are both calling me! I love them all but, I need to limit myself so I have funds to buy your fabrics too!

  66. Lynda H | 4th Jul 12

    love the cinderella pumpkins and sparkle!

  67. Becky S. | 4th Jul 12

    Beautiful new patterns!!! Pineapple & Figs and Sparkle are my favorites.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Florence SCHNEIDER | 4th Jul 12

    They are all great !!! I love Sparkle very, very much and l’escargot is too cute !
    Thank you for the chance to win !

  69. Wendy | 4th Jul 12

    My 2 choices are Sparkle and Escargot! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  70. SoozeM | 4th Jul 12

    I love them all but Marigold, Sparkle, and Pineapple and Figs are my favourites (sorry I couldn’t limit it to just 2!!).

  71. Karen W | 4th Jul 12

    Pineapple and figs is also my favorite. Would love to try that pattern in batiks. Thanks for the chance to win.


  72. Pepe | 5th Jul 12

    Cinderella pumpkins and Blossom and jam!

    P.S. Sunday cover up is too interesting for a shabby house, when the chair is too beautiful (iron chair, for example) to cover it all, but, of course, you have to use shabby colours! 🙂

  73. jean | 5th Jul 12

    I love marigold and all the stamps collection! Lovely patterns!

    Thank you!

  74. Christine | 5th Jul 12

    My favourites are Sparkle and Marigolds but they are all lovely.

  75. Kandy | 5th Jul 12

    Cinderella Pumpkins and Marigolds are two quilt patterns I would just love to try out. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

    Please, please can your patterns be made available as downloadable PDF’s for those of us that need instant gratification?!

    Keeping my fingers crossed I win;-p

  76. Janice | 5th Jul 12

    Love the Stamp Collection quilts, Sparkle and Blossom and Jam!

  77. Cheryl B. | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle and escargot are my favorites, but they are all so lovely!

  78. Sharon | 5th Jul 12

    I love the Sparkle pattern!

  79. Susan | 5th Jul 12

    I love Sparkle and Marigold! I spotted those in your video from quilt market as my favorites!

  80. Joanne L. | 5th Jul 12

    Liberty Boy is just TOO cute!
    and I also love escargot…a little joke between my daughter (who lived for a year in France) and myself!

  81. Agnes B. Bullock | 5th Jul 12

    Liberty Boy and Sunday Cover Up are my favorites! (Why did you have to make us choose? So unfair- Escargot is too cute for words)

  82. Sheryl F. | 5th Jul 12

    Marigolds and pineapple & figs are my favorite. The are all beautiful.

  83. Brenda | 5th Jul 12

    If I’m forced to choose only two…Midnight Sparkle and Marigolds.

  84. Pattie Crum | 5th Jul 12

    I have to choose Pineapple and Figs too. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt with the pineapple block. This looks like my chance.

  85. Amy | 5th Jul 12

    I really love Pineapple & Figs! Marigold is very nice too. Can’t wait to make them both. Heck, I love all your patterns and fabrics. The colors just make me happy.

  86. Carrie P. | 5th Jul 12

    Oh, they are all great! Liberty boy and Cinderella pumpkins are my favorite because I love to applique.

  87. Suzy McQ | 5th Jul 12

    Congrats on the new patterns, they are wonderful and so very special! My favorite is the Sunday Cover-Up. It’s simple, but ingenious. I’d love to make some for my porch chairs.

  88. Suzanne Williams | 5th Jul 12

    Hello and thank you for this contest. Sparkle and Pineapple and Figs are my choices but they are all wonderful patterns. I just love your California Girl line. Good job!

  89. carmen attie | 5th Jul 12

    sparkle is my favorite (was waiting for it since I saw your market pictures)!

  90. cynthia | 5th Jul 12

    I adore all your patterns, but I am ready to cut out Pineapple and Figs as soon as I can!

  91. Karen | 5th Jul 12

    I love the new postage stamp quilts! They are all on my to buy list! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  92. Pamela | 5th Jul 12

    Oh they are all so cute, hard to choose. I think I’ll go with Sparkle and Cinderella Pumpkins.

  93. Kathryn Gagne | 5th Jul 12

    I love Blossoms & Jam and Cinderella Pumpkins. You continue to dazzle with your fabric & patterns. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.

  94. Kris | 5th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Sparkle are my favorites, they all look great!

  95. Marit | 5th Jul 12

    My faves ase Marigold and Blossom & Jam!

  96. Nancy L | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle is my favorite, but Marigolds is close behind! They are all great patterns-thanks for the giveaway!!

  97. Lauren JH | 5th Jul 12

    Pineapple and Figs (and Sunday Coverups)! Thanks for the giveaway. And from one who has lost a parent and is losing another to Alzheimer’s, spend all the time that you can with your dad! Work will be here when you can get to it!

  98. Sue | 5th Jul 12

    So happy your patterns are on their way , I like the Blossoms and Jam but all are great, as usual. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  99. Judy B | 5th Jul 12

    I like all of the new patterns! Pineapple and Figs is my favorite. Escargot is clever and fun! Thank you!

  100. Diane | 5th Jul 12

    I adore pineapple and figs. It displays your fabric line beautifully.

  101. Sandy N. | 5th Jul 12

    Love them all but Sparkle and Marigolds are my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win. 🙂

  102. Jennifer Gwyn | 5th Jul 12

    I’ve been waiting for Marigold. I have my eye on it for a gift to my MIL. I’ve already got a couple of Tapestry layer cakes, so I’m ready to go!! Thanks!

  103. Martha | 5th Jul 12

    Ohhh which one, I believe I’ll choose the marigold quilt pattern and the cinderella pumpkin stamp pattern. All are gorgeous!!

  104. tamara hecko | 5th Jul 12

    PINEAPPLE & FIGS is amazing, I have never made a quilt this intricate but would love to give it a try. All the new patterns are lovely, thanks for the giveaway!

  105. carol fun | 5th Jul 12

    Oh I would love to add Marigolds and Blossom and Jam to my ever growing collection of wonderful Fig Tree patterns.

  106. Mary | 5th Jul 12

    My two-year-old granddaughter’s new favorite word is fantastic, and that’s exactly how I’d describe your new patterns. It’s very hard to choose a favorite, but I’ll say Sparkle is my favorite followed closely by Marigolds followed very closely by all the rest!

  107. Linda | 5th Jul 12

    Marigolds is my fave

  108. Heidi | 5th Jul 12

    Blossoms and Jam is my favorite, but they are all lovely as usual!!!

  109. Nancy B | 5th Jul 12

    After much thought I pick “Blossoms & Jam” as my favorite. Thanks for the give a way.

  110. | 5th Jul 12

    I love the Pineapple and Figs! It has never been one of my favorite blocks but in those colors – beautiful!!! Also, the Blossoms and Jam and what a great way to try curved binding!!! Congrats on a great collection!

  111. Sève | 5th Jul 12

    What wonderful colors ! Sunday cover up and Blossom & Jam are the patterns that I’d like the most for decorating my home at now.
    Thank you for these wonderful patterns !

  112. NQuinn | 5th Jul 12

    Blossoms & Jam and the Marigolds Quilt are my favorite. I can’t wait for the new Tapestry line to come out. I’m actually thinking of using Tapestry to make your Rosettes quilt pattern. Thanks for all your wonderful designs!

  113. Carolyn Stracik | 5th Jul 12

    I think Sparkle sparkles! And Blossoms and Jam is so fun – I love table toppers! Lovely designs – all of them! Carolyn

  114. Judith Diani | 5th Jul 12

    I love all of the quilt patterns, especially Marigold! Would love to try it with charm squares. Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. Emma | 5th Jul 12

    I would love to make Sunday Cover-ups and Blossoms & Jam together, to brighten my kitchen and hide our ugly/broken dining room chairs!

    All great patterns!

  116. Joanne G | 5th Jul 12

    My favorite is Marigolds with Blossoms and Jam close behind!! Since I have two young children, we will need to make Escargot! I love the name too:)
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  117. Judith H | 5th Jul 12

    I really like the Pineapple & Figs Pattern and Marigolds. But they all are beautiful.

  118. Kay Mc | 5th Jul 12

    I really like Marigold & Sparkle, but Pineapple & Figs looks like a fun quilt to make, too. Always like your designs.

  119. Kathi Schaffer | 5th Jul 12

    LOVE Sparkles – just can’t decide whether the dark or light version is my favorite! will probably need to do both!

  120. Clara | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle and Blossoms and Jam would be my choices, if limited to two. Thanks, again, for some delightful ideas. Table toppers have become a favorite sewing project. Small enough to take to appointments when sewing on the binding.

    Thanks for a chance to win your newest releases.

  121. Sarah Anderson | 5th Jul 12

    I love them all. Really. But if I could go to the store and just ick two it would be Cinderella Pumpkin because my boy loves pumpkins. And Sparkle. I know it’s a table topper but it made me wonder if it could be modified to a bed size? Smiles and thanks for sharing your talent and creativity with us!

  122. Janelle J | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle was instantly my favorite! I love both colorways. Pineapple and Figs is a great one too. I might do that really scrappy. Thanks!

  123. Libby | 5th Jul 12

    I love the SPARKLE and PINEAPPLE and FIGS ~ I love them all. They are all wonderful ~

  124. Havasu Patti | 5th Jul 12

    Pineapple and Tapestry are winners to me and I can’t wait to get both!

  125. LeAnne L | 5th Jul 12

    Escargot is really cute. I love pineapple quilts so of course I like Pineapple and Figs

  126. Marcia | 5th Jul 12

    Awwwww liberty boy is just precious. How exciting!

  127. ritainalaska | 5th Jul 12

    ‘sparkle’ and ‘blossom and jam’ are my favs of all your new patterns. and ‘escaragot’ got a big smile! thanx for the chance to win them.

  128. Diane | 5th Jul 12

    I love Liberty Boy! How cute is that! And Marigold and Sparkle and I love them all!

  129. Gerrie | 5th Jul 12

    I absolutely love the Pineapple & Figs quilt! And I adore the Blossoms & Jam table mat. Your fabrics and patterns are the best!

  130. Dawn Moore | 5th Jul 12

    My favorite is Sparkle.


  131. Kelly Kiel | 5th Jul 12

    All of them are wonderful, but my favorites are Marigolds and Liberty Boy! Thank you for the giveaway!

  132. Carolyn | 5th Jul 12

    I think they are all adorable but, Pineapple and Fig and Marigolds are going on my must have list. Thanks for the chance to win.

  133. Pam | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle I am loving it. Escargot is going to be a great craft to do with the kids. Your so clever.

  134. Kathy R | 5th Jul 12

    I love Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkins! Adorable!

  135. FrancesB | 5th Jul 12

    I especially like Pineapple & Figs, but Blossoms & Jam (with its scalloped border) is quite nice as well…

  136. Tania Hansen | 5th Jul 12

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkins so I can start on my quilt that I am planning on with the postage stamps 1/2 sized and set wonky. But now I’m worried you are going to come out with more of them!!! i guess I will make pillows with any others you might create. But seriously, love these two new additions, especially since 4th of july is my favorite holiday. Keep them coming!

  137. patty Flynn | 5th Jul 12

    I’m always a sucker for a pineapple quilt, but think I like sparkle the best
    The escargot also–may want to try a crafty project rather than a quilt

  138. | 5th Jul 12

    Im loving Sparkle and Marigolds! Would look lovely with some Christmas prints added in there! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  139. Polly Hada | 5th Jul 12

    Sure glad you allowed to choose two. And even that’s hard! But LOVE Pineapples and Figs and Liberty boy -he’s adorable! Fingers crossed!

  140. Tami | 5th Jul 12

    Hi Joanne,
    Definitely Marigolds and Escargot are my favorite patterns in this group! Hope you and your family had a fabulous 4th of July holiday….thank you for the chance to win!!

  141. shelly W | 5th Jul 12

    I love love love the Marigolds quilt. The fabrics are so pretty

  142. Linda W | 5th Jul 12

    What a wonderful group of patterns! My absolute favorite is Liberty Boy. It reminds me of our son (now 40) marching with his Grandpa in the Memorial Day Parade many years ago. Win or lose, that one’s on my list!!

  143. Margie F. | 5th Jul 12

    My favorite is Marigolds. Can’t wait to try it out. BTW, all the patterns are awesome.

  144. Julie | 5th Jul 12

    I love Blossom and Jam! All of the patterns are beautiful as usual though. Thank you for the chance to win!

  145. Mary Deckert | 5th Jul 12

    I’ve been waiting for Marigold since I saw your post with it in California Girl fabric. I’ve got a pile of C.G. just waiting! I also LOVE Marigold!

  146. Nichole | 5th Jul 12

    Pinapple and Figs, and Sparkle! And, I really,really like Blossom and Jam ! I’d love to try them all though 🙂

  147. Malissa | 5th Jul 12

    They are all just BEAUTIFUL. Sparkle wins my top vote followed closely by pineapple and figs or is it the other way around……The fabric line is to die for…..Can I just move into the store?????? Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Quilting!!!!

  148. Hildy | 5th Jul 12

    Only two? That’s hard;-) My favorite quilt pattern is sparkle and as sewing pattern I would pick Escargot, he’s so cute!
    Thanks for the giveaway and greetings from germany, Hildy

  149. Claudia | 5th Jul 12

    Oh, hands down my favorites are Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkins. Thanks for the giveaway.

  150. Carol Y | 5th Jul 12

    I like Cinderella Pumpkins!

  151. Marguerite Guinn | 5th Jul 12

    Blossoms & Jam and Marigolds are both cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. Anna | 5th Jul 12

    Marigold and Sparkle for me! All are just lovely!

    Love your site. The colors are just wonderful.

  153. Meredith F. | 5th Jul 12

    I love the Sparkle quilt and the Sunday cover up!

  154. Jannette | 5th Jul 12

    Choosing two isn’t any easier than picking just one! BUT, after deliberating for a LONG time, I’ve narrowed it down to Sparkle and Escargot.
    Now I’m off to look for that recipe!

  155. Diana | 5th Jul 12

    LOVE the escargot, how darn cute!! Might even try applique as I love Cinderella Pumpkin. Love your blog, thanks for the giveaway.

  156. Miss Jean | 5th Jul 12

    First of all I LOVE Liberty Boy! We are parents of a Navy Officer and we also own a Scottie so there you go!!! It’s like you were reading my mind! I love Pineapple and Figs. Have always wanted to try my hand at one.

  157. | 5th Jul 12

    Love all your new patterns! My favorite is Sparkle and Blossoms & Jam. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.

  158. Amy DeCesare | 5th Jul 12

    “Give me Liberty Boy or give me”…Marigolds! {Just joking, not demanding.} Such a sweet collection of patterns! They all look like they would be fun to make!

  159. Tiffany | 5th Jul 12

    My fav is Marigolds with Escargot as a very close second! Lovely patterns!

  160. Sharon | 5th Jul 12

    Love them ALL, but especially Blossoms and Jam & Sparkle. Happy day after the 4th!

  161. Siobhan | 5th Jul 12

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Marigolds, but I love Pineapple & Figs, too! I love pineapple log cabin quilts–especially if they’re easy to do!

  162. Celeste | 5th Jul 12

    I love the sparkle & marigold. All your patterns are beautiful though.

  163. Paty Z | 5th Jul 12

    I´m in love with your vintage stamp colllection. I absolutely love each one of them and I think that a quilt made with all of them would be awesome. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway.

  164. Shawn | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle is my favorite then marigold. I need both. Thanks for a chance to win.

  165. Christine Diamond | 5th Jul 12

    I don’t think I can choose just two!

  166. Anne S | 5th Jul 12

    Pineapple & Figs is my #1 for sure … love, love, LOVE it! And Blossoms & Jam is my #2 – all of the fabrics are just beautiful. Thanks so much!

  167. Mindy Bruce | 5th Jul 12

    The Sparkle quilt is so amazing! I am also totally smitten with that ADORABLE Escargot snail!! My 2 yr old would LOVE to cuddle him! 🙂 They are all so beautiful!

  168. Carol Holmquist | 5th Jul 12

    My very favorite is Escargot!

  169. Susan | 5th Jul 12

    How can I choose just one….such a fan! I love the Blossoms and Jam. Would make great placemats.

  170. Janet Ann | 5th Jul 12

    LOVE all of the new patterns … but …. Sparkle … Sparkle …. Sparkle! Wins hands down for me! Wonderful collection … also like escargot – just way too cute!!.

  171. Karen Peterson | 5th Jul 12

    My favorite is blossoms and Jam; just the perfect size for my to actually make it 😉

  172. Delcia | 5th Jul 12

    Thanks for letting us choose 2–Marigolds and Blossoms and Jam strike my fancy. But secretly I just love Escargot–cute little critter–so much nicer than the sticky, slimy ones I find eating my gourd foliage lately!

  173. Marianne | 5th Jul 12

    Pineapple & Figs and the Marigold really caught my eye! Great new patterns!

  174. rebecca | 5th Jul 12

    Blossoms and jams is a yummy new pattern!!

  175. Kathleen B | 5th Jul 12

    Oh, they are all so adorable! But it’s got to be Liberty Boy. Anything that’s patriotic and has a puppy in it tugs at my heart! See ‘About’ in my profile for contact info. Thanks for a great giveaway, Joanna! 🙂

  176. Brenda | 5th Jul 12

    Choose?!?! That’s just mean! I really like them all, but I think the “liberty boy” and “sparkle” are my favorites. (followed quickly by the pineapples and the escargot)

    I had seen pics of the “sparkle” quilt at KC, and thought it was just beautiful. I haven’t changed my mind!

  177. Gwen W | 5th Jul 12

    I have always loved the pineapple pattern – so Pineapples & Figs is perfect! And Escargot is adorable!

  178. Kathie | 5th Jul 12

    I really like Blossoms and Jam and Marigold, although they are all beautiful!

  179. Krystena | 5th Jul 12

    Escargot….the name makes me giggle too!

  180. Pat Conner | 5th Jul 12

    The Liberty Boy with the Scottie is a wonderful reminder of a very favorite member no longer with us but very much loved! Best of the best for you and yours. Pat C.

  181. Rebecca Bird | 5th Jul 12

    I am a sucker for stars so Sparkle would have to be my favourite…..but I do love them all!

  182. Lori | 5th Jul 12

    CInderella Pumpkins and marigolds- a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

  183. Anna | 5th Jul 12

    I love Blossom and Jam and Sunday Coverup. Sunday Coverup sure gets the mind going. What a fun project. And Blossom and Jam would make awesome Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the inspiration. As usual, I am so inspired to start sewing. Sure wish there were more hours in the day.

  184. Helen LeBrett | 5th Jul 12

    I love the Marigolds pattern and the Escargot: that one looks so fun!!!

  185. Sandra Davidson | 5th Jul 12

    I love them all but I would love to try Marigolds and I also like Blossom and Jam would make cute christmas gifts
    This is a wonderful new collection as usual. Blessings and prayers for your Dad.

  186. Beverly Lawler | 5th Jul 12

    I love the Pineapple and Fig pattern! Thanks for the chance to win! Love all you fabrics and patterns!

  187. terry | 5th Jul 12

    I love Pineapple and Figs and marigold. But I love most all of your patterns. Thanks for the giveaway

  188. Marjory W. | 5th Jul 12

    I love Pineapple and Figs, and also Blossoms and Jam (although I must say that Escargot is awfully cute.)

  189. Patti | 5th Jul 12

    The Blossoms and Jam pattern is lovely..but Escargot is very cute! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  190. Terri U | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle, Pineapple and Figs and Marigolds are my favorites.

  191. Marlene R. Leonardo | 5th Jul 12

    My favorite patterns are Sparkle (love those stars!) and Blossoms & Jam (this one can be used anywhere!).
    Great patterns…I hope I win. 🙂

  192. Lois | 5th Jul 12

    Pineapple and Figs is my favorite but I also like Blossoms and Jam. Would like to try my hand at the scalloped edge. Great patterns!

  193. Barbara | 5th Jul 12

    I like the Blossoms and Jam, and Liberty Boy but really like ESCARGOT.

  194. Deb F. | 5th Jul 12

    I adore Sparkle and the Sunday Cover-Up – and Escargot. Take care.

  195. Nurse Payne | 5th Jul 12

    Only two !!!!!????? Ok……Cinderella pumpkins and sparkle 🙂 Nurse Payne

  196. Joanna | 5th Jul 12

    I love Liberty Boy, Marigold and Blossoms and Jam (couldn’t stop at 2.) Love them all, really, but have to say your names are part of the charm.

  197. Linda Arsenault | 5th Jul 12

    Love the Pineapples and Figs and Marigolds. Oh which to do first?? Maybe both!!! Linda

  198. Vicky Rude | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle, Pineapples and Figs and Blossoms and Jam. I am sorry I could not limit my favorites to two choices. Beautiful,

  199. Patty | 5th Jul 12

    My favorite is Sparkle!

  200. GG | 5th Jul 12

    The patterns I chose are Marigolds & Pineapple & Figs. They look fabulous!

  201. Paula Abay | 5th Jul 12

    They are all absolutely wonderful. But since I HAVE to choose only 2, then Marigolds and Sparkle are it. Love Texas caviar too, especially since I’m from TX!!

  202. Grace | 5th Jul 12

    They are all quite lovely and it was hard to pick just two, but if need be Marigolds and Pineapple. They both have a sort of movement that is just so eye catching.

  203. Kris of dandelion quilts | 5th Jul 12

    Sparkle! Blossom and jam is cute, too. Thanks for the chance to win from you favorite fig tree addict. 🙂

  204. Toni Anne | 5th Jul 12

    Pick only 2? That’s really not fair, easier said than done. First pick Sparkle, I love star quilts. I’ve always wanted to make a pineapple quilt, so second choice is Pineapple and Figs. I can keep going. ;-> Thanks so much for the generous giveaway and for letting us dream. Toni Anne

  205. Barb Walsh | 5th Jul 12

    Hi I love Marigolds and Pineapple and Figs. I’ve always wanted to make a pineapple quilt this could be it. Thanks for more wonderful patterns.

  206. Susan | 5th Jul 12

    Hands down – it’s the pineapple pattern for me. I made a scrappy pineapple lap quilt for my mother about 15 years ago, using 1 + 1/2 inch strips, and have always wanted to make another one for me. This time it will be a bed-sized project – simply too nice to hang on a wall or over a chair. Thanks for your delightfully bright and happy fabrics, and sweet patterns, Joanna!

  207. Janice | 5th Jul 12

    Love the Marigolds pattern! Just what I have been thinking of. Also, love the Sunday Coverup. My daughter has been hinting around for new chair covers…..did she talk to you??? Love all your patterns. Still working on the California Girl Spring quilt….Thanks.

  208. Beth | 5th Jul 12

    My favorites are Sparkle and Escargot ( I think I spelled that wrong, sorry). I spied Sparkle in your booth pics and think it is just beautiful.
    Beth F

  209. Sharon | 5th Jul 12

    I like the new Marigolds quilt. And Tapestry looks like the perfect fall fabric to make it with. Would love to have each of the new hard to choose just one.

  210. Karen Shackleford | 5th Jul 12

    Oh my. I like Marigold and Pineapple & Figs the best, but there’s not a bad one in the group. Terrific patterns!

  211. marsha Kruze | 5th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Sparkle look wonderful but that Liberty Boy is adorable.

  212. Stephanie | 5th Jul 12

    Darn it!! I just placed my online order earlier yesterday for some of your other great patterns…I guess I will just have to wait and see if my name gets drawn to win Marigolds or Pineapple and Figs which I have to say are my favorites if I can only choose two!!

  213. Debbie | 5th Jul 12

    Oh my! I’ve been collecting the postage stamps for a quilt so I really love the Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkin. Thanks for the opportunity and happy Independence Day!

  214. Beth T. | 5th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Sunday Cover-up are my favorites, though there’s not a dud in the bunch. Thanks much for the generous giveaway.

  215. Helen | 5th Jul 12

    I love Marigolds. And I just have to get the Escargot pattern to make with my little miss!

  216. Barbara | 6th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Pineapples and figs are my favorites, but all are very very nice as always. Thank you very much for the chance to win them. Barbara from Italy

  217. Bronwen | 6th Jul 12

    The snails! If I’ll allowed to have a second choice it would be Sparkle. It’s a hard decision because they all look lovely especially in your wonderful fabrics.

  218. Gloria Martin | 6th Jul 12

    Marigolds & Pineapples & Figs are my two favorites, but honestly, I love them all and feel like I’m trying to pick a favorite child! Impossible! They are all amazing. Can’t wait to try them out.

  219. Sue | 6th Jul 12

    I love the Sparkle it looks a very versatile and I guess the only limitation would be my own imagination.

  220. Elin Gudjonsdottir | 6th Jul 12

    Very hard to choose, they’re all adorable – but I’d say Marigold’s and Escargot are propably the patterns I would begin sewing if I had them all 🙂

  221. Susan | 6th Jul 12

    L’escargot & the candy charm mat with scallop edging are too cute for my words. Thanks for the designs. The Tapestry colours are wonderful. Susan

  222. Miriam | 6th Jul 12

    I would have to say that Liberty Boy, Pineapple & Figs and Blossoms & Jam are at the top of my list but all the others are right behind! It’s really hard to choose just one from all the wonderful patterns!

  223. Diane M | 6th Jul 12

    I love Pineapple & Figs, and Blossom and Jam.Really hard to pick just two though.

  224. Holli Lofgren | 6th Jul 12

    Great new patterns! Liberty Boy is my favorite! And the snail is adorable! Thank you!

  225. Malinda | 6th Jul 12

    Marigolds and Sparkle – perfect for this time of year!!

  226. Leslie Legros | 6th Jul 12

    They are all wonderful patterns, but being the diehard appliquer, I’d love an opportunity for the Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkins patterns! They are sooo lovely and excellent additions to the other applique stamp patterns!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Take care, Leslie

  227. Janet P | 6th Jul 12

    It is so hard to choose, but I would have to say that I LOVE cinderella pumpkins and Pineapple and Figs! Thanks for the giveaway.

  228. Robin Chapa | 6th Jul 12

    Marigold! That’s my favorite!!! And I love Sunday cover up, too! Lovely!

  229. Kimberly | 6th Jul 12

    Although all of your patterns are awesome, I am going to pick Marigolds (get it, pick Marigolds,lol) and Sunday Cover-Up. It’s always nice to add some formality to your chairs for that extra something during those Sunday dinners.

  230. Ginny | 6th Jul 12

    My favorites are Marigold and Blossoms and Jam! They look wonderful, thanks for the giveaway!

  231. Janet | 6th Jul 12

    I absolutely love Cinderella Pumpkins and Blossoms & Jam! Love the Fall season as my BDay is in October and pumpkins are fun to decorate with. Really like Blossoms & Jam as placemats are so useful and, of course, your fabric choices are soothing and delightful. Thanks and wish me luck!

  232. Bridgid | 6th Jul 12

    OMG, sooo many to choose from. I think I’d have to say my 2 favorite patterns are Escargot and Blossoms and jam. But I LOVE them all!!!!

  233. Heather | 6th Jul 12

    Escargot is for sure my favorite but I love the plum in Blossoms and Jam with the pretty scalloped edge! Pretty, pretty!

  234. Elizabeth | 6th Jul 12

    My favorites (besides “all of them”) are Marigolds and Pineapple and Figs…although Escargot is awfully cute too… Thanks for sharing all of the fun new projects!

  235. katie | 6th Jul 12

    I love the quilts that look like stamps!! Awesome! I am a postal clerk that also loves to quilt so would enjoy having a quilt like these in my home! Thanks for the chance!

  236. Mary Kay | 6th Jul 12

    I love Sparkle and a close second is the Pineapple and Fig pattern!

  237. Bebe | 6th Jul 12

    Hello! I like all of them, but like the Escargot. Love those little critters! And for a quilt, I like the Pineapple and Figs– Looks like fun to make!
    All the patterns are winners! BB

  238. carol broughton | 6th Jul 12

    Sparkle and Marigolds!! They are all super-lovely!

  239. betty | 7th Jul 12

    Without a doubt Marigolds is my top choice. It is so pretty and looks like fun to make.

  240. Patty D | 7th Jul 12

    Sparkle is my favorite but I love them all

  241. AmberCA | 7th Jul 12

    Love all the new patterns. But my favorites are Marigolds and Blossoms and Jam. Happy Weekend.

  242. Raelene | 7th Jul 12

    I LOVE the snail, he is soooooooooooo cute, Blossoms and jam is also favourite.

  243. Lynette | 7th Jul 12

    oh, Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkin particularly capture my fancy! 😀 I just love all the Fig Tree patterns

  244. Julie T. | 8th Jul 12

    Blossoms & Jam – love the colors and the pattern. Also, that escargot is so cute! Thanks!

  245. Nancy Gilliam | 8th Jul 12

    Pineapple and Figs is just gorgeous, but Cinderella Pumpkin looks like a lot of fun too.

  246. MollyP | 8th Jul 12

    Escargot and Sparkle are wonderful! Most of your other patterns are beautiful, but totally intimidate me. You do gorgeous work! Thanks!

  247. Judy S | 8th Jul 12

    I would choose Escargot as my first have but I like the Cinderella Pumpkins also.
    Black eyed Pea salad sounds yummy! I’ll have to look that recipe up.

  248. Tammy | 8th Jul 12

    blossoms and jams is my favorite! too cute! i would love to give the curvy binding a try. your patterns and fabric are so inspiring.

  249. MoeWest | 8th Jul 12

    I like Sparkle and Blossoms and Jam best. Thanks for the chance to win your patterns.

  250. Rebecca S. | 9th Jul 12

    I like Marigolds and the Liberty Boy pattern looks like it would be fun to make.

  251. LeAnne | 9th Jul 12

    I love all of your designs, but I really love the Cinderella Pumpkins and the Pineapple & Figs. Really beautiful!

  252. Sherry W | 9th Jul 12

    Marigold is my favorite and Escargot is too cute!

  253. Safieh | 10th Jul 12

    I’d love to try pineapple and figs! Thanks for the great new patterns and the giveaway!

  254. kristy | 10th Jul 12

    Love them all of course….but faves are Pineapple and Figs and Sunday Cover UP. Enjoy your last days of summer with your kids. Kristy

  255. Becky in Georgia | 10th Jul 12

    Marigold and Sparkle are my favorites. Lots of great new designs!!!!

  256. Kate Brown | 11th Jul 12

    I just love Liberty Boy and Marigolds but it sure is a tough choice!

  257. Kim Dow | 12th Jul 12

    Pineapple and Fig! I’m going to look up the “caviar” recipe!

  258. Gail | 13th Jul 12

    I love Liberty Boy. Would be so cute as a baby quilt with baby’s birth date in the postage mark. Sparkle makes it for me, too!
    Wishin’ and Hopin’

  259. Tina | 13th Jul 12

    only two? Well I’d have to say Pineapple and Figs and that sweet Cinderella Pumpkins! Have a great weekend!

  260. Joy Harper | 16th Jul 12

    Sparkle is my favorite, but I love all of them!

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