TWIRL & the alternate stem

Hello Friends! If you know me at all, then you will know that autumn is hands down my absolute favorite season. And of course our TWIRL pattern is one of my favorite fall quilts, that comes out each and every September and pretty much signals that it is fall at our house!

Of course there are other fall favorites around here for sure and other things that signal the beginning of fall…

But back to the TWIRL quilt… one of my favorite things in this pattern is that the leaves are all simply pieced but the stem creates a fabulous amount of movement by turning this way and that.

However I do recognize that applique stems are not for everyone… so here is a PDF of the pieced version. CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

And even though she is much older now… this is my favorite twirl photo of all time!

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  1. Susan | 9th Sep 20

    Awe! Sweet girl! I remember being intimidate by the Twirl stems, but so glad I tried it for my quilt! Thanks for the alternative directions.

    • | 10th Sep 20

      Where does the time go???

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