For the past 10 years or so, we have curated a special VINTAGE HALLOWEEN fabric bundle that feature the oranges, greys, creams, and warm blacks we love, and add in a fun, recolored pattern to showcase it. Some prints are from our own collections, as well as a mix of other Moda fabric designers whose fabrics and colors lend to this vintage vibe.

We started doing this because I was never able to find a vintage retro feeling Halloween vibe that worked for me. I wanted it to be soft and romantic with just a nod to Halloween, but mostly that wonderful orange and black combination that I love so much.

The bundles were so popular that they inspired my first Halloween-feeling line, ALL HALLOW’S EVE. I think we all know that collection was a bit of a runaway hit and my most reprinted collection of the past twenty years of designing. A few years later, I followed it up with PUMPKINS & BLOSSOMS and this year – HARVEST MOON!

I always figure that you guys will be “all good” on the vintage Halloween vibe, but each year when I considered retiring the annual Halloween bundle, you guys convince me to offer it again. So that brings us here to 2023! Unfortunately, the 2023 bundles have already sold out, but I encourage you to dig through your stash and scraps, or use my latest collection HARVEST MOON, if you find inspiration from any of the below pattern remixes!

As I was putting together this post… honestly, I was a bit shocked at how many of my patterns we have remixed into retro Halloween versions over the years. Here is a little retrospective of some of the best ones through the years…and more to come in a PART TWO post!

Christmas Manor turned HAUNTED MANSIONS

This version was dreamt up by one of our Fig Tree gals, Megan, the moment she saw last year’s bundle. She used the Christmas Manor pattern, available via PAPER or PDF, and basically reimagined it as haunted mansions. They are so wonderfully spooky and fit her quilty vibe perfectly.


A perfect match for retro Halloween colors is the Halloween Harlequin, created in these colors to start – available via PAPER or PDF.


One of my all-time favorite blocks, the rolling stone block, done up in my favorite soft tones of oranges, tangerines, greys, and soft black. This is a personal favorite that I made with a bundle plus some stash favorites added in. It’s Halloween Blooms, available via PAPER or PDF.

County Fair turned HALLOWEEN FAIRE

County Fair available via PDF.


One of my ALL TIME favorite blocks turned out perfectly in the Halloween version. HALLOWEEN ROSES available via PAPER or PDF.

Spools Quartet turned HALLOWEEN SPOOLS

Spools Quarter available via PAPER or PDF.


Lollipops available via PDF.

Yuletide Snowflake turned HALLOWEEN STAR

One of the most stunning Halloween flavored remixes for sure. Yuletide Snowflake available via PAPER or PDF.

Feeling inspired?! We sure hope so! Be sure to stop back later this week for PART TWO!

See you then,


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  1. Christopher | 23rd Aug 23

    County Fair turned Halloween Faire was my introduction to Fig Tree. i saw that in your booth at the PIQF years ago and was immediately drawn in. it took me a couple of years after that to make one of my own, as i was intimidated by the block. once i finally read the instructions after purchasing the pattern, i realized your sew-and-flip method made that block so easy!

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