Vintage Halloween Bundle… It’s That Time!

Welcome to the Vintage Halloween Bundle for 2021!


Every year for the last 6 years we have collected a few of our favorite oranges, greys, creams and warm blacks from a variety of our own collections as well as other MODA designers and we have “curated” a special Vintage Halloween Bundle. We can now officially say that these are an annual tradition!

We thought that perhaps you all would have had enough of our vintage take on Halloween by now… but you gave us a resounding thumbs up for another bundle this year! I know so many of you who have told me that you collect these, one every year to build your “vintage Halloween” collection. So this is for you!

The colors are our version of Halloween- soft, warm blacks, butterscotch oranges, creams, soft greys… Vintage Halloween at its best!

This bundle contains (15) 1/2 yd. cuts of a variety of oranges, blacks, greys and creams. This year we have mixed a few favorite prints from both ALL HALLOWS EVE as well as PUMPKINS & BLOSSOMS. We have paired those prints with older Fig Tree as well as Basic Grey for some of their fabulous moody greys.

We ALSO couldn’t resist but add in this wonderful block printing inspired PANEL from Kathy Schmitz. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

This year’s SUGGESTED FIG TREE PATTERN is our CHRISTMAS MANOR pattern. As you can see, we have now turned those Christmas houses into HAUNTED MANSIONS! This was most definitely Megan’s brainchild and she decided to pick a few of her favorite prints and make (4) of the house blocks and set them with the flying geese like in the pattern, but using all of the colors in the bundle instead of just one color like in the pattern. I do believe that she also turned the rows of flying geese so that they are going in alternating directions… becauase… well, because why not? 🙂


BUNDLE: Vintage Halloween 2021, available in the shop now while supplies last. Bundle includes (15) ½ yds as well as a FREE cream and black block print panel from the Maryland collection by Kathy Schmitz. Its stunning and I sure hope you guys figure out a way to incorporate it into a quilt! Click HERE for the bundle.

PATTERN SUGGESTION: Christmas Manor… aka Haunted Mansions. You will need to add ivory solid for the background and the bundle takes care of all of the rest! Click HERE for the pattern.

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  1. Wendy Groves | 23rd Sep 21

    So glad the Vintage Halloween Bundles are here to stay!

  2. Kayy | 8th Oct 21

    I finally retired and am working on quilt kits I bought before. It’s autumn, and I wanted to work on the Halloween Figs Sampler from 2019/2020, but I’m stumped. We’re there any videos done or blog posts? Although the pattern give final finished and unfinished sizes for the blocks, I am having issues trying to figure out the sizes of the smaller units that make up the block. For example a corner square block in the center of the larger block, how do I know what size it should be? Can you help me? Or point me to a blog or video for each block?

  3. Karen | 10th Oct 21

    Would like to join October BOM

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