[This little shot is one of my current favorites studio nooks & crannies. I was sending a few shots over to some clients and I thought I would share this little corner with you all… isn’t she sweet?]

Well its Spring Break…. a whole week of it! You know I remember when Spring Break used to be this glorious thing that we looked forward to with baited breath… well, I have to admit that it feels a bit different on this side of it all. Its hard not to look at that week and find yourself thinking… what on earth are we going to do with them all home this week with all of the deadlines that I have that just won’t seem to go away??

Now don’t get me wrong, I really love spending time with my munchkins. They are the brightness of each of my days. And yet somehow the thought of having them all on my head and crawling around my studio all week saying things like “what can I do now?”, “I’m bored”, “Mama, he hit me again!”, “Can I play the DS?”, “Make Ella leave me alone,”… should I go on? You get the picture… God bless each and every one of them.

And so to forestall this situation, we have farmed out the boys to my parents for a few days… on their own, on a plane, to Southern California… Tearful to let them go, but a great idea nonetheless. They were so excited, they could barely sit still. No second thoughts, not really. We’ll see what the report is when they return… So far so good!

On the design front, I have a few shots of a quilt I just sent off to an Australion magazine. I love the way the simple, fresh way that it turned out. They had fallen in love with BirdSong and that made me think Spring feeling, French feeling, soft & creamy. After a sketchbook full of drawings, Aloutte was born. Lately, I haven’t been feeling that attached to many of my projects and have been ready to send them off when finished. But it was hard to send Aloutte off all the way to the other end of the world… I had really grown attached to her. I pictured exactly where she could go with all of my other bird, nest and Spring goodies. Oh well, I guess it will have to join that little vignette next Spring!

I think I am going to use some of these images, especially the fleur de lis, in my next applique quilt… in fact that one is already on its way to being worked on so stay tuned… Think French. Think Paris. Think Fresh Vintage. March_25_shot_2

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Jean | 26th Mar 08

    Yes, boy do I remember “those” Spring Breaks! As much as I love my kids, I do remember when I “broke” them of the habit of telling me everytime they were bored! More during the Summer time then any other time, this is what I did! If they would come to me moaning of being bored! I had a list of Chores to do on the Fridge! And if they were silly enough not to be able to find something to do, they were to pick 2 or 3 chores to complete. Nope, no pay… that’s how they quickly learned to find things to do and occupy their time. And if I found them just sitting around doing “nothing”… they also got to do chores. So, they learned that a waste of time…. was “my time”. Funny how my kids started doing more reading, and drawing etc.
    I enjoy your new Aloutte… you should be pleased… I can imagine that it was hard to see it go!
    Take care.

  2. Zegi | 26th Mar 08

    It is GORGEOUS! You should be attached. Will it appear in any stateside publications?

  3. josie | 26th Mar 08

    Aloutte, Aloutte, jaunty Aloutte!!!
    Se magnifique!!!!!!!!
    Ooooooo, Laaaaaa, Laaaaa!!!!!
    ANOTHER winner!!!!
    Have fun on your spring break…hope the little figs have a great time and you meet all your deadlines!!!!

  4. nanette | 26th Mar 08

    Wow what a lovely quilt. Its so very pretty. Your “nook” is inviting.

  5. sheree | 26th Mar 08

    So many lovely details in this quilt! Just lovely.

  6. Jackie | 26th Mar 08

    LOVE it! I especially love the fleur de lys! Our spring break is next week…so I feel your pain!!

  7. jess | 26th Mar 08

    We just had our spring break last week so I feel your pain! I love the quilt, beautiful of course.

  8. Mary Anne Drury | 26th Mar 08

    YES! I can relate to the kids underfoot and BORED syndrome!!! ….. and now mine are 17 and 15 and often instead of just my 2 boys underfoot and revving/riding very NOISY dirtbikes, I also have half the high school wrestling team underfoot and eating everything that isn’t nailed down AND revving/riding VERY NOISY dirtbikes (to which I’m usually apologizing to the neighbors!!) …. but the alternative is they take off in their cars and then I’m pacing the floor when they don’t answer their cell phones to tell me where the heck they are !!!!! (so I guess I’m saying TRY to enjoy it now while they’re little …. cause it GETS WORSE !!! …. and I have to say I didn’t believe that when people said that to me 10 short years ago!!!)

    ….ANYWAY … I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE that Aloutte !!!!!

  9. Miss Jean | 26th Mar 08

    My little munchikin is 35, a Naval Lieutenant and lives on the East coast! Would love ot have him underfoot for a while. However, during summer vacations we sent he and his sister off the their grandma’s house – part of the time at mine, part of the time at my husband’s mom. I know what you mean.

    I love Aloutte! The little birds could be made out of leftover fabric bits from some of your other quilts. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  10. brigette | 26th Mar 08

    oh my!!!!!!
    will you be marketing a pattern?
    i was in the grocery store, buying lunch snacks for my kids with a friend of mine and i turned to her, and said “I am so sad that school is starting tomorrow”. i was overheard by another mom in the store and she questioned me, “are you a teacher?” “NO, i’m a MOM”. we all laughed. she was so excited for her kids to leave and i was just dying at the thought of long days without them.
    they grow up soooo fast.
    my baby is 16 and my eldest just served two tours in iraq. i’d give a fortune for another day of toddlerdom.
    get a lot done while they’re gone so you can enjoy them when they’re home!!!

  11. Cara | 27th Mar 08

    That is amazing!! I envy you both your talent and creativity.
    It is very French. Though I got a kick out of calling it Aloutte, which means owl.
    Is the Aussie mag available in North America?

  12. Betsy Pratt | 27th Mar 08

    Alouette is incredibly yummy!!! (And that song always makes me giggle when I sign it in my head. hee hee hee.) I am a huge bird fan, and these are SO sweet.
    We all understand how overwhelming life can be sometimes with family and work – so do try to revel in even a few minutes of Spring Break from this side. Just as you are showing us a vignette of your studio – enjoy the little bits of time you can steal away with your kiddos! You are such a fabulous design talent and inspiration to me. Thank you for everything you do!

  13. joanna | 27th Mar 08

    Owl? Really? When I looked it up it translated as something like Blue Jay. But owl is fine too… I just love the name and how it sounds.

    Gotta love that French language that I don’t speak….

  14. Mavi Pons | 28th Mar 08

    Hola Joanna, he llegado a ti a través de la revista American Patchwork Quilting de Abril de 2008. Me encanta tu trabajo, hacer algo que te gusta, tiene que ser todo un lujo.Cuando miro lo que creas me dá una sensación de paz.
    No entiendo inglés.

  15. kc | 28th Mar 08

    Alouette is so pretty. I checked my dictionary and it says meadowlark(in US), skylark(in Europe & Asia). Meadowlark has yellow stomach and spotted brown wings. It almost like your appliquéd bird.

  16. Sharon | 28th Mar 08

    That new quilt is beautiful as if everything you do. Love it.

  17. Wendy | 29th Mar 08

    Love this quilt…can’t wait to see it in the magazine…will it be accompanied with a pattern to make it?


  18. Flatlander | 29th Mar 08

    Joanna ~ beautiful quilt … do hope you’ll consider marketing the pattern … I’d be one of your very first customers. Question about the fabrics you used? Are they from the same line (and which one) or did you combine several to achieve those spectacular results. LOVE the name and the birds … well done, well done!!

  19. joanna | 31st Mar 08

    Thanks for the sweet comments about Alouette. For now we will have to wait for the quilt & pattern to be published in Homespun magazine!

  20. brigette | 4th Apr 08

    Is Alouette’s pattern published in the Australian magazine that is featuring it?
    If so, what is the name and issue date of the magazine?
    It’s gorgeous and I need it badly.

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