We're back from Pacific International Quilt Festival, we're mostly repacked, reshipped, reorganized and are madly finishing up details for our trip tomorrow to the Houston Fall Quilt Market. Usually we have a bit more time in between these two huge shows- one retail and one wholesale- but not this year. This year the powers that be decided to put them right on top of one another, making our lives…. well to be polite, interesting.

Let's just say it's a good thing that Halloween is a good 4 days after I return from Houston or my munchkins would be trick or treating naked… well perhaps that is a bit dramatic but they would certainly not be trick or treating in anything new or interesting!

I won't have a chance to do any real sneak peaks until after I return but I thought i might share a partial peak by showing you a few small shots of our booth at Pacific International. Several of our patterns didn't get finished in time for that show but you will notice at least a few new ones that did…..

The show was fantastic for us and there was a great response to our newest additions. No sign of a depressed economy here. Thank you to all of you who stopped by to say hi. We are so blessed by all of our wonderful and loyal customers!

PIQF In Between Stitches13  PIQF In Between Stitches14PIQF In Between Stitches15PIQF In Between Stitches16

I have some more beautiful show quilts to share and a few snap shots of a few other of my favorite booths. So hopefully I will feel the need to stop sewing for a few minutes late tonite and post again…

Talk to you soon.

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  1. pam | 22nd Oct 08

    See you at market!

  2. Bren | 22nd Oct 08

    Hi Joanna! I’m so glad that you had such a successful show! It’s also good to hear that the economy hasn’t hit quilt shoppers yet. . . Let’s hope it continues over to Market! ( . . . & I can’t believe how you are doing both PIQF & Market. . . Whew! See you in a few days!
    xo, Bren

  3. Lillian | 22nd Oct 08

    I actually attended PIQF and purchased the jelly stars pattern. I’m looking forward to creating my jelly stars quilt. And yes, what economic turn-down are people talking about?? The place was packed. I guess you can’t stop a quilter from shopping.

    : )

  4. Mary Anne Drury | 22nd Oct 08

    Wow!! What a crazy schedule!! Your booth and all of the quilts are GORGEOUS !!!

  5. Tif | 23rd Oct 08

    Gorgeous booth, and beautiful quilts! Have a great time in Houston!

  6. Karin | 26th Oct 08

    Oh, wow! Such fabulous eye candy!! Have a wonderful time in Houston. 🙂 Gee whiz, nothing like a whirlwind trip, huh?

  7. Sweet Cottage Dreams | 27th Oct 08

    Gorgeous booth and love the quilts. Yummy!


  8. danielle | 29th Oct 08

    Wow! So many lovely quilts! Everytime I see your booth pictures I want to live there, it looks so warm and inviting. Can’t wait for the new paterns, espsialy the 2 on the right in the first picture and the 2 on the left in the last. The one made with Patisserie looks like it might be a jelly roll patern? I love your Jelly roll paterns. I have completed a Jelly Diamond quilt and am working on a Jelly Stars right now and they are absolutly fantastic! People who have seen the finished top do not belive that it is my second quilt ever!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Stefanie | 3rd Nov 08

    Hi Joanna! It was a pleasure to meet you at Quilt Market! I loved all of your new patterns! At Sample Spree I had to fight off a few ladies in order to get some Patissiere fabric! Now I can’t wait to create something new and different out of it!

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